25 October, 2010

how a lover became a slave--part 3- THE HONEYMOON ENDS

here comes the much awaited part-3 of the lover becoming slave --if u missed the first part you can read it here- http://cruelfemales.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-lower-became-slave-part-1.html
And if you missed the second part you can read it here- 
http://cruelfemales.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-lover-became-slave-part-2-honeymoon.html and continue the third part from here---enjoy and do comments.

Part-3 The honeymoon ends

That night I could barely sleep as I was overwhelmed by the events of the previous night … my ass was sore from all the caning and fucking, my tongue was dry from licking Durga’s feet and I had that horrible taste of my own cum in my mouth … plus the feeling that I was now trapped for good. I was also scared to make any mistakes and get caned again. My mouth was dry and I was dying of thirst, but one of the rules was not to eat or drink without permission. I lay on the floor contemplating these issues and waiting for Durga to wake up.

Durga finally woke close to noon, stretched herself and looked down at me. As instructed, I was on my knees and holding her slippers in my hands. “Good morning sunshine … did you sleep well?” I replied “Good morning Goddess … can I please drink some water? I am dying of thirst.” “Sure honey, just wait for 10 minutes.” Saying that, she slipped her feet into the offered slippers and walked to the bathroom; I was of course crawling behind here and into the bathroom, kissing the floor where she stepped. While she peed, I applied paste to her toothbrush and went back on my knees.

Durga stood up without flushing and I thought “Great now madam is too tired to even flush”. She said “Here’s your drink of water … drink from the toilet bowl like the dog you are.” I looked shocked “What did you think … this is what you will drink from now on … if I ever see you drink water from any other place, I will kill you … now go and drink … this should be fun to watch.” I crawled to the toilet and lowered my face into the bowl. I had problems lapping up the water, but soon got the hang of it. It tasted very bad and the smell of her pee was all around my nose … I made sure I didn’t gag and drank noisily for some time. To add to her fun, Durga placed her foot on my head and pushed my face into the water; she held me down till I was struggling for breath; released me and I went back to drinking the pee water. When I looked up, Durga was pointing at me and laughing. I felt even more humiliated and looked down at the floor.

Durga was ready for breakfast and instructed me to order from room service; she just ordered for herself and I didn’t have to guts to remind her for my food. When the food arrived, I served her on my knees and waited for her to finish. She left about half the food on her plate; she spat on the remaining food and instructed me to place the plate at her feet. When I did so, she placed her slipper on the food and instructed me to eat like a dog. When I bent over the plate, she placed her foot on my head and pushed it into the plate and the leftovers and laughed “eat my pet, you must be hungry after all that action last night.  By the way, did you enjoy your first fuck? Personally, I am not a virgin and haven’t been one for a long time, so that was nothing new. But it’s always fun to fuck someone for their first time.” “I mumbled into the food as my mouth was full. “What was that? Speak up honey, I can barely hear you.”

I quickly swallowed the food in my mouth “Goddess, it was a wonderful experience and very different from what I had expected.” “My … you are practically a slut … good for you that you like your new life. Now eat up and lets go out and see the city.” I quickly ate my food, licked the plate clean and cleared away the breakfast dishes. I helped Durga dress like her maid and then dressed in the clothes she picked for me … they were deliberately mismatched and made me look like a total fool.

We had a great tour of the city and I really enjoyed my first visit abroad. Being out in public, I was able to behave more normally, just had to be careful of my conversation with Durga was per her expectations. She was ok when we were in public, so that was a huge plus. In the evening we went shopping and she went into a fetish store … this was a first for me as there are none in Mumbai. I looked around and Durga noted what I was curious about. She bought a sissy maid dress for me and a few other dresses that I couldn’t identify, she also bought some toys that I had no idea what they were for. The sales staff in the store guessed my role in the relationship and the girls were all looking at me and smirking as I looked visibly uncomfortable in this store.

We returned to the hotel all tired out and with my arms full of shopping bags. Durga flopped on the sofa and put her feet up on the coffee table. I rushed to remove her shoes, when she stopped me “Not so fast … don’t use your hands … just your mouth and don’t you DARE bite me.” I quietly got to work and used my lips, nose, and cheek, what ever it took to ease the sandal straps off her heel; then carefully held her sandals from the heels in my mouth and removed them from her feet.  I was very new to this and inadvertently nipped her foot with my teeth. SLAP SLAP SLAP … three hard slaps across my face “Bloody scoundrel! How dare you!!!” I quickly apologized and went back to my task. Durga was smiling and laughing and making cure remarks at my skills; when the sandals were removed and I had carefully placed them on the floor, I fetched her a cold drink from the fridge and then got down to licking her feet clean. Her feet were dusty from all the walking in the day and I had to carefully lick each inch of her soles, suck her toes, clean the toe jam and then her instep, all while Durga sat comfortably on the sofa and drank her coke.

My mouth was parched as I was not permitted to drink anything all day; I begged Durga to let me have a drink. She took her time and eventually went into the bathroom where she peed and then permitted me to drink from the toilet bowl. After I had drunk all that I could, I begged her for some way to drink something during the day. She agreed to let me bottle the water in the toilet bowl with her pee into a bottle for drinking during the day going forward. I was expected to kiss her feet to thank her for her kindness, which I did. I then realised that I was fast getting used to my new life and getting into the mindset that I was her slave for life; this realisation was very disturbing as I still retained my male ego and wanted to enjoy the lifestyle that was almost within my grasp but suddenly too far out of reach.

Durga took out a dog collar from her purchases and I saw that she had her name stamped as my owner. She instructed me to wear it as a token of my complete surrender to her power and my acceptance of her as my total and complete owner. I also was instructed to consider her as my living Goddess and to only worship her each day and night. I was never a very religious person, so that presented no moral dilemma for me. I felt that she was so much in charge of my life right now that she pretty much held the power of life and death over me.

Soon it was time to party and Durga got ready for the evening. I wanted to go out with her but had no guts to ask her; I helped her dress up and tentatively asked her about her dinner plans; she was eating at the night club where she had met a few friends from college who were also visiting Singapore. About my food, she ordered something very light, told me to place the sandals she had worn all day in the plate, spat on the food (another rule, I could not eat any food unless she had “purified” it with her spit and had her foot wear in the plate). She waited till I ate, then went to the bathroom to pee so that I could drink the water.

On her way out to her evening entertainment, she walked up to me as I knelt on the floor and kicked gave me very hard on my balls … I grabbed my groin and doubled over in pain; Durga stepped over me and said “See you later, honey … miss me” and left for her party and her friends.

