12 December, 2010

How a lover became slave- part -6- enslaving my sis

here comes the much awaited part-4 of the lover becoming slave --
if u missed the first part you can read it here- http://cruelfemales.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-lower-became-slave-part-1.html
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http://cruelfemales.blogspot.com/2010/12/how-lover-became-slave-part-5-durga-and.htmland continue the fifth part from here---enjoy and do comments.

On the agreed date, Durga sent the car over to pick Guddi; it was evening and Guddi was very excited at seeing where and how I lived and tasting the life of luxury for the first time. When she arrived, Shanti greeted her and led her to the sitting area where Durga was in her high chair like a queen sitting on her throne. I was not permitted to meet her, so I was in the bedroom awaiting my instructions.

Guddi greeted Durga by touching her feet; Durga placed her hand on her head and blessed her. Shanti got a drink for Guddi which was drugged; these girls didn’t believe in wasting time!!! Guddi soon was dizzy and Shanti helped her by holding her up … she quietly led her to the torture room where I had been beaten up recently and tied her in a sitting pose on the floor. She soon lost consciousness and passed out leaning on the wall. When she came to, the room was pitch dark and her throat was parched. She cried out and tried to get up but found herself tied and unable to move. She called out to me and to Durga repeatedly, shouting and screaming our names and calling for help. She was scared of the dark and right now she was in terror. She screamed for hours with no reply and eventually passed out with exhaustion.

When she came to, she was faced by Durga and Shanti standing before her with me on my hands and knees, kissing Durga’s feet. She looked lost and disoriented and asked Durga for help with getting lose. Durga said “well, on one condition that you agree to live here as my slave and maid servant.” Guddi was still confused and kept asking for help … she looked at me and asked me to release her … she wanted to go back home. Durga laughed at this and we left the room leaving her in the dark and screaming for help. She soon starting to cry and promised to do as she was told … she was thirsty and was dying for water. After leaving her in this condition for a few more hours, we returned; Guddi was more cohesive now and asked Durga why she was doing this’ Durga replied “your brother lied to me and married me under false pretexts … your entire family will pay the price … he is already at my feet, now it’s your turn … will you spend the rest of your life as my maid and my slave?” Shanti was scared and her submissive nature was in full view. She promised to do as Durga told her to, she wanted to be released and begged for some water.

Durga smiled and said “first let me be sure you will obey me … Shanti, pee in her mouth and if she refuses to drink it, then we’ll just leave her here without food or water.” Shanti looked at Guddi “ready for this?” Guddi nodded and Shanti raised her skirt and peed at Guddi’s face … Guddi strained to catch all the pee and quench her thirst and gulped down all that Shanti gave her. Shanti opened her arms first and stepped back … Guddi prostrated herself at Durga’s feet and begged to be released “Bhahi I will do as you say … always obey u … please let me go … I beg you.” She was sobbing and crying with fear and holding on to Durga’s feet. Durga kicked her away “I am not your Bhabhi … call me Goddess … today you are alive because of my kindness, else I can kill you and feed you to my dogs … you will disappear without any trace … remember that always. And call Shanti Malkin … you will do as she tells you … you work for her now.” Guddi was in fear for her life and obeyed Durga. Shanti released her and told her to crawl behind her like I was … she paraded Guddi through the house making it clear to all what her status was. The servants were snickering at her and Guddi was totally humiliated.

Shanti gave her instructions on the chores she was to do in the house and for her personally … to enslave her totally, she was told to lick Durga and Shanti’s footwear each day … this was one chore less for me, I thought selfishly! When the instructions were imparted, Shanti brought Guddi back to where we were sitting and told Durga she had instructed her and Guddi was ready to serve in any way required. Durga smiled and pointed to her feet “come and thank me for keeping you as my servant.” Guddi placed her head on her feet and thanked her for her kindness. She looked at me with disgust and I could see she blamed me for getting her into this situation. I looked away, but Durga caught the look “yes, bitch, it’s all your brother’s fault for trying to make a fool of me with his stories and lies … now you all will pay for that and live at my command.”

At night after dinner, we all went into Durga’s room for the night entertainment. Durga said to Guddi “Kutiya, do you want revenge from this slime?” she readily agreed and asked what she had to do. The look on Guddi’s face was very disturbing and was very afraid of what was to follow. Durga said “kick his balls, punch his face, scratch his face … do what you like for bringing you to this state in life … go have fun!” Guddi fell on me will all the pent up hatred and frustration … she kicked my balls hard and I doubled up in pain … she kicked my face, slapped me pulled my hair, kneed my face … my nose was bleeding and I was trying to protect myself from her fury but there was too much frustration built up for me to stop … eventually she got tired and slowed down … Durga and Shanti were laughing at this action. When she stopped, Guddi looked at Durga who clapped and cheered her “good for you … now you have your frustration out, come over to me.”

