30 September, 2010

trampled by cruel sister

SO mistresses and slaves,how sisters can be cruel and brutal you will find it today after reading this real story.This is story of a boy,aged 17 years, named-Rahul, he is a big foot fetish and he realizes her sister as his mistress .He is always in looking for a chance to lick,smell and get tramples under the feet of his sister.Sister name is Parul ,she is 18...so enjoy the story below and your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

From my late childhood I started feeling attraction towards female feet. It all started when I was young and and we both mixed wrestling and mimic it on our selves, after playing wrestling, she put her foot on my face exactly like the female characters pose for victory and I smelt it and it was amazing. A few years ago can't remember how I did it but I got her to trample me barefoot, and I've always wanted it to happen again. I used to fantasize  about her trampling me barefoot and in high heels or in boots and abusing me, which became a reality.

 Now she is 18, about 5'4/5, and around 47/48 kg. I bought  abs toner online, and after a month it broke on , she asked if I could try to fix it, I laid down on my back and tried to use it and said it's no good, "the best way to tone your abs is have somebody stand on your stomach while you do sit ups, here I'll show you, stand on my stomach and I'll try to do 10 sit ups."

She said "you sure you'll be able to handle my weight?" I kept reassuring her how light she is and it's not a problem, so she stood on my stomach and was holding on to a chair, but it felt weak. "try and stand on me full weight without holding on to the chair" I told her. So she let go of the chair and tried to balance her self on me, that when the full weight hit me. I tried to last as long as I can because I've been waiting for that for too long. "so, aren't you going to do the sit ups?" she asked. "Yeah I'm just prepping myself". So I very slowly started doing 10 sit ups, and just to reassure her she wasn't hurting me or anything, I kept saying. "Damn your too light, if somebody heavy was on me my abs would be toned within days". She replied, really I'm that light? "Yeah trust me, ok just to prove it try jumping on me. She jumped on me then slipped off. I said, "stand on me again and hold onto the chair, and jump as many times as you want." So she stood on my stomach, held onto the chair then jumped on me repeatedly, about 5 or 6 times in a row. This is where it got painful, but I held all the pain in and said, "see, doesn't hurt at all". She stood off me and I said, with your heel, hit it into my stomach as hard as you can, because this makes you strong as well. So she dug her heel into my stomach, lifted it as high as she could, and repeatedly hit it into my stomach.I started enjoying and i wanted more and more.

Trust me your really light, I need some more weight, have you got any heavy shoes or something? Those goth shoes would do the trick! I joked.
She opens her cupboard, "ohhh, all I have are these doll shoes which aren't heavy at all, and these" (she lifts up a pair of pink high heels, 5 inches and very thin!, I've had fantasies of her trampling me with those very same shoes!)

Hmm, lets give the heels a go, they should work I said. "you mad!? I'll probably kill you if I stand on you in these!!" "You're not even heavy so I doubt you can hurt me in them, just putting extra weight on.
So she put on the heels and stood on me while holding some of her weight back by holding the chair. "ok let go of the chair". So she let go and....wow, the pain was just...painful and amazing at the same time. She lifted one foot up which for some reason hurt even more (im guessing because her entire weight was digging into my stomach with one heel. I look up and all I could see is the dirt from the bottom of her shoe, and I look at my stomach and the entire 5 inches of her heel were dug into my stomach. I couldn't bear the pain of her entire weight in one heel, so I held all the pain in and said,"actually, that hurts a bit, use both your feet" So she stood back to normal on my stomach and said, "you gonna do the sit ups?" So I did the sit ups slowly, and as I got to the last 2 or 3 (I was really taking my time) She got a bit impatient and said "come on!" and stomped her right foot into my stomach. I was going to scream, but I carried on.....i asked her to insert her heels in my mouth...she was shocked...i begged her ....plzzzzzz......then she said ok,,,my bastard dog,,,,so suck my heels....and she proudly inserted her sharp pointed heels in my mouth and i stared sucking them vigorously...i was feeling much more satisfied  now.

