19 October, 2010

how a lover became a slave--part 2- THE HONEYMOON

here comes the much awaited part 2 of the lover becoming slave --if u missed the first pat you can read it here- http://cruelfemales.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-lower-became-slave-part-1.html
and continue the second part from here---enjoy and do comments

Part 2 – The Honeymoon

I sat on the bed to read the paper Durga had handed to me; the top line was in bold and underlined “Remember … failure to obey totally and completely will result in my telling my parents about your truth … my family will come after you and your family and make sure you all beg on the streets …so beware”.

I read the list of instructions very carefully … I couldn’t believe that the mild and sweet Durga I had just married was really a dominatrix with very specific tastes in domination; she was a totally different person under her public face and she had fooled me along with everyone else … this sweet simple girl is actually a very dangerous and power mad person and I was badly trapped with no visible escape route. I thought about my situation and decided it is best to play along for now and seek a way to escape without hurting my parents and sister.

I memorised the list the last item was “other instructions as given from time to time” I noticed that there is a text on my cell … Durga had just texted me to expect her back in 30 minutes and to be ready for her. I panicked and started preparing for her arrival … the time had flown by while thinking about my situation and looking for escape routes … in any case I thought “at least my sex life will be interesting … if she is so hot, I’ll get some pleasure from this in any case.”

At the appointed time the door opened and I was ready to greet my new bride and now my owner … fully naked, on my hands and knees by the door. As required, I kissed floor at her feet and said “Welcome my Goddess … your slave is ready to serve you.” I couldn’t help giggling at this as I found the situation very funny … I guess I hadn’t taken Durga totally seriously at this time. Durga got mad at me and kicked my head “So you think this is funny … I wonder if you’ll still be laughing by the end of this.”

I looked down at the carpet to hind my smile and saw Durga’s feet move away towards the armchair. I crawled behind, kissing the carpet where she had walked. Durga said “good to see your memory is intact” I looked up to her face and immediately realized my mistake … I was to always look at her feet … “SLAP SLAP SLAP …” three hard ones across my cheeks with her open hands … I reached up to try to stop her hands and stopped just in time … another rule almost broken … she laughed when she saw me stop my instinctive act “good boy … you remember … SLAP … SLAP … SLAP” three more hard ones “Now eyes down …” I looked down and my face turned red with embarrassment … this was not the marriage I had imagined at all; quite the opposite, this was fast becoming a nightmare!

Durga reached over to the side board and from the corner of my eye I saw her holding a cane “face the other way” she commanded … I was scared now … what did she want from this? I turned to face the other way and instinctively tightened my ass … THWACK … THWACK …THWACK … the cane started to land on my ass cheeks … I had never been beaten by anyone, far less a tich of a girl … but I was totally in her control at that time and too scared to resist her … I groaned in agony and Durga immediately got up and stuffed her used socks in my mouth … “not a fucking word out of your mouth … I can go on for hours like this, but you cant … so just shut the fuck up!” I bit on the socks and bore the pain of the caning. This went on till my ass cheeks turned red and I felt blood start to trickle.

“Now do you know what I am capable of? Never ever disobey me again, or I will repeat this punishment. Now go and wipe the blood off your ass … and stop whimpering like a little girl … you’re a MAN … a big strong MAN … so behave like one!!!” I went into the bathroom and cleaned the blood on my ass … my ass was red with welts and I could barely stand up straight. I was moaning with agony but was too scared to moan. I pulled Durga’s sock out of my mouth and came out into the room.

“Come my dear husband … how are you liking the honeymoon so far?” I kept silent and looked at the floor. “Behen chod, when I ask you a question, I expect a reply.” I stammered “it’s a lot of fun, Durga.” Wow!!! Another rule breach … she lashed out with her foot and caught me right in the balls “Arre chootiye … what did you just call me? You’re forgetting already?” I doubled over in pain, holding my balls and gasped out “Sorry Goddess … please forgive me.” “Now, that’s better … so go ahead.” “It’s a very amazing holiday Goddess … thank you for bringing me to this wonderful city.” Durga looked down at me, pointed and laughed “you look sooooo funny … holding your family jewels and looking stupid. Now get up!”