This was pretty much the tone for the rest of the fortnight; our honeymoon soon ended and we were on the way back to Mumbai. Durga was of course in first class while I was in economy. I didn’t mind that as I had never afforded a plane ticket before.

To be continued...


23 October, 2010


 Hi friends....read the story of a boy who was get back walked by his friends mom...enjoy and do comments,,read the story in his own words...
I went to a party at a friends' house one year,
and his mom stuck around to keep an eye on us.
(I was around 19 at the time)
We drunk and danced and talked, it was a blast.
I was checking out all the females to see who I
could get to "play" with, and there were a few
candidates, but I couldn't stop staring at my friends'
mom. She had a really nice body and a very young
face. She was about 39 or 40 yrs old, stood around
5'-10" and weighing probably somewhere around
120-130lbs. She was real nice to me cause I
was always around and I usually helped out when
I stayed over. So, during the party, everyone was
kinda drunk by now and started to thin out. His
mom asked if I was sleeping over, so I told her I
was. She then went to fix up the guest room for
me (I'm the only one she'd do that for), and I kept
on partying. While she was in the room, I noticed
her shoes were in the livingroom that she had on
earlier that day, and she has some NICE feet.
Brown tannish skin, perfect plump toes painted
light purple, very soft and smooth (I've given her
massages before), and perfectly thick (not bony-
not fat). So after I noticed she wasn't wearing
shoes, I decided to try my luck with her. So, I looked
around for my friend to see where he was, and as
usual, he was flirting with a girl so I slipped outta
sight and went into the guest room where she was.
I went inside and closed the door and asked if she
needed any help ;) . She smiled and said " not really,
I'm almost done hon." We had a mother/son
relationship since I was one of her "adopted" kids. So
I made small talk with her to break the ice, then to
myself I took a deep breath and asked her, "could
you do something for me ma?" She kept straightening
up the room and said "sure hon, what is it?" Then I
looked off, kinda shy like, and asked "could you walk
on my back?" She looked shocked at first, and I got
scared that I'd offended her, but she turned away
and went back to work. Then she asked me
"you can't get any of the other girls lighter to do it?"
I didn't say anything at first, then I said " They're
all wasted and I didn't wanna screw up my back any
more than it is." So she smiled and said "smart man".
Then she looked at me and asked "Do you need me
to crack it or just massage it?" I told her "It's just
tensed and needed massaged". She knew of my back
problems from my football days in H.S., and massaged
it before at times but with her hands. So she gave me
this suspicious look with a smile and said "I GUESS I
could do it for you, but let me know right away if I'm
hurting you!!" I gave a slight smile and said ok.
I then took off my shirt like I do when she's giving
me a normal massage with her hands, grabbed a
pillow for my head and layed on the floor by the bed.
After I got comfortable, she asked me if I was ready,
I said I was and she made a joke saying "let's see
what this old gal can do." And she gently placed one
foot on the lower part of my back and began pressing
down and massaging it. She pressed around all over
my back for a minute with one foot and asked "how
does this feel hon?" I moaned a little and said " It
feels great.." At that, she placed her foot in the middle
of my back and stepped up with the other foot. I let
out a huge sigh and she stood there on my back and
asked "Are you ok babe?" I told her "Yeah, it just feels
really good where you are." She grinned a little and
began walking on that spot where I moaned. She used
her toes and the balls of her feet to massage every muscle
in my mid back. Then she walked up towards my shoulder blades and did the same thing with her toes and balls of her feet.
IT FELT FUCKING GREAT!!! She then started humming
a soft tune and began stepping to that tune, in a dance
like rythm. Then she said "I'm gonna do a little more than
your back sweetie, ok?" I just nodded my head and
said "mmmhhhmmmm". She turned around on my blades,
and slowly walked down my back- still humming - and
walked on my butt down to my thighs. She carefully
massaged my thighs with the insteps of her feet all the
way to my calves. (this was a bonus for me) It was
wonderful!!! After she did that for a bit, she stepped
off and walked in between my legs,and stepped up on my
lower back again. "I'm gonna give you one more walk
over, then I'll use my hands." I said ok and she walked
all over my back and shoulders for a few more minutes,
then she turned side ways and gently rocked side to
side and back and forth on the blades and middle of my back.
Her soft feet was sooo comfortable on my back, and
she never lost her balance nor missed a step. When she
was done, she stepped off and straddled on top of me
massaging my back and shoulders with her hands.
When it was all done, I sat up and asked her how did
she get to be so good at walking on backs and she
told me "I used to walk on my boyfriends' back in
college after his football practices and games. It all came
back to me when I started humming, I used to hum
that same tune when I would walk on him." So at that,
we made more small talk about it and soon left the room
to rejoin what was left of the party. She walked on
my back more often after that night, and I loved it all. I
wish I knew where she moved to, my friend lives in California
now, and she moved out of her house into the burbs. I
miss those days..........:)

19 October, 2010

how a lover became a slave--part 2- THE HONEYMOON

here comes the much awaited part 2 of the lover becoming slave --if u missed the first pat you can read it here- http://cruelfemales.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-lower-became-slave-part-1.html
and continue the second part from here---enjoy and do comments

Part 2 – The Honeymoon

I sat on the bed to read the paper Durga had handed to me; the top line was in bold and underlined “Remember … failure to obey totally and completely will result in my telling my parents about your truth … my family will come after you and your family and make sure you all beg on the streets …so beware”.

I read the list of instructions very carefully … I couldn’t believe that the mild and sweet Durga I had just married was really a dominatrix with very specific tastes in domination; she was a totally different person under her public face and she had fooled me along with everyone else … this sweet simple girl is actually a very dangerous and power mad person and I was badly trapped with no visible escape route. I thought about my situation and decided it is best to play along for now and seek a way to escape without hurting my parents and sister.

I memorised the list the last item was “other instructions as given from time to time” I noticed that there is a text on my cell … Durga had just texted me to expect her back in 30 minutes and to be ready for her. I panicked and started preparing for her arrival … the time had flown by while thinking about my situation and looking for escape routes … in any case I thought “at least my sex life will be interesting … if she is so hot, I’ll get some pleasure from this in any case.”

At the appointed time the door opened and I was ready to greet my new bride and now my owner … fully naked, on my hands and knees by the door. As required, I kissed floor at her feet and said “Welcome my Goddess … your slave is ready to serve you.” I couldn’t help giggling at this as I found the situation very funny … I guess I hadn’t taken Durga totally seriously at this time. Durga got mad at me and kicked my head “So you think this is funny … I wonder if you’ll still be laughing by the end of this.”