After that she got off and took the heels off and said, "so is it working?" I tried to stand up but I was completely wrecked, it's like she shattered my insides! "Yeah, let me do one more set and call it a day." She stood back onto me, barefoot, and I asked "go on your tiptoes because it adds more weight", she went on her tiptoes, I looked down and I could just see the souls of her feet. She started randomly jumping on me and said "it's like I'm a ballerina!" I laughed, quickly did the sit ups and lied on the ground like a dead body..she smiled and put her 1 feet on my head and said,,,ohh my poor doggy is tired.....and started crushing my head under her feet...after five minutes of head crush..she pushed me by her legs and now i was lying on my back...she put her 1 feet on my chest and said,,now its all enough go and take bath and i stood in pain but i was happy inside  ....

27 September, 2010

a trampling cristmas eve...

hello slaves and mistresses ..here i come with another trampling story,but this is not a very extreme trampling story but a true experience of one of my slave JOHN ESPRESSO...he shared his very own trampling experience with me and wanted me to publish his experience in my blog...so here goes the story...do comment on it...

hi am 32 years male from Phil. My previous girlfriend and I are still friends. She knows about my trample/femdom fetish and occasionally indulges in my fetish because she knows it makes me happy. She doesn't like to trample me in stiletto heels even though she knows they are my favorite but she love trample me by her hard sole boots. She is afraid of hurting me and leaving scars. She will occasionally try on stiletto boots and shoes for me at the shoe store just to get a rise out of me (such a tease!). Anyway, she knows I like to be trampled with shoes so she decided to give me my Christmas present a few days early.

Last night we were doing some Christmas shopping downtown and walking around. At some point, we are walking by in a neighborhood which is familiar to her and she tells me that there is a fetish shop with fetish shoes & clothes in it. She asks me if I would like to go. In the back of my mind, I was thinking she would try on some high heels for me. How can I resist? So we went to the store and she took me to the shoe section. She held up some clear platform stiletto heels that light up when you move them. She then pointed to some thigh high boots and ankle boots. I asked her to try them on for fun but she was too tired from all the walking around we did. Naturally, I was a bit disappointed.i started imagining her milky thighs in knee high boots...i was getting on.

We left the fetish store and continued shopping. This is a great time of year and lots of women wear high heel boots with very narrow heels. I saw one at a store for kitchen appliances. She was tall and even taller with high high heel boots. The heels were very narrow and about had to be about 5 inches high. I had just gotten a coffee in my hand as it was a cold day walking around shopping. She happened to do a heel stand at which point I was shocked and actually lost control of my hand containing the coffee. It spilled all over the floor at which point I was pretty embarrassed but they cleaned up the mess. It made my day seeing that heel stand.

Anyway, we were done shopping and decided to catch the train home. Once we got at the train stop to get off the train, I told my ex-g/f that I was going to head home. She was feeling lonely and badly wanted my company and a damn nice back rub. I was pretty tired myself so I just wanted to go home. She kept insisting on making me stay and finally I cut a deal with her. I'd give her a back rub and stay if she gave me a back rub with her shoes. She agreed and I was once again shocked because she rarely does this for me with shoes. I do often get her to walk on my back barefoot and I love hearing her crack my back with her feet.

After I give her one of my best back rubs using massage oils, my hands, some massaging tools, she got out of bed and told me to lie down on the floor.[she was wearing a micro skirt ,i was really getting excited ,as was looking a pure domina in dim blue light, her hairs were open] So I did, face down, and she asked again if I would like it with or without shoes. I told her with shoes, of course, and she said first she would give me a massage barefoot and then with shoes. She proceeded to climb on my back and walk all the way to my shoulders. i was surprised when she started abusing me ,she said-dogs like you should be crushed like a bug under our feet...ooooooooo....it was extremely exciting,,,i urged her to abuse me more and she continued abusing me .She isn't a light girl. She weighs about 150 lbs and I love the pressure on my body. I heard several bones popping as she walked across my back. Boy did it feel good!

