25 October, 2010

how a lover became a slave--part 3- THE HONEYMOON ENDS

here comes the much awaited part-3 of the lover becoming slave --if u missed the first part you can read it here- http://cruelfemales.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-lower-became-slave-part-1.html
And if you missed the second part you can read it here- 
http://cruelfemales.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-lover-became-slave-part-2-honeymoon.html and continue the third part from here---enjoy and do comments.

Part-3 The honeymoon ends

That night I could barely sleep as I was overwhelmed by the events of the previous night … my ass was sore from all the caning and fucking, my tongue was dry from licking Durga’s feet and I had that horrible taste of my own cum in my mouth … plus the feeling that I was now trapped for good. I was also scared to make any mistakes and get caned again. My mouth was dry and I was dying of thirst, but one of the rules was not to eat or drink without permission. I lay on the floor contemplating these issues and waiting for Durga to wake up.

Durga finally woke close to noon, stretched herself and looked down at me. As instructed, I was on my knees and holding her slippers in my hands. “Good morning sunshine … did you sleep well?” I replied “Good morning Goddess … can I please drink some water? I am dying of thirst.” “Sure honey, just wait for 10 minutes.” Saying that, she slipped her feet into the offered slippers and walked to the bathroom; I was of course crawling behind here and into the bathroom, kissing the floor where she stepped. While she peed, I applied paste to her toothbrush and went back on my knees.

Durga stood up without flushing and I thought “Great now madam is too tired to even flush”. She said “Here’s your drink of water … drink from the toilet bowl like the dog you are.” I looked shocked “What did you think … this is what you will drink from now on … if I ever see you drink water from any other place, I will kill you … now go and drink … this should be fun to watch.” I crawled to the toilet and lowered my face into the bowl. I had problems lapping up the water, but soon got the hang of it. It tasted very bad and the smell of her pee was all around my nose … I made sure I didn’t gag and drank noisily for some time. To add to her fun, Durga placed her foot on my head and pushed my face into the water; she held me down till I was struggling for breath; released me and I went back to drinking the pee water. When I looked up, Durga was pointing at me and laughing. I felt even more humiliated and looked down at the floor.

Durga was ready for breakfast and instructed me to order from room service; she just ordered for herself and I didn’t have to guts to remind her for my food. When the food arrived, I served her on my knees and waited for her to finish. She left about half the food on her plate; she spat on the remaining food and instructed me to place the plate at her feet. When I did so, she placed her slipper on the food and instructed me to eat like a dog. When I bent over the plate, she placed her foot on my head and pushed it into the plate and the leftovers and laughed “eat my pet, you must be hungry after all that action last night.  By the way, did you enjoy your first fuck? Personally, I am not a virgin and haven’t been one for a long time, so that was nothing new. But it’s always fun to fuck someone for their first time.” “I mumbled into the food as my mouth was full. “What was that? Speak up honey, I can barely hear you.”

I quickly swallowed the food in my mouth “Goddess, it was a wonderful experience and very different from what I had expected.” “My … you are practically a slut … good for you that you like your new life. Now eat up and lets go out and see the city.” I quickly ate my food, licked the plate clean and cleared away the breakfast dishes. I helped Durga dress like her maid and then dressed in the clothes she picked for me … they were deliberately mismatched and made me look like a total fool.

We had a great tour of the city and I really enjoyed my first visit abroad. Being out in public, I was able to behave more normally, just had to be careful of my conversation with Durga was per her expectations. She was ok when we were in public, so that was a huge plus. In the evening we went shopping and she went into a fetish store … this was a first for me as there are none in Mumbai. I looked around and Durga noted what I was curious about. She bought a sissy maid dress for me and a few other dresses that I couldn’t identify, she also bought some toys that I had no idea what they were for. The sales staff in the store guessed my role in the relationship and the girls were all looking at me and smirking as I looked visibly uncomfortable in this store.

We returned to the hotel all tired out and with my arms full of shopping bags. Durga flopped on the sofa and put her feet up on the coffee table. I rushed to remove her shoes, when she stopped me “Not so fast … don’t use your hands … just your mouth and don’t you DARE bite me.” I quietly got to work and used my lips, nose, and cheek, what ever it took to ease the sandal straps off her heel; then carefully held her sandals from the heels in my mouth and removed them from her feet.  I was very new to this and inadvertently nipped her foot with my teeth. SLAP SLAP SLAP … three hard slaps across my face “Bloody scoundrel! How dare you!!!” I quickly apologized and went back to my task. Durga was smiling and laughing and making cure remarks at my skills; when the sandals were removed and I had carefully placed them on the floor, I fetched her a cold drink from the fridge and then got down to licking her feet clean. Her feet were dusty from all the walking in the day and I had to carefully lick each inch of her soles, suck her toes, clean the toe jam and then her instep, all while Durga sat comfortably on the sofa and drank her coke.

My mouth was parched as I was not permitted to drink anything all day; I begged Durga to let me have a drink. She took her time and eventually went into the bathroom where she peed and then permitted me to drink from the toilet bowl. After I had drunk all that I could, I begged her for some way to drink something during the day. She agreed to let me bottle the water in the toilet bowl with her pee into a bottle for drinking during the day going forward. I was expected to kiss her feet to thank her for her kindness, which I did. I then realised that I was fast getting used to my new life and getting into the mindset that I was her slave for life; this realisation was very disturbing as I still retained my male ego and wanted to enjoy the lifestyle that was almost within my grasp but suddenly too far out of reach.

Durga took out a dog collar from her purchases and I saw that she had her name stamped as my owner. She instructed me to wear it as a token of my complete surrender to her power and my acceptance of her as my total and complete owner. I also was instructed to consider her as my living Goddess and to only worship her each day and night. I was never a very religious person, so that presented no moral dilemma for me. I felt that she was so much in charge of my life right now that she pretty much held the power of life and death over me.

Soon it was time to party and Durga got ready for the evening. I wanted to go out with her but had no guts to ask her; I helped her dress up and tentatively asked her about her dinner plans; she was eating at the night club where she had met a few friends from college who were also visiting Singapore. About my food, she ordered something very light, told me to place the sandals she had worn all day in the plate, spat on the food (another rule, I could not eat any food unless she had “purified” it with her spit and had her foot wear in the plate). She waited till I ate, then went to the bathroom to pee so that I could drink the water.

On her way out to her evening entertainment, she walked up to me as I knelt on the floor and kicked gave me very hard on my balls … I grabbed my groin and doubled over in pain; Durga stepped over me and said “See you later, honey … miss me” and left for her party and her friends.

This was pretty much the tone for the rest of the fortnight; our honeymoon soon ended and we were on the way back to Mumbai. Durga was of course in first class while I was in economy. I didn’t mind that as I had never afforded a plane ticket before.

To be continued...



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