30 September, 2010

trampled by cruel sister

SO mistresses and slaves,how sisters can be cruel and brutal you will find it today after reading this real story.This is story of a boy,aged 17 years, named-Rahul, he is a big foot fetish and he realizes her sister as his mistress .He is always in looking for a chance to lick,smell and get tramples under the feet of his sister.Sister name is Parul ,she is 18...so enjoy the story below and your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

From my late childhood I started feeling attraction towards female feet. It all started when I was young and and we both mixed wrestling and mimic it on our selves, after playing wrestling, she put her foot on my face exactly like the female characters pose for victory and I smelt it and it was amazing. A few years ago can't remember how I did it but I got her to trample me barefoot, and I've always wanted it to happen again. I used to fantasize  about her trampling me barefoot and in high heels or in boots and abusing me, which became a reality.

 Now she is 18, about 5'4/5, and around 47/48 kg. I bought  abs toner online, and after a month it broke on , she asked if I could try to fix it, I laid down on my back and tried to use it and said it's no good, "the best way to tone your abs is have somebody stand on your stomach while you do sit ups, here I'll show you, stand on my stomach and I'll try to do 10 sit ups."

She said "you sure you'll be able to handle my weight?" I kept reassuring her how light she is and it's not a problem, so she stood on my stomach and was holding on to a chair, but it felt weak. "try and stand on me full weight without holding on to the chair" I told her. So she let go of the chair and tried to balance her self on me, that when the full weight hit me. I tried to last as long as I can because I've been waiting for that for too long. "so, aren't you going to do the sit ups?" she asked. "Yeah I'm just prepping myself". So I very slowly started doing 10 sit ups, and just to reassure her she wasn't hurting me or anything, I kept saying. "Damn your too light, if somebody heavy was on me my abs would be toned within days". She replied, really I'm that light? "Yeah trust me, ok just to prove it try jumping on me. She jumped on me then slipped off. I said, "stand on me again and hold onto the chair, and jump as many times as you want." So she stood on my stomach, held onto the chair then jumped on me repeatedly, about 5 or 6 times in a row. This is where it got painful, but I held all the pain in and said, "see, doesn't hurt at all". She stood off me and I said, with your heel, hit it into my stomach as hard as you can, because this makes you strong as well. So she dug her heel into my stomach, lifted it as high as she could, and repeatedly hit it into my stomach.I started enjoying and i wanted more and more.

Trust me your really light, I need some more weight, have you got any heavy shoes or something? Those goth shoes would do the trick! I joked.
She opens her cupboard, "ohhh, all I have are these doll shoes which aren't heavy at all, and these" (she lifts up a pair of pink high heels, 5 inches and very thin!, I've had fantasies of her trampling me with those very same shoes!)

Hmm, lets give the heels a go, they should work I said. "you mad!? I'll probably kill you if I stand on you in these!!" "You're not even heavy so I doubt you can hurt me in them, just putting extra weight on.
So she put on the heels and stood on me while holding some of her weight back by holding the chair. "ok let go of the chair". So she let go and....wow, the pain was just...painful and amazing at the same time. She lifted one foot up which for some reason hurt even more (im guessing because her entire weight was digging into my stomach with one heel. I look up and all I could see is the dirt from the bottom of her shoe, and I look at my stomach and the entire 5 inches of her heel were dug into my stomach. I couldn't bear the pain of her entire weight in one heel, so I held all the pain in and said,"actually, that hurts a bit, use both your feet" So she stood back to normal on my stomach and said, "you gonna do the sit ups?" So I did the sit ups slowly, and as I got to the last 2 or 3 (I was really taking my time) She got a bit impatient and said "come on!" and stomped her right foot into my stomach. I was going to scream, but I carried on.....i asked her to insert her heels in my mouth...she was shocked...i begged her ....plzzzzzz......then she said ok,,,my bastard dog,,,,so suck my heels....and she proudly inserted her sharp pointed heels in my mouth and i stared sucking them vigorously...i was feeling much more satisfied  now.

After that she got off and took the heels off and said, "so is it working?" I tried to stand up but I was completely wrecked, it's like she shattered my insides! "Yeah, let me do one more set and call it a day." She stood back onto me, barefoot, and I asked "go on your tiptoes because it adds more weight", she went on her tiptoes, I looked down and I could just see the souls of her feet. She started randomly jumping on me and said "it's like I'm a ballerina!" I laughed, quickly did the sit ups and lied on the ground like a dead body..she smiled and put her 1 feet on my head and said,,,ohh my poor doggy is tired.....and started crushing my head under her feet...after five minutes of head crush..she pushed me by her legs and now i was lying on my back...she put her 1 feet on my chest and said,,now its all enough go and take bath and i stood in pain but i was happy inside  ....


  1. Mistress pushpa thank you for adding this trampling story .i really want to get trampled by you in the same way.I wish to serve you in real godess pushpa.sabko mistress ke kutte ban kar gulami krni chahiye.
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  2. Mistress pushpa ji aap meri malkin ho me apka kutta hu....pls aap mujhe yahoo cam pr use kiya karo plsss kutte ki tarah apne plss mai apki id me hu karan kutta apka dogieofgirls


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