She got off after 10 minutes and proceeded to go to the closet to get her shoes. She has several kinds of shoes, ranging from 2 in spike heels to 4 in chunky heels to 3 in wedge heels and my favorite pair which was a a high heel sandal with a rectangular heel that is 1 in wide by 1/2 in long by 4 in tall. She had walked one time on me with these heels and it really dug in with its sharp edges as the shoe was new. Since I let her pick the shoes she would use on me, she ended up picking the 3 in wedge high heel sandals. The heel on these sandals are about 1.5 in by 1.5 in square. I was still excited even though it wasn't the shoes that I hoped for. She climbed aboard and started walking up my back. I felt the 1.5 x 1.5 in heel digging in some as it was also a relatively new shoe. She did something amazing that she had never done before. She started to rock on my lower back. On her toes and then her heels. She had started to do this up my back and it felt sooooo good. She still weighed 150 lbs and my face was turning red as I was trying to get some air in my lungs to breathe. She was once again rocking in her wedge heels on my lower back and started to slide. Her heel dug in tight but every time she rocked on her heels she would slide some more and eventually she slid off. It hurt some too, but I didn't make any noise because I didn't want her to think she was hurting me. The edges of her heels were still new and left a gash in my skin that burned a little. After about 5 minutes, she got off and I didn't get up off the floor for a few minutes, just embracing the moment. When I had gotten up, I took off my shirt to see the damage in a mirror. It wasn't too bad but my skin was red where she slid off and where the edges of her heel cut in my back were these gashes that were starting to swell up. I looked at my shirt, it was a white shirt. You can see where some of the dirt from her shoes rubbed off on my white shirt. Oh wow, what a feeling! I hope she does it again because I will give her the best damn back rubs I can if she gives me the best damn tramples in return!!!!

24 September, 2010

Introducing.....Godess Sujata Malhotra

Hello mistress and slaves....today i am introducing a real life godess or mistress Sujata Malhotra. Read her own real story of how she became a mistress ,what he thinks about female dominance and how he dominate and punishes her bloody slaves...IN HER OWN WORDS.

For those of you who don't   know me, my name is Sujata Malhotra . I live with my submissive husband, Sumit Malhotra in Delhi.We are both working in a private bank .While sumit and I have been married for over five years, we are now in the fifth year of a loving femdom life.
If you are looking for anything X rated or very kinky, you will probably not find it here. Over the last year I have made comments on other blogs. What I have discovered is that there are a lot of sweet guys out there who are blogging about their relationships, and about their desire to be in a committed 'femdom' type relationship with a loving women. I hope that these sweet guys, as well as the women that love them, find something of use in this blog.

One of the things that I adore about most of the guys, the bloggers, is that they are looking for ways to please their wives. Sure, they hope to have something in return, but what women wouldn't love to have a guy that does the housework and is constantly looking for ways to make her life better. While! Thinking back five years ago, I wish I knew back then that my little guy is submissive.

The other thing I like about the guys is that they are looking to their wives to be the 'mistress' of their dreams. From what I can see they are not spending money on the professional dominatrix, or looking outside the home. They are trying to find what they need right their at home. Any women, who loves her guy, wants to please him. We all know if a guy can't find what he needs at home he will either be frustrated or he will find what he needs somewhere else. As a women in a relationship with a submissive guy, I feel it just make sense to help him be happy and content with his life. You are not going to change him.

Five years ago I could not imagine bossing my husband around like a servant. I could not imagine him wanting to wander around by anyone, especially me. Well, life changes, and we discover different things about other people as well as ourselves. Today, I think of myself as sumit's mistress, his owner, and yes, I do feel very comfortable giving him orders and proud also. I also expect those orders to be obeyed. For us this is not a game. Sumit, my husband, is afraid of me. The authority I have over him is real. During the course of this blog I hope to talk more about authority and obedience as it relates to dominate wives and submissive husbands.
Most guys that send me emails want to know how it all started. How did Sumit introduce me to the concept, and why did I agree to take control of my him. It started by accident. We were a fairly typical couple. One day I was doing the laundry. I just needed a little more to complete a load. sumit's gym bag was in the closet. I had never opened it before, but it just seamed like a good place to find the dirty laundry I needed. Well, when I went through the gym bag, I found the surprise of my life. Instead of his dirty underwear, I found panties.