I looked down at the carpet to hind my smile and saw Durga’s feet move away towards the armchair. I crawled behind, kissing the carpet where she had walked. Durga said “good to see your memory is intact” I looked up to her face and immediately realized my mistake … I was to always look at her feet … “SLAP SLAP SLAP …” three hard ones across my cheeks with her open hands … I reached up to try to stop her hands and stopped just in time … another rule almost broken … she laughed when she saw me stop my instinctive act “good boy … you remember … SLAP … SLAP … SLAP” three more hard ones “Now eyes down …” I looked down and my face turned red with embarrassment … this was not the marriage I had imagined at all; quite the opposite, this was fast becoming a nightmare!

Durga reached over to the side board and from the corner of my eye I saw her holding a cane “face the other way” she commanded … I was scared now … what did she want from this? I turned to face the other way and instinctively tightened my ass … THWACK … THWACK …THWACK … the cane started to land on my ass cheeks … I had never been beaten by anyone, far less a tich of a girl … but I was totally in her control at that time and too scared to resist her … I groaned in agony and Durga immediately got up and stuffed her used socks in my mouth … “not a fucking word out of your mouth … I can go on for hours like this, but you cant … so just shut the fuck up!” I bit on the socks and bore the pain of the caning. This went on till my ass cheeks turned red and I felt blood start to trickle.

“Now do you know what I am capable of? Never ever disobey me again, or I will repeat this punishment. Now go and wipe the blood off your ass … and stop whimpering like a little girl … you’re a MAN … a big strong MAN … so behave like one!!!” I went into the bathroom and cleaned the blood on my ass … my ass was red with welts and I could barely stand up straight. I was moaning with agony but was too scared to moan. I pulled Durga’s sock out of my mouth and came out into the room.

“Come my dear husband … how are you liking the honeymoon so far?” I kept silent and looked at the floor. “Behen chod, when I ask you a question, I expect a reply.” I stammered “it’s a lot of fun, Durga.” Wow!!! Another rule breach … she lashed out with her foot and caught me right in the balls “Arre chootiye … what did you just call me? You’re forgetting already?” I doubled over in pain, holding my balls and gasped out “Sorry Goddess … please forgive me.” “Now, that’s better … so go ahead.” “It’s a very amazing holiday Goddess … thank you for bringing me to this wonderful city.” Durga looked down at me, pointed and laughed “you look sooooo funny … holding your family jewels and looking stupid. Now get up!”

I stood up in pain in the front and back … I had never been so humiliated before and was at a loss on how to react and feel. I felt trapped and helpless and wanted to cry … “Come to bed honey, it’s time for some fun.” “Finally … the fun part!!!” I thought. “Honey, get that pink bag from the cupboard and go stand by the bed.” I did as told and Durga reached out for it. She opened it and pulled out a jar of lubricant and a strap on … I had never seen one before and out of curiosity I asked “What is that? It looks like a penis.” “You are brilliant!!! That is exactly what it is. Come and help me with this.” “But what will you use it for?”

Durga looked at me and laughed “Asshole, did you ever think I will let you fuck me? Fucking is for real men, not wimps … so you can forget any dreams of ever fucking anyone … in this marriage, I will do what I want to, so you just lay back and enjoy the ride.” I tightened the straps to Durga’s liking; she said “on your knees and suck this, you slut.” I knelt and starting licking the strap on like I had seen in porn movies “Oh the slut has done this before …” “No Goddess, I saw this in pics and a few movies” “good … now get it nice and wet … and swallow it as far as it will go” I gagged a couple of times trying to get the strap on into my mouth, but gave it a good try anyway.

“Now, lubricate your ass hole … here use this” she handed me the lubricating cream and I quietly applied it to my ass. “”Stand up and bend over … take support from the bed” I did as told. I felt her hands push my ass cheeks aside, felt the tip of the strap-on on my hole and Durga started pushing it in. “Relax your ass hole and let it in … this is the consummation of our marriage and the only position that you will ever fuck with me, so learn to enjoy it.” I had no choice, so I gave in … Durga made one massive thrust and I almost screamed in pain “Oh my poor virginal bride … does it hurt?” I nodded and kept my mouth shut … Durga thrust into me and had her way, moaning loudly with pleasure … she was really turned on by this and was having a great time.

After about 30 minutes, she had had multiple orgasms and was fully satiated and my ass was torn and bleeding … she finally pulled out and patted my ass “That was fun was it not, slut? My God … you get fucked like a real pro … who will believe that this is your first time?” She then looked at the bed and saw I had cummed … “Of fuck … you really enjoyed it … see … you made a mess on the bed” saying that, she laughed “good one, my sissy slut … this is priceless!” I looked down and couldn’t believe that I had actually cummed … the pain had distracted me to the extent that I didn’t even realize this. “Dirty slut, now be a good boy and clean up your mess …”

I moved to the bathroom to get a towel when my loving wife said “with your mouth, bitch … what did you think I meant?” I looked shocked and Durga said “it’s not so bad … now stop being a wimp and do as you are told!” I resigned to my fate and licked up the mess and of course I swallowed it … gagging at first (much to the amusement of Durga) but managing to hold it down.

“Time to sleep … the flight, the party, drinks all this sex has tired me … you know what to do …” I quietly made the bed for Durga to lie in and covered her up. I then kissed her feet, removed her slippers and lay on the floor so I would be at her feet when she woke up or needed anything at night.

Thus ended my wedding consummation and this was the trend for the rest of my life ahead.


