13 August, 2010

The train story....3 girls and 1 boy

Hi mistresses and slaves..here is another story is for you.....this is the story of a boy who is foot fetish and he how he luckily gets a chance to be dominated by her favorite girls.....this is a long story so read it slowly and enjoy....if u like it then plzzz post comments and also click on the right hand side or left hand side block which have moving content,,,,plzzzzzzzzz

hi,,,,,i an john ....There were new girl (let's call her Sara) in the class, who never liked me much. She moved from another school and at once broke hearts of all males in my class. She was very selfconfident, not super beautiful, but with some sexy nerve and I was shy, so she used to ambarass or deride me in front of the others. From the beginning she considered me freak, but I've never gave her a reason to think of me that way. She was very seductive and I was the only lad in the class who resisted her lure (she thought of it that way, in fact I had strong crush on her, but couldn't express it). As time passed she'd became more irritated and aggresive, her verbal attacks became little humiliating, but I was too scared she would discover my fetish and use it against me, so I've never defended myself.

So, there's the trip and (to my greatest discontent) I've landed in one compartment with Sara, two other girls (their names were Magda and Monika) and one of my colleagues (his name is unimportant). As there were a lot of space (the compartments were for eight people) and they spent most of time at the corridor - I've laid along one of the seats, with my head to the window. Only Magda stayed in the compartment with me, but she had occupied the second seat and was reading some magazine. It was quite dim in the compartment, only glimpses of light came from the corridor. So she sat at the doors and spread her legs at my seat. At that age most of the girls of my class had no resistance to not take off their shoes when placing their feet on chairs, sofas, beds or seats. It was really great for me, of course :). Magda, Monika and Sara counted to that group. And that night Monika was in running shoes (sth. like flat soled white Asics), Magda - in flat soled strappy sandals, and Sara in light strapped sandals with white 1/2 inch flat sole raised to 1.5 inch narrow heel.

I've nearly fallen asleep, when Sara and Monika went back and took their places in front of me, Sara at the window and Monika near her. As Sara was in short skirt (she always exposed her legs!), I've awoken really fast hoping I could cast a few glances at her slender legs. As I've mentioned it was rather dark there, so it was little chance she could catch me peeking. Although she was not beautiful, but slender and rather sexy, she has really worth-the-sin legs. The girls talked to each other for some time when I've watched them with half-closed eyes, when Monika got numb and placed her feet (in shoes!) at the edge of my seat, a few inches from my groin. I've started to harden in genital parts. Then Sara payed attention to me and remarked I've been very selfish ocuppying whole length of the couch while three of them had to sit on one side of the compartment. As I've been officially asleep, I did nothing. Then she also rested her feet on my seat, but not with flat sole on the edge, as Monika did, but with her heels on top of the seat, so her shoes towered above my face, just an inch form it. Whoa! It was great, I stayed motionless, waiting what would happen next. I've smelled plastic aroma of Sara's soles and prayed for she pushed her legs little further and placed them on my face. She moved her feet above my face for a moment, not touching it, but I've given no signs I've noticed her, so the girls returned to chatting. As she had to raise fingers of her feet up not to step on me, she quickly got tired, pulled them back and placed on the edge of the seat. I've been really disappointed. I've stared at her gorgeous feet and seen in my mind's eyes that I lick and kiss them, but it was only a dream. As I've been tired, I started to fall asleep again.

Suddenly I've been awaken again, but this time it was Magda, who leaned her feet on my legs. I've stayed quiet, trembling at anticipation what the other girls would do, following her example. And I was correct. Monika raised her feet and gently placed them on my groin. Good idea said Sara This freak deserves nothing else than lying at our feet she giggled in approval and placed her feet tenderly on side of my head. Now I had to ignore the girls no longer. What are you doing? I've grumbled unclearly from underneath Sara's feet. It was great feeling, she placed one foot on my temple and the other on my cheek, and hold them in the air touching my head with balls using minimum pressure. Don't move, and be useful. You're good as our footrest she giggled. I said nothing and Sara gently increased pressure until she rested her feet full weight on my head. Now she positioned her legs for a moment, but left them on the side of my head, with one heel just above my eye and the second one on my cheek. I felt the edges of her hard soled sandals dug into my skin.