By the time sumit came home form work I was boiling mad. My assumption was that he was having an affair. When he walked in the house, I just held them up high for him to see, and said you have better have a good explanation. He just turned red. He almost fainted on the spot.
At first, he really couldn't even talk. He finally just said that the panties were his. I didn't know weather to cry or laugh. He said that he liked to wear women's underwear. It made him feel good. I didn't believe him until he showed me the size. I don't remember exactly what size they were, but they were an extra, extra large type.

Over the course of a very heated discussion sumit admitted to me that he was submissive. I asked him what that meant. He didn't really give me an answer at first, he just put his head down in shame. He then layed the bomb shell on me. He told me that he had been seeing a dominatrix, and that she had told him to wear panties on certain days of the week. Except for an old HBO special I didn't really know anything about what a dominatrix did, except that it probably involved whips and chains and money..while he was on ground holding my feet..i started feeling cozy and brutal as i was angry i want to kick his body and crush his head...and i did so...i put my feet with high heels on his head and started grinding his soft hairs under my block soles......

Anyway, that was my introduction to the world of submissive husbands.......to be continued.....

18 September, 2010

mistress wife.....slave hubby

Hi mistresses and slaves ,,after a long time i am posting a brand new story of one of my dogs....his name is Shiva sehgal...enjoy his story...the real true experience of femdom..

hai i am male, 38 from India, and a real story.....happened around 3 years back.....am married and and we had a neighbor married couple with 2 kids..the lady was around 36 and had a good physique...i had always had a liking for female feet and had observed that this lady had a a great feet pure white and soft..she used to wear heels and shoes too.....i was a silent admirer of her feet and always longed to served and be under such a lovely feet........one day had been to their house...and was talking to her hubby and she was there sitting next to him and sitting crossed leg wearing a pant and t shirt and couldn't desist from stealing glances of her lovely bare naked feet ...absolute marvel her feet was....never knew that she observed my liking....when her hubby during the course of conversation went inside to pick his mobile..she also got up and went inside....her husband came back but this lady was instructing her servant maid who was cleaning the floor... the servant maid around 28 years was kneeling and scrubbing the floor and this lady came and started instructing her and i could see her lovely feet just touching the servants feet and i cudnt control my temptation and before she started to come to the place we were seated i notice her feet almost on the servant thighs.....after few weeks during a rainy season....her kids had come home to play and my family had gone out....it was evening and she called her kids home and they went...after few minutes she sent one of kids to me asking me to help the kid with some home work....i went obligingly and inside her house squatted on the floor with the kid and helping him in his homework....i was squatted just below the sofa..and after some time this goddess came and sat on the sofa...she was watching tv and all of a sudden she asked the kid and me whether the homework is completed and i said just about..she nudged her feet on the kids thighs and asked him to learn things...it was lovely her feet playing while talking..she offered me coffee and sat on the sofa just next where i was sitting on the floor.....i had a close up view of her lovely beautiful feet..she was wearing 3/4th pants and cud see the anklets and the soft beautiful white feet....i tried to shift my feet closer to her feet...and in few moments my feet were touching the toes of those beautiful gorgeous feet..an electric feeling engulfed me...she did not make any attempt to move her feet away which dared me to push my feet little further and in the instant i could feet the soft soles of her feet on my feet....she was siting cross leg now..and while doing so she put her feet on my feet like a queen....the kid in the meanwhile went inside to fetch another book...my hands slowly touched her feet it was silky lovely..she being a dominating queen...took the opportunity to put her feet on my hands almost trampling....and she changed over her legs and now while doing so her feet magically was on my thighs and her hanging feet was almost touching my waist and within seconds her feet was completely resting on my waist and the other on my thighs it was a lovely experience and while doing so we never had any eye contact.......within minutes the work over the kids went out again.....and i was still squatted on the floor and she asked me to remain seated and and got up to the door...she came back and stood before me and planted her feet on my thighs again and started the conversation....and she again sat royally with cross legs with her one feet on my thighs now more pressed harder and while talking she lifted the other feet and planted it on my shoulder........now slowly she pushed my to the floor with her feet on my chest and the other feet on my stomach....she was now glued to the tv and and her one feet slowly came on my nect and now on my face and on my lips......i could see what a beautiful feet and legs she had..she was really a goddess and i was a slave her under feet....she pushed her toes and feet into my mouth and rubbing her toes on my teeth and tongue...and the other feet now more pressed on my stomach....i could feel her other feet on my thighs and near my crotch .....don't know what happened she stood up and and planted her feet on my chest and face.....and went inside and came back wearing a beautiful heel black sandals....now she sat cross legs and placed her one feet on my chest and the other dangling and tapping my face.....i could feel the goddess now slowly tapping my chest with those heels and she was really dominating with her feet and in total control....i held her one feet with heels and started smelling and licking and kissing......she kicked me on the chest and and asked me and laid me flat again......now her other feet was on my crotch and i cud feel the heels pressed on my crotch.....and the other heels tapping my cheeks and lips......she asked me to remove her sandals which i did.....and her bare feet was on my lips and eyes and the other feet rubbing my crotch...now i couldn't control and opened my fly...and held her beautiful feet and thrust it inside..she liked it and her naked feet was inside my underwear....she felt the hardness and my thing was stiffer under my goddess's beautiful soft feet..........now i was sucking her other feet and she was literally trampling my nose lips and eyes .......she ordered my to lick the soles which i did while her other feet was holding my cock and almost pressing it harder and harder.....poornima my goddess was at her dominating best........now she came down and sat on my chest and her buttocks was almost on my face now she sat on me and with her feet on my stomach and one feet again inside my underwear.......now she was vigorously rubbing my cock and i could feel the cum and not able to control i cummed on her beautiful feet.....she stood up now and ordered me to lick her feet and clean it which my tongue obligingly did....after this it was time up for me to leave and she placed her feet on my head and the other on my thighs and thanked me.............waiting for another opportunity to serve my goddess purnima's lovely feet.