17 October, 2010

List of various femdom and trampling scenes from movies

  •  Hi mistresses and stupid slaves..here is a list of femdom and trampling scenes from Hollywood movies....read and enjoy..
  • ACCIDENT (1967) -
  • After their car rolls over, there is a close-up shot of Jacqueline Sassard stepping on the side of a dead Michael York's face as she tries to get out of the car (she is wearing white pumps).
  • Features a scene where a woman and her two kids stand on a guys back to help ease his back pain. Scene lasts 10 secs.
  • ACES: IRON EAGLE III (1992) -
  • Super musclewoman Rachel McLish steps on a man's back as she strangles him with a chain. She is wearing combat boots.
  • AIRBORNE (1993) -
  • Not the 1998 Steve Guttenburg movie. Near the very end of this 1993 movie, Alanna Ubach steps on the stomach of a guy as she walks toward her boyfriend (she is wearing brown hiking boots).
  • AMERICA 3000 (1986) -
  • Near the end during a battle scene, a guy gets knocked down on to his back. As he lays there a female warrior leaps into the air and lands fully down on his belly and chest. Quick scene.
  • AMERICAN DREAMS (Ep - Old Enough To Fight) (TV) -
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing combat boots walks on the backs of several soldiers while starting to sing "These boots are made for walking”
  • ANNI 90, Parte 2 (1990) (Italy) -
  • Gorgeous Carol Alt tramples and tortures a bound man with her high-heeled shoes, while he is begging her to stop.
  • ANNIE (1999) TV -
  • During a musical number, Annie (Alicia Morton) walks on the backs of the servant-dancers when they form a human stairway for her to walk up.
  • ANY PLACE BUT HOME (1997)-
  • The plot is a small boy gets kidnapped and the baddies, a girl and her boyfriend, team up with an asthmatic to find him. A fight breaks out between them in an apartment. While the asthmatic is throttling her boyfriend she sneaks up behind and breaks a broom handle over his back. Her boyfriend then thumps him in the stomach and he collapses onto the floor gasping for breath. He reaches for his inhaler from his pocket but she kicks it from his hand.She steps over his body and crushes the inhaler under her shoe. He slumps down on his back having an asthma attack and gasping for breath. She squats down smiling and in her Southern accent says “now you can die on us”. She stands up and steps full weight onto his chest with her sexy white open toed heeled sandals and forces the much needed air from his lungs.
  • Shot on videotape, the feature is a race-relations allegory about a kangaroo court of black South African women who capture and try their former "master". The women deliver wildly melodramatic speeches as they kick the hell out of him, frequently stepping on him in high heels.
  • A gang of women place a terrified bound arnd gagged prison guard in a shallow grave. Then they shovel dirt over him while he struggles, burying him alive. Finally they trample the living man's grave, compacting the fresh earth above him beneath their feet.
  • BATMAN & ROBIN (1997) -
  • Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman) attends the charity ball. In an instant, many half-dressed men lie on their stomachs in a row before her. Ivy walks on the backs of the men for 26 seconds, toward the stage to meet Batman and Robin.
  • Russian film contains the famous Odesa steps scene which shows a young boy being trampled by people fleeing.
  • BBC SUMMER (UK TV) (2003) -
  • To highlight its summer schedules the BBC showed short 30 second ads featuring the barefeet of lots of women. One ad started off by showing a few seconds of a close up of a pair of lady's knees as she appeared to be dancing on the spot. The camera slowly pans down her legs to find her barefoot and trampling all over a guy's back. This ad lasts for about 30 seconds and is extremely sensual.
  • BELLE DU JOUR (1967) (French-Italian)
  • Sexy Catherine Deneuve goes to a brothel to check it out. She is given a peep hole to look through so she can see what is going on in the next room. There she sees a beautiful dominant Mistress is slinky night slippers with black pom-poms trampling on a small man's chest, face, and head while degrading him verbally.
  • A man is on the floor doing crunches, and you see the view from ground level. In the distance you see a pair of bare female feet coming at him. His wife then steps on his stomach, and then over him while looking down and smiling as she says "Oh, I didn't see you there." Brief, but trampling nonetheless.
  • BIKINI SQUAD (1993) -
  • BODY DOUBLE (1984) -
  • Men hold friend down while girl dances barefoot on his back. Possibly stars Frankie from Frankie goes to Hollywood.
  • BOY MEETS WORLD (TV) (1993) -
  • In this tv-series there is a nice scene in which a girl walks on a guy's back on her way to see her friend.
  • Starring Rik Mayall, near the end of the film he gets atttacked by Amanda Donahoe. She covers him with a bed quilt and knocks him to the ground. She clubs him repeatedly with a hockey stick before jumping with both feet on him. She is wearing chunky heeled black boots, stockings and short black skirt.
  • BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (Season 3 Ep 1 - Anne) (TV) -
  • Very quick scene of Buffy trampling. Near the end she is battling a number of evil bad guys. She throws one onto a pile of sacks and he lands on his back. Buffy runs up the mound of sacks and runs over him, stepping with one foot on his chest. She is wearing trainers.
  • BUSHIDO BLADE (1979) -
  • Laura Gemser as a sort of female Samurai in western times, gives Frank Converse a Japanese massage. They are outdoors and he is lying on the ground. She tells him to roll over, which he does, then she gets out a towel and places it on his back. Then she steps up onto him and starts to trudge up and down his back. Very nice!
  • CAN-CAN (1960) -
  • Shirley MacLaine is dancing on stage with many people. Later, she punches a man and he falls down in a bridge position. She pushes him down with her toe, stepping on his stomach full weight as she retrieves her hat from a tree.
  • CANDLESHOE (1977) -
  • In Candleshoe there are 2 trample scenes and one sitting scene. One scene sees a young Jodie Foster push a man over with her foot and then run lengthways over his body. In another scene a boy hits a man with a frying pan, the man collapses and the boy stands on his stomach as he climbs down. The last scene is where a man is trapped beneath a big wardrobe (or cupboard) and as the boy runs past, he sees the man's predicament, and bounces on the cupboard.
  • CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC (1980) -
  • The Village People's only movie. In a dance scene a disco dancer ginds her stiletto heel into the back of a man's hand and steps on his back.
  • CHARLIE'S ANGELS (2000) -
  • A guy (Tim Curry) gets his backed walked all over by barefoot chinese girl before she knocks him out.
  • CHARLIES ANGELS (ep. Hellrider) (tv) -
  • There is a scene where you hear Charlie groan at the phone, then you see a nice woman walking barefoot on his back, doing him a massage.
  • Musical sketch with Chris' sidekick being generally abused. One segment has the sidekick being punched out by a man who is walking with his tall blonde girlfriend. He falls to the ground face down and the boyfriend puts his jacket over the body after which the gorgeous girlfriend wearing black high heeled sandals steps on his back as they continue on their way.
  • CHUBBY CHASERS (TV) (2004) -
  • UK Tv program about men who like large ladies. Featured a brief scene featuring the 600lb Queen Raqui sitting on a mans chest/stomach and then another scene of her stepping up onto the guy’s back as he laid on the floor. Brief but awesome.
  • There is a scene in a children's playground where the bad guy is tripped by two girls with a skipping rope and falls flat on his face. Four other children then run over his back.
