01 September, 2010

cute teacher...cute feet...cruel intentions

Here I come with another student teacher foot fetish story.The story is real but  to make it more interesting i have edited it nicely.The story is of 8th class student Anuraag Tripathi and her science teacher Manjusha Mishra.Read the experience of anuraag and enjoy it....plzzz do comment if u like and do click on my adss.....[see above the post heading and on right hand side square block]......GOOOO ON......

 I was in 8th grade, I liked female feet even from the age of 5. However,something interesting happened in the last period of the day (8th period) and I was having a Motion lesson at school. My School was extra tough because I had go to a Grammar school, so you got around double the times the amount of work as others. Therefore, if you get distracted by the beautiful female feet of your teacher and dream about being her slave, you will slip behind in your academics . But it was the last period of the day and I thought why not!? So I took a  look down at my teacher's feet and my heart stopped for 2 seconds. My physics teacher had the most perfect feet in comparison to other school teachers. She was also the most strict and beautiful. My teacher even kept a small stool for people to sit next to her desk in order to sit on and be humiliated if they misbehaved. Each toe of hers was perfectly painted in a rich red, full of quality and colour, showing from the tips of the high heels. And unlike the other teachers she dangled them like crazy. She had long dark brown hair along with sexy long legs and a very dominant (but beautiful) face. Anyway, we were in the lesson and we were discussing in class about Motrion . We talked about eyes and height etc... and then she reached the subject of feet. She drew two big feet on the board and showed us how there were two main different types of feet. One where the big toe was biggest, and the other where the middle toe was biggest. There were only about 15 people in the class (half the class) as the rest were doing a school activity they were chosen for so I had a much better view of her feet. Next she told us all to take our own shoes and socks off to see what type of feet we had. I thought I saw a mischevious smile play on her face when she saw us all take our shoes off. She went along looking at our feet commenting about what type they were. When she reached me, I still had my socks on so she asked me why I was hiding them. I said there was no need to show them because you could see I had a larger big toe. Then she teased me, which had never happened before. She asked me if I was hiding them because they were ugly with a smile on her face. I said no, with which she replied 'take them off then'. I took them off and she started giggling and said to me point blank, 'Now I know why you were hiding them'. Most of the class weren't paying attention. Then she went to look at the next person's feet and in the process her high heel landed on my barefoot. She pressed down extremely hard causing me an extreme amount of pain for about 30 seconds and then went on to the next person. She pretended that she hadn't noticed, as her back was turned when she stepped on my foot, but I suspected otherwise. After she looked at everyones' feet she announced to the class 'Nobody has asked me about my feet yet'. At that moment I went harder than ever before. Only half the class watched her take her shoe off and expose her breathtaking bare foot, but the only one that was aroused and watching intently was me.Her foot was just the right size, not too big, not too small, her toes and toenails were just the right size, and her sole and arch were perfect. She wiggled her red painted toes (at which point I was beyond speechless) and pointed to her middle toe and told us how her middle toe was longer than her big toe. She looked around and caught my eye, at which point I snapped my look away from her feet with a bright red face. Afterwards she promptly put her foot back into her shoe and continued normally with the last 10 minutes of the lesson (of which I did no work and just stared in an entranced matter at her lovely foot dangling). When the lesson ended she asked to look at everyones' books to see if they had done enough work. Everyone had, but when she finally reached me she said that there was still around 3/4 of a page of notes I had to catch up on, and ordered me to stay behind after school and copy them up as punishment for being such a slow writer. So when everybody had left, she sat on her desk, started working on her laptop and dangled her feet like crazy, exposing her bare feet many times in the process, but she took no notice of me. They were the slowest notes I ever copied in my life, savouring each second to stare at her feet, not even caring if she caught me. Halfway through copying my notes she looked up from her laptop and asked me 'Have you finished yet?', with which I replied 'No, I still have one more paragraph to go.' Then she said 'Well hurry up then, I hope nothing is distracting you.' 'No nothing is.' I replied. ' It wouldn't be that horrible stench of feet that everyone left in my room when we left would it?', 'No' I said. 'What do you think of that awful smell.' 'Well... I don't mind it too much... I mean it's not that bad...' 'So you like it?' My teacher teased. 'No I never said that.' 'Well that's odd, because every time I've done this lesson, you're the only one who hasn't commented on the smell. In fact you've been completely fine with it.' 'Yeah..' I replied uneasily. 'Well chop-chop, get on with your work then, we haven't got all day.'. And with that I finished my work promptly and was making my way out to leave when she said 'Wait a minute, you have to show me that you have in fact finished all your work.' So I got my work out and showed it to her. As she looked through it, she gently dangled her shoe and let it brush my leg from time to time. Finally she said 'That is terrible hand writing, you think you'll get away with that? Tidy up my room and put all the stools on top of the tables before you leave.' I did as she said and then I put my bag on and saw her shoe fall quite a way away from her breathtaking feet as a result of extreme dangling. There were a few moments of silence with which she asked me if I would kindly pick her shoe up and put it back on to her feet. 'Of course' I replied. So slowly I picked up her shoe and put it back on to her foot ever so slowly, inhaling as deeply as I could in the process. My thing was so hard it was bulging at an extremely sharp point out of my trousers that anyone wold have immediately noticed it. I had never been so close to her feet before. After putting her shoe back on her foot I sat there breathless for about 1 minute just staring at her feet. Then she quietly took her shoe and put the point of it on my head, I could just feel her toe touching my forehead ever so slightly. She pushed gently and I fell over onto my back because I was wearing such a heavy bag. I could see her massive grin. She was enjoying every moment of this.she took her other foot up and hovered it over my solid cock, but never touched it. She said to me 'Do you like feet?' 'Yes' I replied. 'Who's in particular?' 'Yours Miss'. She laughed so hard for 10 seconds. 'Well that's too bad, I would never let a little grovelling kid like you ever have the pleasure of even touching my feet.' I was so disappointed. My heart sank to new depths. I was about to erect when her shoe that she was dangling fell on my cock. It hurt so much, but there was worse to come. 'Oops' She said, and with that took her foot placed it in the shoe and pressed down so hard on my cock, that tears were welling up in my eyes. My erection came out full force. She watched with a cruel smile on her face. 'Stand up' She ordered. So I did. 'Now get out of my room and go home trying to hide that wet patch.' And with that I left that room completely and utterly humiliated leaving her in hysterical laughter. Lesson afterwords continued as normal.

This story is 100% true and the only foot experience I ever had. Unfortunately to this day I have never actually touched or worshiped female feet... I am still wishing however...

Thanks and hoped you enjoyed my story.


  1. wow,this is real good story and definitely looks like a real one.
    Took me back to my school days when i used to stare at the beautiful feet of my teachers.

  2. You Have to kiss her feet and worship it like dog
    she likes it and i also like it


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