23 October, 2010


 Hi friends....read the story of a boy who was get back walked by his friends mom...enjoy and do comments,,read the story in his own words...
I went to a party at a friends' house one year,
and his mom stuck around to keep an eye on us.
(I was around 19 at the time)
We drunk and danced and talked, it was a blast.
I was checking out all the females to see who I
could get to "play" with, and there were a few
candidates, but I couldn't stop staring at my friends'
mom. She had a really nice body and a very young
face. She was about 39 or 40 yrs old, stood around
5'-10" and weighing probably somewhere around
120-130lbs. She was real nice to me cause I
was always around and I usually helped out when
I stayed over. So, during the party, everyone was
kinda drunk by now and started to thin out. His
mom asked if I was sleeping over, so I told her I
was. She then went to fix up the guest room for
me (I'm the only one she'd do that for), and I kept
on partying. While she was in the room, I noticed
her shoes were in the livingroom that she had on
earlier that day, and she has some NICE feet.
Brown tannish skin, perfect plump toes painted
light purple, very soft and smooth (I've given her
massages before), and perfectly thick (not bony-
not fat). So after I noticed she wasn't wearing
shoes, I decided to try my luck with her. So, I looked
around for my friend to see where he was, and as
usual, he was flirting with a girl so I slipped outta
sight and went into the guest room where she was.
I went inside and closed the door and asked if she
needed any help ;) . She smiled and said " not really,
I'm almost done hon." We had a mother/son
relationship since I was one of her "adopted" kids. So
I made small talk with her to break the ice, then to
myself I took a deep breath and asked her, "could
you do something for me ma?" She kept straightening
up the room and said "sure hon, what is it?" Then I
looked off, kinda shy like, and asked "could you walk
on my back?" She looked shocked at first, and I got
scared that I'd offended her, but she turned away
and went back to work. Then she asked me
"you can't get any of the other girls lighter to do it?"
I didn't say anything at first, then I said " They're
all wasted and I didn't wanna screw up my back any
more than it is." So she smiled and said "smart man".
Then she looked at me and asked "Do you need me
to crack it or just massage it?" I told her "It's just
tensed and needed massaged". She knew of my back
problems from my football days in H.S., and massaged
it before at times but with her hands. So she gave me
this suspicious look with a smile and said "I GUESS I
could do it for you, but let me know right away if I'm
hurting you!!" I gave a slight smile and said ok.
I then took off my shirt like I do when she's giving
me a normal massage with her hands, grabbed a
pillow for my head and layed on the floor by the bed.
After I got comfortable, she asked me if I was ready,
I said I was and she made a joke saying "let's see
what this old gal can do." And she gently placed one
foot on the lower part of my back and began pressing
down and massaging it. She pressed around all over
my back for a minute with one foot and asked "how
does this feel hon?" I moaned a little and said " It
feels great.." At that, she placed her foot in the middle
of my back and stepped up with the other foot. I let
out a huge sigh and she stood there on my back and
asked "Are you ok babe?" I told her "Yeah, it just feels
really good where you are." She grinned a little and
began walking on that spot where I moaned. She used
her toes and the balls of her feet to massage every muscle
in my mid back. Then she walked up towards my shoulder blades and did the same thing with her toes and balls of her feet.
IT FELT FUCKING GREAT!!! She then started humming
a soft tune and began stepping to that tune, in a dance
like rythm. Then she said "I'm gonna do a little more than
your back sweetie, ok?" I just nodded my head and
said "mmmhhhmmmm". She turned around on my blades,
and slowly walked down my back- still humming - and
walked on my butt down to my thighs. She carefully
massaged my thighs with the insteps of her feet all the
way to my calves. (this was a bonus for me) It was
wonderful!!! After she did that for a bit, she stepped
off and walked in between my legs,and stepped up on my
lower back again. "I'm gonna give you one more walk
over, then I'll use my hands." I said ok and she walked
all over my back and shoulders for a few more minutes,
then she turned side ways and gently rocked side to
side and back and forth on the blades and middle of my back.
Her soft feet was sooo comfortable on my back, and
she never lost her balance nor missed a step. When she
was done, she stepped off and straddled on top of me
massaging my back and shoulders with her hands.
When it was all done, I sat up and asked her how did
she get to be so good at walking on backs and she
told me "I used to walk on my boyfriends' back in
college after his football practices and games. It all came
back to me when I started humming, I used to hum
that same tune when I would walk on him." So at that,
we made more small talk about it and soon left the room
to rejoin what was left of the party. She walked on
my back more often after that night, and I loved it all. I
wish I knew where she moved to, my friend lives in California
now, and she moved out of her house into the burbs. I
miss those days..........:)


  1. its really a great story...i almost read it 6 times...till i posted this story

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