  • A woman fights 2 men at the end of the film, she knocks them down and proceeds to jump on both of them.
  • DAS ECKE [The Corner] (W. German, 1967)
  • This story, of a woman in therapy remembering the trauma that lead to her amnesia, contains an astonishing crush scene. It occurs in a flashback at the end of the movie when the woman remembers being in a jetliner with her little boy when the plane crash-lands and the cabin fills with smoke. In the scene there is a panic with everyone pressing into the aisle and shoving their way forward toward the exit. Duning the chaos the woman loses hold of her little boy's hand and he falls in the aisle where he is trampled to death by the passengers. At the end of the smokey and confusing trampling scenes there is a brief but shocking close-up of a large, sexy, open-toed, spike heeled stocking foot (With red toenails!) stepping off of the little boy's crushed face. (Hard to find).
  • Compilation show featuring out-takes from tv programmes. One quick scene shows Claire Grogan doing an outside broadcast from a rooftop and doing a bit of informal chat with the crew. The camera then pans down to see her standing barefoot on the back of one of the crew lying on the floor. She does a little dance and steps around a bit on him briefly.
  • DER JUNGE TORLESS (French/ W.German-1966) (Released in the U.S. as Young Torless) -
  • Torless is a bording school student in the prewar Austro-Hungarian Empire. He and his friends become fascinated by a local prostitute (sexy Barbara Steele). The smallest of the boys is frightened. by her so as a sadistic joke the others pay her to turn him into a humiliated and tortured slave, which she does. The film contains a great scene in which the three boys bold down the smaller one and order the prostitute to walk on his back while she is weaning "spike heels" the new fashion rage from France. While walking on the boy, who is screarning for mercy, the woman gets carried away while laughing and dancing on her pleading victim, and accidentally kills the boy by crushing the point of her heel through his back and into his heart.
  • DIVORCING JACK (1998) -
  • Woman steps on man's head.
  • DOGMA (1999) -
  • Linda Fiorentino steps on the back of a guy as she walks forward to speak to God.
  • British TV series. Don Kichote lies down in TV studio and has three high heeled ladies stand on his chest and stomach. Then the female host of the show, wearing high heeled boots, also climbs onto his chest. Fantastic!
  • DUKES OF HAZARD REUNION (TV Movie) (1997) -
  • Daisy's friend who is a little blond wrestler knocks a man out and he falls flat on his face on the canvass. She steps up on his back as she steps over him and turns round in a victory pose.
  • EATING RAOUL (1982) -
  • Dominate woman places her high heeled foot on a man's stomach and grinds down until she makes him cry out. A man asks his wife to walk barefoot on his back which she does for about 17 seconds.
  • At the very end of the movie, Elvira is doing a Las Vegas "song and dance". On her way down from the stage, she walks on the backs of a few dancers.
  • ENTER THE DRAGON (1973) -
  • A man gets his back walked on by a barefoot lady for 31 seconds.
  • A woman is giving him a massage stood up and started walking on him in her socked feet. She didn't really know what she was doing and was causing him a great deal of pain, including slamming down on her knees in the middle of his back before standing back up saying, "Time for my dismount." She did an acrobatic flip and pounded her feet back into his back before hopping off.
  • Joey gets a part in a show as a mailman and shows up at a beach party and yells something which makes everyone run towards him. He gets knocked down and trampled by one of the girls in a bikini.
  • GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE 2 (2002) -
  • George's Mother-in-law is hiking through the jungle comes to a small stream. She orders a guide to lay down across the stream. As she is walking over him, her phone rings so she answers it and stands on the guide's back for about 45 seconds.
  • GIGI GOES TO ROME – (1963)
  • Gigi (Cindy Carol) has daydreams throughout the film about the boy she loves (James Darren). In one of her daydreams she's Cleopatra and she's being carried on the shoulders of her slaves. They put her down on the ground and she starts walking towards James Darren, but notices a puddle of mud. She stops and starts tapping her foot. He notices the puddle and dives face first into it. She steps on and off him and walks away.
  • GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS (1968) -
  • Draft dodger and go-go girl go on a crime spree. Great scene when, after corning across a drunk lying at the foot of a park bench at night, the girl (Leslie McCrae) steps all over the pleading old man while her laughing boyfriend blasts, "These Boots are Made for Walking" from the car radio. (The boots she stomps with are white despite the film's title).
  • Near the end of the film, after the girlfriend has been defeated, some people come down the stairs. One falls and lies still. A barefoot girl walks over him the first time to speak to someone else then she returns, stepping on the guys back as she does so. The guy groans!
  • GLADIATRESS (2004) -
  • A Gladiatress fights a man and sweeps him off his feet onto his back. She then steps up onto his chest as she walks over him. Another scene in the film shows another lady walking across the backs of several men who are lined up in front of her on all fours.
  • GODSPELL (1973) -
  • There is a trample scene in an old black and white silent movie that is shown briefly in this film (unfortunately, I do not know the name of the movie). In this old movie, a man is laying on his stomach at the beach while trying to catch crabs. As he lays there, a woman walks up and steps on the back of the man's head as she goes by.
  • In this fairly old comedy series the scene opens with the camera looking at a pretty lady's face. She seems to be moving around slightly. In the background you can hear a man voice in conversation with someone else. As the camera slowly pans down the lady's body you see her move like she is treading grapes and finally the camera stops at her feet where she is walking barefoot on the guy's back. The scene lasts ages and is very sensual.
  • The two stars of the show are in a house investigating a crime when they peer into a room where a man is having his back walked on by an Asian girl.
  • There is an episode called Bob the Boxer (I think) where, whilst training, the boxer falls down on the floor exhausted, whereby his wife walks over his stomach without stepping on him to empty the bin. She picks it up, turns round and steps right up onto his stomach as she leaves the room.
  • HAWAII 5-0 (Sign of the Ram) (TV) -
  • A nice scene where Galen Kam as Lee Ting gets a massage from a woman in a bikini walking on his back (she looks like she is about 16). He is seen laying like a beached whale at his pool while a bikini babe walks on his back as he has a phone conversation.
  • HOLD ON (1965) -
  • When Shelley Fabares discovers that the inventor of the guillotine was executed by the device he himself invented, she says, I wish I could say the same for the man who invented these high heels, my feet are killing me!" (nice shot of her slipping her stocking feet in and out of her high heeled shoes). Then, while a cruel look comes over her face, she imagines it happening! Great scene of little bearded frenchman chained spread-eagled to the street pleading for mercy as a crowd of about 100 angry women in high heels (led by Fabares in some killer 4" black stilettos of her own) march toward the terrified man. In the crowd scenes in which the man is trampled you can tell that the women are stepping on a dummy, but there are also some quick interspersed close-ups of womens' high heels stepping down upon the screaming man's face, chest and hands, including Fabares who gets the first good stomp on the guy's chest (with a nice grind of her foot) while she tramples over him with her frightening spikes.
