24 September, 2010

Introducing.....Godess Sujata Malhotra

Hello mistress and slaves....today i am introducing a real life godess or mistress Sujata Malhotra. Read her own real story of how she became a mistress ,what he thinks about female dominance and how he dominate and punishes her bloody slaves...IN HER OWN WORDS.

For those of you who don't   know me, my name is Sujata Malhotra . I live with my submissive husband, Sumit Malhotra in Delhi.We are both working in a private bank .While sumit and I have been married for over five years, we are now in the fifth year of a loving femdom life.
If you are looking for anything X rated or very kinky, you will probably not find it here. Over the last year I have made comments on other blogs. What I have discovered is that there are a lot of sweet guys out there who are blogging about their relationships, and about their desire to be in a committed 'femdom' type relationship with a loving women. I hope that these sweet guys, as well as the women that love them, find something of use in this blog.

One of the things that I adore about most of the guys, the bloggers, is that they are looking for ways to please their wives. Sure, they hope to have something in return, but what women wouldn't love to have a guy that does the housework and is constantly looking for ways to make her life better. While! Thinking back five years ago, I wish I knew back then that my little guy is submissive.

The other thing I like about the guys is that they are looking to their wives to be the 'mistress' of their dreams. From what I can see they are not spending money on the professional dominatrix, or looking outside the home. They are trying to find what they need right their at home. Any women, who loves her guy, wants to please him. We all know if a guy can't find what he needs at home he will either be frustrated or he will find what he needs somewhere else. As a women in a relationship with a submissive guy, I feel it just make sense to help him be happy and content with his life. You are not going to change him.

Five years ago I could not imagine bossing my husband around like a servant. I could not imagine him wanting to wander around by anyone, especially me. Well, life changes, and we discover different things about other people as well as ourselves. Today, I think of myself as sumit's mistress, his owner, and yes, I do feel very comfortable giving him orders and proud also. I also expect those orders to be obeyed. For us this is not a game. Sumit, my husband, is afraid of me. The authority I have over him is real. During the course of this blog I hope to talk more about authority and obedience as it relates to dominate wives and submissive husbands.
Most guys that send me emails want to know how it all started. How did Sumit introduce me to the concept, and why did I agree to take control of my him. It started by accident. We were a fairly typical couple. One day I was doing the laundry. I just needed a little more to complete a load. sumit's gym bag was in the closet. I had never opened it before, but it just seamed like a good place to find the dirty laundry I needed. Well, when I went through the gym bag, I found the surprise of my life. Instead of his dirty underwear, I found panties.

By the time sumit came home form work I was boiling mad. My assumption was that he was having an affair. When he walked in the house, I just held them up high for him to see, and said you have better have a good explanation. He just turned red. He almost fainted on the spot.
At first, he really couldn't even talk. He finally just said that the panties were his. I didn't know weather to cry or laugh. He said that he liked to wear women's underwear. It made him feel good. I didn't believe him until he showed me the size. I don't remember exactly what size they were, but they were an extra, extra large type.

Over the course of a very heated discussion sumit admitted to me that he was submissive. I asked him what that meant. He didn't really give me an answer at first, he just put his head down in shame. He then layed the bomb shell on me. He told me that he had been seeing a dominatrix, and that she had told him to wear panties on certain days of the week. Except for an old HBO special I didn't really know anything about what a dominatrix did, except that it probably involved whips and chains and money..while he was on ground holding my feet..i started feeling cozy and brutal as i was angry i want to kick his body and crush his head...and i did so...i put my feet with high heels on his head and started grinding his soft hairs under my block soles......

Anyway, that was my introduction to the world of submissive husbands.......to be continued.....


  1. wao..i have never read a real life mistress wife story......i am eagerly waiting for the next story.....kisses at ur feet...godess pushpa...u r doing a great job

  2. keep visiting my blog....new stories will be added soon

  3. Please Sujata madam please may i know your gtalk or yahoo id

  4. Awesome...Your life is really gud Mistress...please am i allowed to call You Mistress. i like Your real life story very much am Your folllower now....

  5. This is such a wonderful start ... I am very eagerly waiting for the next part.

  6. wow sujata maam ur r very gud wife u r right a married man want everything at home if it gets its life is completed i would like to be ur slave maam can i hve ur yahoo id or gtalk plzzzzzzz i m also married man but got divorced bcoz of this behaviour she didnt liked at all and my life gone dull i am 29 yrs old i never find a mistress i never kissed anyone feet yet but my desired to stay in feet but anyways ur husband is very lucky i wish u both live happy and peacefull and sweet life

  7. hi goddess ur story is awesum and lucky husband his desires are fulfilled in home i wish all wifes should think like u i was also married but my this stuff has made divorced in us she doesnot like this all and i thinked that she is my wife if i ask her to be my mistress i be very happy and thnk to god but all happened opposite and now i m single again searching 4 mistress but i wish both of u keep smiling 4vere god bless u both and rocks the life if u dont mind i would like to be a slave of u can i hve ur yahoo id or gtalk id or plz add me pet_doggy_of_womens@yahoo.co.in plzzzzzzzzzz takecare goddess

  8. plzz mistress...i also want to liveing like this..
    plzzz...i m very satisfied here in ur blog..
    i submit myself in ur feet...
    now u r my true goddes...worshipng ur feet

  9. Mistress pushpa doing great job...I want to know what happens next...and I want to tell godess that on first paragraph you have writen he instead of she in two places ...you can write anything as you are our mistress and Godess but i still think that it should be taken care while writing...very sorry if you mind me telling you about this ....begging for forgiveness at your feet if you dont like it ...sorry godess pushpa i am your dogy apka pilla

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