I stood up in pain in the front and back … I had never been so humiliated before and was at a loss on how to react and feel. I felt trapped and helpless and wanted to cry … “Come to bed honey, it’s time for some fun.” “Finally … the fun part!!!” I thought. “Honey, get that pink bag from the cupboard and go stand by the bed.” I did as told and Durga reached out for it. She opened it and pulled out a jar of lubricant and a strap on … I had never seen one before and out of curiosity I asked “What is that? It looks like a penis.” “You are brilliant!!! That is exactly what it is. Come and help me with this.” “But what will you use it for?”

Durga looked at me and laughed “Asshole, did you ever think I will let you fuck me? Fucking is for real men, not wimps … so you can forget any dreams of ever fucking anyone … in this marriage, I will do what I want to, so you just lay back and enjoy the ride.” I tightened the straps to Durga’s liking; she said “on your knees and suck this, you slut.” I knelt and starting licking the strap on like I had seen in porn movies “Oh the slut has done this before …” “No Goddess, I saw this in pics and a few movies” “good … now get it nice and wet … and swallow it as far as it will go” I gagged a couple of times trying to get the strap on into my mouth, but gave it a good try anyway.

“Now, lubricate your ass hole … here use this” she handed me the lubricating cream and I quietly applied it to my ass. “”Stand up and bend over … take support from the bed” I did as told. I felt her hands push my ass cheeks aside, felt the tip of the strap-on on my hole and Durga started pushing it in. “Relax your ass hole and let it in … this is the consummation of our marriage and the only position that you will ever fuck with me, so learn to enjoy it.” I had no choice, so I gave in … Durga made one massive thrust and I almost screamed in pain “Oh my poor virginal bride … does it hurt?” I nodded and kept my mouth shut … Durga thrust into me and had her way, moaning loudly with pleasure … she was really turned on by this and was having a great time.

After about 30 minutes, she had had multiple orgasms and was fully satiated and my ass was torn and bleeding … she finally pulled out and patted my ass “That was fun was it not, slut? My God … you get fucked like a real pro … who will believe that this is your first time?” She then looked at the bed and saw I had cummed … “Of fuck … you really enjoyed it … see … you made a mess on the bed” saying that, she laughed “good one, my sissy slut … this is priceless!” I looked down and couldn’t believe that I had actually cummed … the pain had distracted me to the extent that I didn’t even realize this. “Dirty slut, now be a good boy and clean up your mess …”

I moved to the bathroom to get a towel when my loving wife said “with your mouth, bitch … what did you think I meant?” I looked shocked and Durga said “it’s not so bad … now stop being a wimp and do as you are told!” I resigned to my fate and licked up the mess and of course I swallowed it … gagging at first (much to the amusement of Durga) but managing to hold it down.

“Time to sleep … the flight, the party, drinks all this sex has tired me … you know what to do …” I quietly made the bed for Durga to lie in and covered her up. I then kissed her feet, removed her slippers and lay on the floor so I would be at her feet when she woke up or needed anything at night.

Thus ended my wedding consummation and this was the trend for the rest of my life ahead.



  1. wow yhe story at its best i was eagerly waiting for tis story plz cpntinue the 3 part

  2. We are waiting for complete story...p-lease publish it.
    Goddess, order the slave to complete this .ppppplzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Nice write up. But how much is true, I wonder... :-)

  4. The story is really great.. this is how i dream to be dominated by my future wife.. forced to be her slave at her mercy!!!

  5. i like tat story tat much tat i cant resist anymore plz post the next part goddess

  6. thanks u slaves for your nice responses....i am [preparing the next part---it will be published very soon---with in 1 week

  7. we are always waiting for ur dominating stories my mistress... i totally surrender to ur domination.. awaiting ur next part with all devotion


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