  • Tim Allen goes to a massage parlour with 2 friends and they warn him that its a "deep tissue massage". The next scene has all three men having their backs walked on and there is a close up of Tim Allen getting his back walked on.
  • HOT TOMORROWS (1977) -
  • In a dream sequence, two tall sexy fernale dancers press a midget between their bodies while they dance. When he falls down, the two women move in to embrace and kiss each other and end up dancing barefoot on top of the helpless little man. Good scene of the midget face down screaming and puking blood as he is crushed to death beneath the large bare feet of the two sexy women as they dance on him.
  • HOW (UK TV) -
  • Children's science program. A man demonstrates the strength of eggs by lying on top of alot of eggs. His female assistant then says that she will test their strength further by standing on him. She removes her trainers and stands up onto his chest for a few seconds.
  • Not an actual scene but a lady relates one story toward the beginning of the film of a man who paid her to walk on his chest in golf shoes for his own sexual gratification.
  • A mean woman and five others escape from prison and are on the run from the law. One of the girls is attacked, raped and murdered by three tourists on a tour bus. The girls take over the tour bus and what follows is one of the best trample scenes ever filmed. Three of the girls force these men to undress, make them lie on the floor at their feet, and they start trampling them, this is a very long scene, They humiliate these men, spitting water on them, while continuing to step on their heads and bodies for at least a minute.
  • JESSE (TV) -
  • Jesse (Christina Applegate) convinces her brother to get on all fours so she can stand on his back in order to see into her neighbor's window. She climbs onto him wearing white sneakers and he can only support her for about 5 seconds before he begins to slowly collapse onto his stomach. She eventually ends up standing on his back as he lays on the ground for a second before stepping off of him in disgust that he's not strong enough to hold her up.
  • JUNGLE GENTS (1954) -
  • Luarette Luez steps on the back of a lion (the back of a man in a lion costume) that she has just killed in a fight (she is wearing sandals).
  • KARZ (India) -
  • After running over her husband with her car and killing him, a woman steals the wallet from her dead husband and steps on him with high heeled sandals.
  • KEEN EDDIE (TV - Ep. 'Horse Heir') (2003) -
  • There is one scene where one of the characters makes a phone call. As he starts talking, a woman with fantastic feet climbs onto his back. As he finishes the call he tells the girl "harder" and she starts stomping on him. Wonderful sound of crunching joints!
  • British TV series. Trying to board a small boat on the river, a large built lady notices her husband lying on the ground, but having his feet hooked into the boat to prevent it drifting away. So she steps full weight up onto his back and walks down his body onto the boat.
  • L'AMOUR BRAQUE (1985) France
  • A woman while in bed with our hero seems to order him to lie down on his stomach, she then disrobes and starts using him as trampoline, jumping up and down on him.
  • LAST ACTION HERO, THE (1993) -
  • Girl fights man and leaps off the bed backwards and lands full weight on back on attacker. She is wearing trainers.
  • This commercial began airing in the spring of 1992. It takes place at a crowded beach and shows people sunbathing, swimming, and doing a variety of other things. The last scene in the commercial shows a man sunbathing on a blanket on the ground. As he lays there, a little barefooted girl runs up and steps on the guy's stomach as she goes by.
  • LILT (Crush Ladies) (TV Ad) (2003) -
  • Set on a Carribean beach, four ladies are dancing and singing along a crowded beach. One fat guy is lying on his back and one of the ladies steps right on to his stomach barefoot as she goes over him. Another guy is lying on his back when a lady stomps hard on his crotch and crushes him under her foot before stepping up (good to view in slow motion). The ad ends with four guys lying on loungers and the four ladies leaping from a platform behind them onto the guy's crotches and leaping off again.
  • Kelly walks barefoot on Regis' back. Before she steps up onto him she jokingly calls for someone to bring her Manolo Blahnik's (spiked heels she often wears). She walks on him for about 2 or 3 minutes and seems to enjoy it quite a bit. The man teaching her how to do it tells her to walk on "the fleshy parts" and she laughs and says, "Roll over Big Daddy”.
  • Starring red buttons as a lazy husband and carolynn jones as his wife who leaves him. While he was alone at home an old girl friend who he met while in the sevice stops by to take care of him. A little later she starts walking on his back(bare footed) while he`s on the couch watching football.
  • Starring Sean Connery, at the beginning of the scene a mugger tries to attack an old lady (played obviously by a much younger woman). She beats him up and when he is laying face down on the ground she jumps into the air and lands squarely on his back with both feet.
  • MANIFESTO (1988) -
  • The family are all camping on the floor of a shop. The brother and sister are arguing when the sister stands up and walks over him on the way out. The boy says "She stepped on me!" to which the father replies "Get used to it son. This is just the beginning."
  • MASH (Ep - Henry Please Come Home) (TV series) -
  • Lt. Col. Blake is transferred to a plush assignment in Tokyo, and Pierce and Trapper visit him there to try to convince him to come back. Blake is in a geisha house at this time and receives many amenities from Japanese girls. One scene (about 20 seconds long) opens with a girl's hands pressed against the ceiling. The camera pans down slowly and reveals that Blake is lying face-down and shirtless on a table, and a gorgeous Japanese girl is deftly walking up and down on his back with her bare feet. Blake makes some remark about "I only have one pelvis, honey," and the girl steps on a different spot.
  • Mel Gibson is lying on the ground, Jodie Foster steps hard on his stomach and walks across his body.
  • There is a small 8 sec scene of chest standing barefooted by a fat nurse. This is more suggested than actually seen. There is a point of view shot looking up at the nurse then a shot of her view looking down at the guy she is standing on. You don't actually see a full picture of her on him.
  • Woman wearing hiking boots walks on one guys head and steps on the faces of two others in an effort to escape from a biker gang. In another scene she stomps over a man while wearing boots with spikes on them like the kind linemen wear to climb telephone poles.
  • MISTRESSES (UK TV) (2003) -
  • Series depicting the lifestyles of various mistresses. One scene features Mistress Chloe who talks through the equipment she has before describing her most requested service which is of course, trampling. Short scenes of man getting his back walked all over by lady in high heel boots. The lady is not seen, nor is the man completely seen other than his back.
  • MONDO CANE (Italian, 1963) -
  • A scene has a bunch of Japanese men getting walked on in a massage palour by barefeet girls, also barefoot face stepping.
  • UK Children's TV series. A man dressed as a Mummy fakes a heart attack on the floor to distract the female manager of the cafe. She steps over him first, and then steps on his belly as she leaves the room, saying, "Someone clear up the Mummy."

