01 August, 2010

cruel schoool teachers

 hi slaves and mistresses,,,,enjoy a school femdom story below.....and do click on the ads on right hand side of the page.

Anita and Shilpa were teachers in the local convent high school in a small Indian town. They were both in their late forties, youth and beauty fading away, and so were the charms of their ageing husbands. They bonded together really well, having common interests as well as closely related personalities. Shilpa was the richer among them, her husband a rich businessman in the town. She used to frequent the city's high social circles, clad herself in expensive sarees and jewellery, even in the most plebeian of settings, and was always dressed impeccably. She was tall, slimly built, and the beauty (and the corresponding confidence) of bygone youth was oozing from her persona. Anita was a the more middle class wife, dressed more shabbily, her hair frequently not done, fatter than her friend, and much shorter. Another characteristic feature was her addiction to paan (betel leaf), which she always used to chew, regardless of time and place.

It was just an ordinary day with lunch on the table. They were engaged in one of their favorite topics of discussion, senior boys in the school, young meat which they so fervently desired to spice up their decaying sex lives.

Suddenly Amit came into the room. Amit was in twelfth standard, a healthy, well hung boy of 19, but a back bencher in the class. English was his special drawback.

"Anita Madame, I have failed in English. The principal says I cannot be promoted without passing grades in English."

"Amit, I remember your paper. It was horrible. There is no way I could have passed you on that one. There is no use crying in front of me. It would have been better if you studied well before the exams".

"Please, Madame, save me. Just a pass grade in English would save my skin. How will I go back home and tell my parents about this? Madame, please. Madame, please."

"Amit, I will not waste more time with you. I have told you once, there is nothing that I can do about it. You may go now".

Amit stood there, his hands folded in prayer. There was a plea for mercy in his eyes. All he could say was

"Please, Madame. Please save me."

He kept on repeating those words, while Anita and Shilpa started eating in silence, hoping that he would stop pestering them if they ignored him. But for Amit, it was a life and death situation. He now bent down on his knees, and fell at Anita's feet. He clasped her sandal-clad feet with her hands, and bowed his head, his forehead touching her sandals. Anita could feel his warm tears flowing down her feet, his hands clenched around her ankles in desperation. It gave her a sudden rush of power. It was the power that she often felt as a teacher, while grading her students. The fate of her students depended on a single stroke of her pen. Now, she was feeling it first hand. There was this boy, kneeling down at her feet, completely at her mercy. First, Anita tried to shoo him away.

"What is this? Don't irritate me. I don't like all this," she said, and kicked him in the face, hoping to get rid of him, as well as feeling a heavy rush of power in her. She was actually secretly hoping at this point that the young boy would linger on for some more time, so that she can enjoy the humiliation more completely.

Amit backed down a little after the kick. He was still bending low on the ground, a little distance from her. He kept on muttering apologies, as well as repeating his pleas for mercy, which Anita as well as Shilpa were now enjoying, as sauce with their food. He was now their plaything.

Shilpa had a cruel smile on her face. She started, "So, Amit, you would do anything that we ask you to?"

"Yes, Madame. I will do anything that you tell me. I shall be like your slave."

Amit saw a small ray of hope, as he went near Shilpa Madame's feet. Shilpa Madame was sitting cross-legged, her sari touching the ground, and a glimpse of her expensive sandal could be seen beneath it. She liked his answer. It was getting her wet. She let him come near her feet. She also wanted to feel his tear stained face in her feet. Very predictably, Amit came and threw herself at Shilpa Madame's feet.

"Madame, anything. Anything you say."

"Anything, really? How about eating this piece of roti (bread) from the floor?"

Shilpa Madame dropped the half eaten piece of roti in her plate to the ground, and mashed it with her sandals.

"Lets see if you can lap it up," she said in a mockingly loving tone, that one uses with their pet. Amit was desperate. He started lapping up the piece of bread, mixed with the dirt under Shilpa Madame's shoes.