As Monika always strived to make an impression on Sara, now she pushed my groin more and more until her legs were fully extended. She pressed me hard, but it was not enough for her. I'll crush you! she threatened me, then slipped her butt down bending her legs, leaned back so her blades rested on the back of the seat and pressed again trying to straighten her legs once more. After a few seconds she succeeded squishing me against back of my seat. The pressure she applied to my groin was nearly unbearable, as a force human can perform with his legs is much bigger than the one needed for holding the body in standing position, walking, jumping or even carrying heavy load. She forced her sandals into my cock with patient determination, but though it was painful, I was really hard and excited, and she felt it with soles of her feet. She grinded her heels into my muscle and really tried hurt me, but she hasn't knew how tough I am. When she pushed my body against the back of the seat, my head moved form the middle of the seat until I was nearly spread on the back of the seat. Now Sara had to push her feet forward to keep them on my face. But if they were bent in the knees at right angle before, now she had to straighten them and roll her feet from side of my head straight to my face.

She placed insteps of her sandals on my mouth and forehead then straightened her feet, too. But her legs were longer then Monika's so she has no real need to slip down, she could just use her sacrum as support. But she wanted to apply much more pressure, so she straightened and raised whole her body, leaned her neck and blades on the wall above the seat and forced herself up to nearly horizontal position. It was much more pressure now I had ever holded on my face, even with flat soled shoes, and Sara repositioned her feet all the time grinding my face with her heels.

One step she almost fractured my nose, but then Magda, who was one of the most quiet girls I ever knew shouted Stop it! You'll hurt him! Monika at once bent his legs, but left them on my groin pressing me lightly to back of the seat, and Sara fell down on her seat, removed feet from my abused face and placed them back on the edge of the seat. Did I hurt you? she asked me with inquiring voice. I've sighed deeply and gathered my mind. I could admit and stop the game, but it would not be what I wanted. So I've ventured to answer: I'm fine. You've got awesome, strong legs, but you can't hurt me this way.

You see? Sara turned to Magda. I suspect he almost liked it. With that she placed her feet on my chest and started to rub it with her soles. Did you, or didn't you? She asked firmly. Well... I've hesitated to tell the truth. Well... it wasn't quite unpleasant... I've used all my diplomacy. I knew it! He likes the pain! triumphed Sara You freak! she pressed her foot to my lips and shaked it lightly. C'mon, Magda, you've got rare opportunity to trample over a man! she encouraged her. It was strange, but suddenly there were no derision, disdain nor hostility in her voice. Even her freak sounded fond.

Magda looked at me scrutinizing. C'mon, is that true? You like the pain? she asked me not convinced at all. I had to answer, 'cos my reputation could have fallen to pieces. I don't like pain I've denied thet suspition. But if you like, you can trample me, ultimately. Magda was in a dither, couldn't bear the thought Sara could have been right. She sat back and clearly gave the field up. But Monika again was the one who never give in. She grinded her feet into my groin again and declared: If you're so dreadful, we'll trample him more! She obviously said it for both of them, her and Sara. Sara without much conviction placed her feet on my face again, but didn't press nor move them around. I've seen she is discontented for some reason, but it seemed she didn't want to use my confession against me. As I had a feeling she understood and accepted some piece me that moment, I could have relaxed and opened up to them little more. It was a good moment to turn the foe into a friend. So I've turned to Magda: Go on, you really can do it, if you want to. I have to admit, it... might be quite interesting I've resolved to dare her a little and then Magda nodded as if she made a decision than said: You know, I have to take something from my luggage. As her rucksack was on the shelf right above me, all of us grinned and temperature right off raised up. Sara and Monika took their feet off me again, and I've layed on my back. Turn around Magda ordered me, but I've not complied with her kind request. No I've said, I want to see you. She started to remove her running shoes, but I had to raise an objection again: Wait! Leave them on, please. She looked at me little surprised but hasn't argue.

OK she consented and then placed her foot on my chest. She hasitated for a moment then bounced against the floor and quickly climbed onto me. She examined my face standing still both feet on my sternum, and I've smiled to her. How is it? asked Sara. Fine, quite... gross, but fine! confirmed Magda and made a few cautious steps to my stomach, and chest again, then raised to her tiptoes, to her heels and leaped a little. Tip-top feeling she said and turned to the shelf. She struggled for a while with her rucksack, but as it was at the same bottom, she gave up quickly. Monika she said you have to remove your rucksack first. But she still stood on my chest and was not going to step down! OK Monika stood up on her seat then jumped both feet squarely to my groin! My body leaped for a while on springy seat. Oh... I was in heaven! Two girls trampling me like I was a piece of furniture! Pressure on my dick was quite bearable, absolutely less than when Monika squeezed me against back of the seat. And it was really pleasant, as she placed her feet flat but firmly across my dick. I was nearly ready to cum then! Now Monika took her luggage off the shelf and stepped back to her seat, but Magda's rucksack was still under some piece of luggage. Hey! Magda turned to Sara take it away! then she stepped back to my stomach, as Sara's rucksack was on the window side of the shelf. Sara laughed, stood up, climbed to her seat, made a step to mine and hovered over me standing centimeters from my head. May I? she asked and placed her foot on my chest, and she did it very gracefully and gently. Certainly, sth has changed in her behaviour. With pleasure I've nodded.