15 October, 2010

how a lover became a slave--part 1

Hello mistress and stupid slaves, after along time i am back on my blog, I am here with super fresh story of areal slave whose name is Ashu,he is 45 years old and lives in Toronto but basically  from Delhi.He mailed me his very own real and true story.This is a series of stories from his diary,,as i will get more..i will be publishing it...SO READ AND ENJOY HIS STORY AND DO COMMENTS ON IT.....

Part 1

This is the story of a young ambitious man who wanted to take a short cut to grow rich and lead the life of the rich and famous as shown on TV and the situation that he found himself in at the end of it all.

This is my story.

I am writing to share my life with all the men out there who are in the same situation and are trapped and doomed for ever. This is not a call for a support group and no such thing can ever exist for people in my situation, nor is it possible for anyone to help me in any way possible.

My name is Chandra Das (CD) and I come from a lower income family. My father works in a clerical role in a small private company, mom is a house wife. I have a younger sister who eloped to marry her boyfriend and is now in a troubled marriage that just broke up; we all live in our two room rented apartment where there is no privacy and only the very basic amenities.

I was always fascinated by the Western lifestyle portrayed in Hollywood movies and American thrillers and followed them very carefully … this helped improve my English pronunciation and I carefully cultivated an accent to appear better schooled that I really was. This helped me break into an elite social circle at college and interact with people that had a privileged upbringing that was far beyond my parents wildest dreams and was readily accepted as one of them after a simple lie about my schooling in Africa and stories of my parents’ un-measurable riches.

While in college I made a plan to get out of this circle of poverty by taking the short cut of marrying a rich girl by first making her fall in love with me (very B grade plot, but worth a try). I carefully looked at all girls that I met in my circle of friends with this intent and short listed a few that were potential candidates.

Being blessed with good looks (most unlike my Dad, which caused me to look at my Mom with some suspicion, but why complain) and my cultivated accent, I was able to get close to a girl from a very wealth family from a small town. This girl lived in the hostel and had led a very elitist lifestyle with vacations abroad and cars and servants and all the trapping of a rich lifestyle. She was very average looking and thus not very popular with the guys who all chased the college hotties and generally ignored. Her name is Durga and I decided that she would be my wife and my ticket to wealth and riches and the life I always dreamt of. Of course, I lied to her about my real economic situation and gave her the same story of my parents in Africa and spun a story about being the rebel son who had been sent to India to study rather than US, as a punishment for past misdeeds. This increased my image of a spirited man who could get any girl but had chosen to love her and this made her feel very special.

When we were in the last year of our graduation, I proposed marriage to Durga; she asked about my family’s reaction at my marriage plans and I told her that I was being disowned by them because of this decision. She wanted some time to think about this and convey her decision. She was silent and withdrawn for the next little while, which I ascribed to the decision for her future life partner. Over the next few days, I noticed a slow change in her behaviour to me … she was more assertive and looked at me very differently … I presumed this was because she getting closer to her decision and didn’t read anything into this.

In the last month of college, she confirmed her intention to marry me asked me to meet with her parents who were visiting Mumbai (where we live) from their town in the rural part of the state. This was a huge event for me and I prepared for this very carefully, even rehearsing answers to a few anticipated questions. Durga and I spoke at length about our life together and made plans for our future life together. She smiled a lot when I told her my prepared lies about my life in Africa and I presumed that she was accepting it all at face value.

When her parents arrived, I dressed in clothes borrowed from a close friend whose family owned a dry cleaning store; he had no idea what I was planning as I couldn’t take any chances of this story spilling out. Durga’s parents were very nice people and were totally taken in by my story; my public school accent fooled them totally and they accepted me as family. When they asked to meet my family, I said that they are not ready to accept me back as yet and in any case they will not accept a girl of my choice. On the economic front, I gave a story of wanting to be my own man and wanting to build my own fortune. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Durga’s family agreed to accept this marriage and to support me initially. Durga was really delighted and shared our plans of settling in Mumbai itself and looking after the family business (a hotel and rental properties) from there itself rather than moving back to her small town roots.

The marriage date was set and I insisted on a small ceremony in Mumbai to avoid being noticed by my family. We had a major reception in their home town where I was stunned to see the extent of the family wealth and properties. Durga asked for the marriage consummation to be deferred till our honeymoon in Singapore (a gift from my loving in-laws) and I of course gave in to this request. After all the purpose of this marriage was not sex, but to gain financial independence, which I felt I had now achieved.

When we arrived in Singapore and settled into our room, Durga looked at me and said “CD, there is something I want to discuss with you … now be totally honest with me and don’t lie”.

I said “Of course honey … I have always been open and truthful with you … go ahead and ask me anything.”

Durga: “this is your only chance to tell me the truth, so chose your answers wisely”

“Sure, honey, go ahead”

“Tell me the truth about your family”

I was taken aback for a moment, but quickly recovered and said “but you know it all … I have kept no secrets from you …” and I proceeded to repeat the story I had told her and the world.

“Well, if that is what you want … I gave you a fair chance and you chose to lose it … here read this file” she handed me a file folder with typed sheets and photographs. I opened it and was stunned to see my real home address, family details, parents names and pictures of my family, house exterior and interior.

I went white and looked at her “What is this Durga … where did you get this … this is all wrong … this is a lie”

 “Did you think I would be so stupid to accept you at face value? I know all about you, your family and the lies you told me … I chose to play along as this marriage will serve a few purposes in my life plans. If you had told me the truth earlier instead of repeating your lies, I would have reacted differently, but now your life will take a different turn.” Saying this, she handed me a piece of paper and said “these are your instructions … memorize them and never ever disobey them … you have no idea what I am capable of, so don’t try to be smart with me as my sandles are even smarter than you.. Now I am going to the bar and later the night club here … you stay here and prepare as per these instructions.”

She left the room, giving me a smile and wink and blew me a kiss. I glanced at the list and my blood ran cold and I started trembling with fear thinking “what is this happening to me … “

08 October, 2010

Corporate Ladies trampling a old man

Hi mistresses and stupid slaves.Here I come with a brand new of 3 corporate ladies of IBM Company...how cruelly the trampled a old gardener ia described below....read and enjoy with posting comments also....