"Choo, choo," Shilpa Madame pointed towards the morsels left at the bottom of her sandals. She called him like a dog. There was a cruel smile in her eyes that was somehow getting Amit wet in his pants. Amit came crawling towards her feet. He lapped up the morsels of bread in her sandals. They tasted horrible, combined with all the dirt from the streets in her sandal. He almost wanted to throw up.

"Good," said Shilpa Madame. She stroked her head with the other sandal.

In the meantime, Anita Madame was seating back and enjoying the humiliation. Now, she put her sandals on the boys face, too. She pressed the sandals on his head, so that his nose was now squashed in the floor. What a feeling of power it gave her! The head of a man squished beneath her feet, and the man obediently suffering, just for her pleasure. She always liked men groveling. She always loved to see petty people like beggars, door-to-door salesman groveling and sucking up to her. But this, of course, was different. Here, it was so physical.

"Bloody Fuck, I will squish you like a worm that you are, under my feet," she thought in her mind.

"Come to my house tomorrow evening, at five, after the classes. We will talk about it and I want to see you this obedient. Remember, this is your only chance."

"Thank you, Madame. Thank you Madame." Amit kept on repeating, thanking them profusely, touching the ground in front of Anita Madame's feet with his forehead each time.

Anita Madame would have liked the scene to go on forever. However, she did not want people outside the staff room to see what was going on and draw attention.

She said in a matter of fact tone, "Okay Amit, you may leave now. And remember what I have said."


Amit was greeted by the maid servant at the door. She told him to go up to the first floor, where, she said, Madame was enjoying her tea. Amit went up the stairs to enter the room where they were seated. Shilpa Madame was wearing a black saari, and exquisitely crafted sandals. Her figure was slim, curvy and exceptional for a fifty year old, and she seemed to be a woman of classy tastes. Her diamond earrings, expensive necklaces, all seemed to bear testimony to that. Anita Madame, on the other hand, looked simpler. A buxom lady in her fifties, she was wearing an ordinary saari and had simple slippers on her. They were relaxing on the couch, and enjoying their cup of evening tea.

Amit came into the room, and bent down on his knees, and knelt down before each of the ladies. Shilpa Madame started petting his head with her hands. Anita Madame had finished her cup of tea. She reached for the "paan"(betel leaves) container on the far side of the table.

"Actually, why am I am even trying to reach it," she said, and snapped her fingers. Amit immediately knew what to do. He quickly went over and brought the container to Anita Madame, kneeling before her.

"Good. I like that," she said, with a cruel smile in her eyes.

"Now, go get the spittoon." Amit immediately got up, ready to please his teacher.

"In fact, wait." She thought for a while.

"Come here."

"Open your mouth."

Amit knelt in front of her, and opened his mouth wide.

She spit on his mouth. Her saliva, mixed with the pan leaves and the spices entered into his mouth. He did not have to be told. He swallowed it like an obedient servant. Anita Madame was happy. She put her feet into his lap.

"Start putting your hands into some use also," she said, amidst chewing her paan.

She put her feet on his crotch. As he started messaging her legs, feeling the muscles of her body, she kept feeling his bulging penis, with her toes. Sometimes she would just wiggle her toes, feeling the penis growing under his pants. She was getting hungry for the young cock that was now at her disposal. Young juicy meat, ready for her, and such humiliation, she was getting wet inside her saari. She again forcefully spitted in his face. He swallowed obediently.

"So, let the show begin," she announced in a dramatic manner.

"So, Amit, we are not forcing you to do anything. You can walk out of the door, if you want to. Otherwise, you have to play by our rules. Understand? First of all, strip. We don't have servants in clothes here. Strip naked, put you clothes in a pile at a corner of the room and come here."

Amit did as instructed. Both Anita and Shilpa Madame lied down in their couch, as if ready for a TV show to begin.