01 September, 2010

cute teacher...cute feet...cruel intentions

Here I come with another student teacher foot fetish story.The story is real but  to make it more interesting i have edited it nicely.The story is of 8th class student Anuraag Tripathi and her science teacher Manjusha Mishra.Read the experience of anuraag and enjoy it....plzzz do comment if u like and do click on my adss.....[see above the post heading and on right hand side square block]......GOOOO ON......

 I was in 8th grade, I liked female feet even from the age of 5. However,something interesting happened in the last period of the day (8th period) and I was having a Motion lesson at school. My School was extra tough because I had go to a Grammar school, so you got around double the times the amount of work as others. Therefore, if you get distracted by the beautiful female feet of your teacher and dream about being her slave, you will slip behind in your academics . But it was the last period of the day and I thought why not!? So I took a  look down at my teacher's feet and my heart stopped for 2 seconds. My physics teacher had the most perfect feet in comparison to other school teachers. She was also the most strict and beautiful. My teacher even kept a small stool for people to sit next to her desk in order to sit on and be humiliated if they misbehaved. Each toe of hers was perfectly painted in a rich red, full of quality and colour, showing from the tips of the high heels. And unlike the other teachers she dangled them like crazy. She had long dark brown hair along with sexy long legs and a very dominant (but beautiful) face. Anyway, we were in the lesson and we were discussing in class about Motrion . We talked about eyes and height etc... and then she reached the subject of feet. She drew two big feet on the board and showed us how there were two main different types of feet. One where the big toe was biggest, and the other where the middle toe was biggest. There were only about 15 people in the class (half the class) as the rest were doing a school activity they were chosen for so I had a much better view of her feet. Next she told us all to take our own shoes and socks off to see what type of feet we had. I thought I saw a mischevious smile play on her face when she saw us all take our shoes off. She went along looking at our feet commenting about what type they were. When she reached me, I still had my socks on so she asked me why I was hiding them. I said there was no need to show them

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