They approached me and asked about the house. I told them it was empty but locked and they were welcome to look around. As they were appreciative they turned around and started walking around. One of the women was a little heavy set @ 200lbs but very attractive. She was wearing 2inch kitten heel spiked boots. The other woman looked @150 lbs and was wearing 3 inch black patent pumps.
As I continued to cut grass, I enjoyed watching the nosy women walk around the yard sinking their heels into the ground. They acted really interested in the house and were trying to look into the front windows at the inside. The heavy woman in boots walked back over to me and asked if I had something for them to stand on as they were slightly to short to see into the raised windows. I said all i had was a empty plastic gas can but I didn't think it would support them.
The woman said they were anxious and could they try. I carried over for them and the woman in pumps placed her foot on the side of my gas can. As she pulled herself up, the can collapsed and smashed flat.
The heavy woman was disappointed  and really frustrated. I took a risk and offered to them I could lay down as a step stool as I thought they could see in then. The woman in boots looked at me and asked if I was serious ! Then the woman in pumps asked if they could leave their shoes on.
I said sure and reassured them I was pretty strong and if I couldn't hold them I would simply ask for them to step off. i insisted and laid down on my back against the house and said for them to step up. the woman in pumps said she would go first as a test. She placed her shoe on my upper chest and stepped right up. I told her I was fine and had a thick shirt on not to worry about the heels.
She looked inside the house and completely adored it. She asked her friend she had to see in !! Then without hesitation I felt a spiked boot on my abs and great pressure begin to grow. Then I felt both kitten heels dig into my stomach and was hard to breath !!! I could not believe these women were using me as a stepping bench !
Then as I thought I was going to pass out, one of their friends was still in the suv. She saw what was happening and got out of the car laughing. Her friends askedher to come look in at how nice the house was. To my surprise, this beautiful woman walked up to me and asked where she was supposed to get on. The heavy woman in boots told her how strong I was and to take her shoes off and use my face. Everybody started laughing and asked me if i could handle it. I said sure I would try. The woman in boots said how often did I get 3 pretty ladies to stand on myself laughing.
Then the 3rd woman slid her leather mules off and placed her foot across my forehead. Then she asked if I was ready and mumbled yes. Then she lifted herself up and placed her other foot across my mouth letting me breath through my nose. She said she weighed about 150 and was I o.k. I just mumbled yes as that's all I could get out. She apologized that her feet were hot and sweaty and hoped I didn't mind. They all stood there about 10 minutes and all stepped off at the same time. They said thank you and sorry about the dirty grass stains and heel marks on my shirt. Then the heavy one in boots threw me $20 and said buy me some gas. Then they loaded up and left as I tried to get my breath back.

04 October, 2010

girlfriend turns mistress

Hi mistresses and stupid slaves.Here i come with a brand new story of a boy named Akshat Awasthi[aged-23 from Bangalore] and and her girlfriend Sneha Mishra[aged 22].Akshat is sharing his true experience of her girlfriend..that how she became a mistress and stated living a domina life and making him a obedient slave or servant.....so lets start enjoying his story,,,,and don't forget to give your precious comments.

I always fantasize about being a slave for a lady,to act like a dog in front of a lady but my maledom always stopped me to do so. We started dating about three months ago and it was a great beginning to a relationship. I was working in private firm and she was one of our clients.We frequently talked on phone  regarding our schemes and new offers.However, finding women who are willing to be dominate tended to be rather difficult to locate. The sex started out pretty normal but I took note that she seemed to have a dominate side. She would make sly demands and then try to hide them. She was about 5'6 with a busty breast and hip hop butts that only a Indian girl can carry. Her long black hair and brown eyes gave her a face of an godess  but a dominate streak from the dark side also. Her beauty comes naturally and she never wore make up or any nail polish. Which for me is a truly sexy woman.

As the relationship developed we began to grow, but soon we became bored with the regular sex and she made mention to her enjoyment of inflicting pain on me. (small previous amounts of testing pain but nothing to declare anything of value) Like biting my lip and scratching my back till it drew blood. As we discussed in depth about of her desires she finally demanded for me to tell her about my desires. Which for me, my foot fetish goes back to early childhood. Finally we came to an agreement to incorporate my foot fetish with her natural desire to hurt me. That night nothing transpired but I was warned in the near future to be prepared.

About two weeks later she came up to my place after spending it in a training seminar. We rested on my bed and held each other for about ten minutes until she started kissing my neck and licking my ear. As I think its going to be another good evening she looks me in the eyes with a devilish smile and a look that I was about to become a good little pet. She gave me one last kiss of reassurance and grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me off the bed. As she stood she ordered me to undress. I stood before my girl completely naked and she just looked at me and gave a little evil laugh and grabbed my shoulders and demanded me to kneel.

I knelled before her admiring her beautiful stomach and amazing hour glass hips. I gently and eagerly kissed her stomach paying close attention to the belly button. Finally, when she grew tired of that she stood back and ordered me to lay down on the ground. As I assume my position she sat on the edge of the bed and placed her right foot on my throat and her left foot about an inch from my face. My instincts told me to reach up and kiss her foot; but, as I did she slammed my head back to the ground followed by her foot right over my mouth. "Do not get up! Do you understand?" was the only thing I could remember as I was seeing stars. From there she demanded that I lick every inch of her foot until it was covered in my saliva. I eagerly got to work cleaning her foot while she took pleasure in stepping on my throat and slapping my cock when my hips would thrust. As soon as I finished cleaning her one foot she placed that one on my forehead and slammed her other foot on my mouth. I didn't need to be told what to do and began to lick every inch of her tanned sole. She would occasional force her heel in my mouth and ordered I gently nibble on it. When she felt I cleaned her feet well enough she took her feet and began to roll my head around with her soles. I was in heaven. Finally she stood on my chest and gained her balance. I think it was her first time trampling because it took her a couple of minutes to find a good balance point. She began walking up and down my stomach and chest for a few minutes saying I was nothing more to her than a toy for her amusement. After she grew tired of walking on my body she stood above me with that evil grin again and lifted her right foot up. She slowly descended her foot onto my face applying more and more pressure slowly and painfully until she was completely standing on my face. She turned her body so that she could place both of her feet on my face. She began to march on my face laughing that evil laugh the entire time. After about ten minutes of her crushing my face she undressed on my chest and layed at the foot of the bed.

I climbed to my knees and gazed at her already soaking wet vagina and began to kiss her thighs gently to tease her. She quickly grabbed my head and shoved my face deep inside her. I spent close to an hour and half pleasing her with my tongue until she turned on her side and ordered me to get my tongue in her ass. At this point I was exhausted but so turned on I dove in without hesitation. I serviced her ass for about twenty minutes until she said she had enough. Thinking the night was over I climbed in bed beside her and she gave me a reassuring kiss and a pat on the head saying "Good boy. But my pets do not sleep next to me." She pointed to her feet. I climbed to the foot of the bed and layed my face beside her feet. She quickly put her feet on my face and began to smother me with those tan soles once more. She played with my face for a short time then ordered me to kiss her feet until she was asleep. I kissed every toe and every inch of her foot. As she was falling asleep she gave me one last order, "I expect to wake up with your face in my feet or my pussy. Have a good night baby." As she drifted off to sleep I could here her deep breathes I laid there in complete nirvana enjoying the smell of my girlfriends beautiful feet. As I drifted off to sleep with my face deep in her soles I began to wonder how I should wake her up.And till today,,,i am under her shoes.....

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