Shilpa Madame, as usual had a cold smile on her lips. And Anita Madame seemed to be in a state of comfortable daze, as she chewed her paan, and assumed a bossy body language. Amit went to the corner and began shedding his clothes. He could not believe he was opening his underwear in front of two middle aged women who were his teachers. He wanted to open the door and get out at that very moment. However, he remembered the fate that was awaiting him at home. He chose to follow their orders. His penis sprang out like a snake, as soon as he slipped off his underwear. This was the first time he was doing it in front of somebody else. His ears were red with humiliation. He started walking towards them slowly. His kept his head down, more from shame, than obedience.

"Good boy," chuckled Shilpa Madame, from her seat.

"Please Madame, I cannot do this. I have never been naked in front of others. Madame, I beg for your mercy Madame. Please, don't do this to me. I will do whatever you tell me to do." Tears were running down his cheeks as he said these words. He could not contain himself anymore. He threw himself at Shilpa Madame's feet.

"Please Madame, have mercy on this little soul. I will be your slave all your life. I will do as you tell me to do. Please do not humiliate me like this. I beg of you."

Shilpa Madame's smile only broadened a little. She threw a sly glance at Anita Madame. They were savoring these little humiliations, this breaking of the boytoy, bit by bit. It was like relishing good dessert, one spoon at a time.

"You have had your choices, Amit. Now it is our turn to make ours. And this is how we like our meat served. Raw, sparkled with a few spoons of shame. Ha ha ha."

"Now, look, you are spoiling my saree, and my sandals. Come up, and present yourself for display. Quick."

Amit knew there was no hope. Shilpa Madame's voice cut through him like steel. It was firm like the law. There was no disobeying. He presented himself before her, with his cock hanging off from his body like an alien instrument. Shilpa Madame now got up a little, balancing herself on her elbow. Her other hands touched his warm shaft. She laughed a cruel laugh.

"Look, what we have here, Anita. Enough for a few weeks worth of juice. Its been years since I have seen young meat. Mmmmm." Her manicured fingers, with expensive diamond rings on them, slowly massaged his cock, as it kept on growing in size, until he felt, it would burst open.

Anita Madame extended her hand to hold his ass cheek. He pressed his ass cheek hard with her hand.

"Juicy ass, too. I am looking forward to shove it up this one."

"Now doggie, wiggle that ass for your Madame. You want those grades, don't you, doggie. Wiggle that ass for us, show us that little dance."

Amit was wiggling his ass for the entertainment of their mistresses, while Shilpa Madame was still fondling with that cock.

"Okay, Class teacher goes first. Ah! fresh meat." Anita Madame was slapping on his ass cheek.

"Here, wear this blindfold. I don't want you to see our intimate parts."

Amit obediently wore the blindfold. Immediately, the world became dark around him. He could not see anything. Suddenly, he felt two painful whiplashes at his back that seared through his body, like an electric shock. He cried out loud.

"Okay, doggie, now get that tongue to work. Start from my feet, beneath my soles, where you deserve to be. And my hands will guide you up or down, as it suits my whim. I want you put the fullest effort with your tongue. I will ensure that with this whip in my hand."

Anita Madame gave a ceremonial whiplash, just to indicate the beginning of her pleasure. Then she guided his head to her feet. Amit was nervous, and writhing with pain. He started licking her sole furiously.

"Good slave, I like that. Maybe, you will get an E grade. Lets see," Anita Madame said, contented with pleasure, and whipping the boy, just so that he did his best. She could feel his face trembling at her feet. Ah! The rush of power she got.

Slowly, she brought him up her legs. First he did the toes, licking in between each toenail, until she was satisfied. Then, she guided his face near her crotch. This was the moment she was waiting for. This was the moment she has been waiting for, all her life. A boytoy with his tongue licking her pussy! She could not believe she had him there. She was immensely excited. Her whiplashes increased in frequency. She was now furiously lashing his back. His cries were suppressed between her legs. She had tightened the grip on Amit, and it was becoming difficult to breathe in between her thighs. Amit kept up the show, increasing his efforts, with every whiplash, hoping and praying for the ordeal to end.