She was slightly higher and weighted more than each of two other girls, so heel of her sandal sunk deep into my ribs when she moved to my chest. I was in thin T-shirt (it was quite warm in the compartment), so there were no cushion between my body and her hard plastic shoe. She stood whole weight on one leg, hasn't raised to her toes to lessen the pressure on the sharp heel, so it was little painful, but I was really happy man that moment. My most terrifying opponent became my... maybe not friend yet, but trampler at last. I thought she would place her other foot on my collar-bones, right below the throat, but unexpectedly she placed it on my face, ball on my forehead and heel on my mouth. As the instep area of sole of her sandal was flat, she flattened my nose under the pressure, but it became much more flat when she moved her weight to my face and picked her rucksack up. My head sunk deep into elastic seat, my lips was crushed under enormous pressure of her heel. But I bet no one of the other girls noticed what Sara was trampling over.

And that was the moment Magda has choosen to step with heel of her running shoe on the middle of my penis. Combined pain at the face and feeling of the edge cutting into my groin caused me to cum all over my underwear and shorts. Magda for sure felt the wild convulsions under the sole, but the only think she did was standing harder on her heel then placing the second one next to it, on the tip of my dick.

After a short moment Sara dismounted to my chest (still carrying her additional burden), removed her foot from my face and placed it on my Adam's apple. She examined my face, and even if it was dark, I swear she sought excited grin expressed on my face and deep imprint of her sandal's tread on my skin. She stood on my chest while Monika picked her rucksack up and stepped down to the floor. She removed some food from it, and tightened it up. Meanwhile Sara turned around, checked nobody (except me, but I was not significant) look, walked to my penis and stepped hard on it with bot her heels. As she held additional load and I had emptied myself a moment ago so my key part was little soft. the feeling was... really crusing. She leaped on heels twice then quickly returned to my chest. It was unbelievable, I started to hard on again! Now Magda was ready to put her baggage back on the shelf, so she stepped on me directly from the floor. She placed her foot right on my dick and applied whole her (and rucksack's!) weight to her heel when she tried to climb up and not loose ballance. In a second my organ was rock-hard once more. She transfered to my stomach (great feeling of her running shoes sinking into my flesh), forcing Sara to step back on my face. And then I felt additional pressure on my thighs! It was Monika carrying her rucksack! Wow! I had three girls standing on me with extra weight of at last 20kg per each! I was compressed (especially my nose, which become epicentre of pain, when Sara repositioned her feet and placed her fully loaded heel on the tip of it), but I could die happy at that moment. Girls struggled with the shelf for a moment, repositioned themselves a few times stepping back and forth at my face (Sara only), cock, chest and stomach, then finally managed to place all their rucksacks in proper positions. Now they turned their attention to me.

How do you liked it? asked Sara, standing on my chest now. Delightful I've moaned but now get off of me, please.

Oh. Not yet, my sweet she argued with wide smile, and all of them started leaping and bumping, trading places and trampling violently all over me. My body jumped up and down, up and down, but then... Sara stepped with her foot placed along my cock leaped and twisted her heel a little... and I've exploded again!

Suddenly the door opened and our classmate entered the compartment. The girls freezed still, looking at him, he freezed shocked of the unusual situation he cought us in. I... see you girls are busy now... I'll not disturb you then he mumbled with fear in his eyes, quickly turned around, slammed the door and disappeared. All of us busted with laughter and the girls stepped down allowing me regaing sitting position.

And this is the end of the story.


  1. Amazing story again.

    Queen.....who wrote this stuff??

    You are just too awesome.

  2. nice situation
    i would love to fall in this situation

  3. hey dude that was the best story i have ever heard but i am not lucky as u are coz i am searching for such girls only,but i cant find any so plz help me with tis dude...............i am so desperate in licking girls feet and be their slave ................

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  5. dude plz contact me coz i am so desperately sarching for such girls so plz help me out dude.............my id is konaka73@gmail.com


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