08 October, 2010

Corporate Ladies trampling a old man

Hi mistresses and stupid slaves.Here I come with a brand new of 3 corporate ladies of IBM Company...how cruelly the trampled a old gardener ia described below....read and enjoy with posting comments also....

They approached me and asked about the house. I told them it was empty but locked and they were welcome to look around. As they were appreciative they turned around and started walking around. One of the women was a little heavy set @ 200lbs but very attractive. She was wearing 2inch kitten heel spiked boots. The other woman looked @150 lbs and was wearing 3 inch black patent pumps.
As I continued to cut grass, I enjoyed watching the nosy women walk around the yard sinking their heels into the ground. They acted really interested in the house and were trying to look into the front windows at the inside. The heavy woman in boots walked back over to me and asked if I had something for them to stand on as they were slightly to short to see into the raised windows. I said all i had was a empty plastic gas can but I didn't think it would support them.
The woman said they were anxious and could they try. I carried over for them and the woman in pumps placed her foot on the side of my gas can. As she pulled herself up, the can collapsed and smashed flat.
The heavy woman was disappointed  and really frustrated. I took a risk and offered to them I could lay down as a step stool as I thought they could see in then. The woman in boots looked at me and asked if I was serious ! Then the woman in pumps asked if they could leave their shoes on.
I said sure and reassured them I was pretty strong and if I couldn't hold them I would simply ask for them to step off. i insisted and laid down on my back against the house and said for them to step up. the woman in pumps said she would go first as a test. She placed her shoe on my upper chest and stepped right up. I told her I was fine and had a thick shirt on not to worry about the heels.
She looked inside the house and completely adored it. She asked her friend she had to see in !! Then without hesitation I felt a spiked boot on my abs and great pressure begin to grow. Then I felt both kitten heels dig into my stomach and was hard to breath !!! I could not believe these women were using me as a stepping bench !
Then as I thought I was going to pass out, one of their friends was still in the suv. She saw what was happening and got out of the car laughing. Her friends askedher to come look in at how nice the house was. To my surprise, this beautiful woman walked up to me and asked where she was supposed to get on. The heavy woman in boots told her how strong I was and to take her shoes off and use my face. Everybody started laughing and asked me if i could handle it. I said sure I would try. The woman in boots said how often did I get 3 pretty ladies to stand on myself laughing.
Then the 3rd woman slid her leather mules off and placed her foot across my forehead. Then she asked if I was ready and mumbled yes. Then she lifted herself up and placed her other foot across my mouth letting me breath through my nose. She said she weighed about 150 and was I o.k. I just mumbled yes as that's all I could get out. She apologized that her feet were hot and sweaty and hoped I didn't mind. They all stood there about 10 minutes and all stepped off at the same time. They said thank you and sorry about the dirty grass stains and heel marks on my shirt. Then the heavy one in boots threw me $20 and said buy me some gas. Then they loaded up and left as I tried to get my breath back.

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  1. godess pushpa why dont you treat me like this with your friends.pls use me like this .


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