"Lick, bastard, lick faster. Lick with all your strength." She had nearly begun to fuck his mouth.

Finally she climaxed. Her wet juices filled his mouth. She then laid back in the couch, exhausted with the ordeal. However, there was no letting go of the servant. Another whiplash followed, after a brief interval.

"Lick it all up, doggie, from my pussy."

Obedient Amit did as instructed, licking up each drop of her cum, from her pussy. He would swallow strands of her pubic hair along with it. The pain and the humiliation almost brought tears to his eyes, but the smell of Madame's pussy was intoxicating, there was no denying that. Anita Madame was tired, and enjoying the post-orgasm licking without any movements on her part.

Suddenly, there was a tug on his hair. Shilpa Madame asked him to come to her couch. She was sitting up, and started fondling his enlarged penis.

"Now, I want a good fuck, baby," she said in a playfully naughty voice.

"But First I want this thing big. Use your hands, and get that teeny weeny big for your mistress, little one."

Amit began to stroke his cock. His ears were again burning with the new humiliation, having to do the most intimate action in front of his teacher's wicked gaze. Shilpa Madame was, of course, enjoying the complete activity. The fear, the humiliation, which could be clearly seen in the boy, it was all getting her excited. And above all, the naked young cock, ready to go.

She reached out with her hands, pulled Amit with the cock, towards her face. She flicked out her tongue, and started tasting the head of the cock. The pre-cum building up on the head of the cock, it sent shivers down her spine. Slowly, her lips opened, and started engulfing his cock. The hands were no longer required, she motioned. She started going up and down on the cock, and began leaving traces of her expensive lipstick on it, in the process. She was swallowing the whole thing, rolling her tongue round it, and enjoying it like a dinner sausage.

"Now, don't cum. Don't, don't cum. If you do, the consequences will not be very good," she suddenly said in a very threatening tone.

"I want you to keep this thing nice and hard for me and Anita Madame, as long as we want it."

Amit was on the verge of cumming. Shilpa Madame's soft lips were driving him to madness. His body was rebelling against his mind. But his fear for Shilpa Madame won over his bodily urges. He remembered the lashes that she used to give in classes. She was particularly known for her merciless beatings in the school. He only imagined what treatment he would suffer for disobedience in this private room.

"Now, baby, lie down on the ground." Shilpa Madame guided the boy to a lying down position on the floor. Suddenly, Amit could feel her weight over him, her soft breasts touching his chest, and her smell engulfing his senses. "Its been years, since I have had a nice and big cock, at my command," she said, and kissed Amit's trembling lips. Suddenly, Amit felt like heaven. Shilpa Madame's soft pussy was engulfing his penis.

"This is how I like it, and this is how I have been doing it to my husband for years. I get to control the pace, I get to control the timing, everything. And you, my boytoy, will writhe with pleasure, yes, writhe with pleasure, as I am not allowing you to cum."

Slowly she was increasing the pace. At each thrust, Amit was feeling the softness of her breasts touching his ribcage. This was heaven. But this was also hell. His penis was aching. He wanted to shoot the load on Madame's beautiful pussy, but he could not. He was too afraid to do so. Suddenly, her body was shaking with pleasure. She was cumming. She was fucking him with more vigor, as she came nearer to cumming.

"Ahhhhhh!" She threw her exhausted body on Amit's form.

"After a long time, a satisfying sex," she muttered as she started sucking on Amit's broad shoulders and licking them.

Finally, Shilpa Madame got up, after a couple of minutes as she recovered from the heady excitement of a stunning fuck. She caressed Amit's cheek with her pedicured feet "Boy, you are a gem. You will be with us for a long, long time now. I will make sure you spend you life satisfying our whims. What say Anita?"

Anita Madame had a cruel smile on her face.


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