Guddi went over to Durga and Shanti grabbed her hair and pulled her to the floor onto her fours “chal kutiya ban ke baithi reh … ab humari baari hai.” I assisted her and Durga with their strap-ons feeling relieved that tonight I may be spared (I was quickly turning self centered).  Durga had the first go, using her pussy and ass by turn … Guddi hadn’t had sex since her divorce and was not prepared for the size of the strap-ons that both were using … she was first moaning then screaming in pain and Durga and Shanti were having a great time … my task was to lick the feet of who ever was using Guddi. Soon both had had their way with my little sister … now they decided to do double penetration, with Shanti on the floor her strap on in Guddi’s ass, Guddi and then Durga on top with her strap on in Guddi’s pussy … Guddi was in agony but these two were having the time of their life … I was licking both their feet by turn. Soon they tired of this and Guddi had almost passed out with pain and was limp. They then looked at me “revive this bitch … lick her pussy till she wakes up” Durga kicked me and I got to work.

I had never had any sexual thought about Guddi so this was very hard for me to do … I just looked at Durga and saw her expression and knew there was no mercy for me … I started my task by spreading her thighs and started to lick her pussy as told. Soon Guddi revived and because I was being gentle, she got turned on without realising who was licking her. She was moaning with pleasure but realised that both her rapists were looking at the action and laughing. She saw I was licking her intimately and she immediately screamed with surprise and tried to push me away. Shanti took up her cane and started beating Guddi on her shoulders and back “chup kutia … awaaz nahin …” Guddi kept quiet but was already excited … she lay back and started to enjoy herself. When she was sufficiently aroused, I was told to stop and make way for Durga and Shanti … they wanted to dominate her in other ways this time.

They started out by laying her on the floor and inserting a small vibrator into her pussy, which got her high again and she started moaning and thrusting her hips with pleasure; just as the pleasure was increasing, Shanti clamped her erect nipples with clothes pegs … the pain was mixed with the pleasure and Guddi shouted with the sudden pain “no no nahin please … dard ho raha hai … isko hata deejiye” Shanti just laughed and placed more clothes pegs on her pussy lips … that really hurt and she stopped thrusting. But soon the pain and pleasure began to mix and she was moaning with the pleasure of the vibrator and resumed her thrusting despite the pain … she soon climaxed and moaned loudly with pleasure. When she started climaxing, Shanti grabbed her hair and pulled her to Durga’s feet and pulled her to her knees, face on her feet; this left her ass up. She was told to start licking Durga’s feet and Shanti started spanking her ass cheeks hard SMACK … SMACK … SMACK … the pain and pleasure was mixing for Guddi.

I realised Durga was deliberately doing this to make Guddi her pain and sex slut and the plan was working as Guddi continued to moan with pleasure, licking and sucking Durga’s feet and even thrusting in rhythm to Shanti’s spanks. This went on for some time till Guddi had multiple climaxes and almost passed out with the sheer pleasure. This game stopped and Durga asked Guddi how she felt “Goddess, you are really amazing … this is the most fun I have ever had … my husband was impotent and couldn’t give me any pleasure; he also abused me and beat me daily. In fact this was the reason that I left him and broke up the marriage. You have given me such an amazing experience that I will willingly stay as your slave and obey you totally.” She then bowed and placed her forehead on Durga’s feet in total surrender. She was sent to Shanti’s room to serve as her maid while I went with Durga as usual.

How a lover became slave- part 5-Durga and parents

here comes the much awaited part-5 of the lover becoming slave --
if u missed the first part you can read it here- http://cruelfemales.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-lower-became-slave-part-1.html
if you missed the second part you can read it here-

 if u missed the third part you can read it here-
if u missed the fourth part you can read it here-
and continue the fifth part from here---enjoy and do comments.

Durga suddenly expressed a desire to meet my parents in their house (“Mere in-laws hain bhai, we should meet and get to know each other”). I was a taken aback at this, but didn’t have the guts to ask the reason for this, but I was sure this was one of her games for her own amusement. Anyway, she told Shanti to make the arrangements. My parents were of course taken aback by the fact that I had married without their knowledge, as I had told them I was going on a vacation with some friends. Because I didn’t speak with them, they pestered Shanti with questions, which she politely deflected saying that we would answer all questions when we met them. We duly drove off in her swanky Mercedes 500 to the shabby neighbourhood that I used to call home.

The entire neighbourhood was abuzz with the news of my marriage and that too in such a rich family; seeing the car, the neighbours went berserk and came out to ogle at the car, my wife and at me. We entered with Shanti and Durga was at her most charming; she was dressed in jewellery that was worth more than the value of the house; the shabbiness of the place was in sharp contrast to Durga’s lifestyle but she made herself at home there. I was permitted to behave normally for now, so no one suspected the truth. Durga carried gifts for my parents and my sister and they were easily the most expensive possessions they ever had. The jewellery and the clothes were fabulous and Durga was very gracious in the house.

Durga presented my parents with a very special gift, a framed picture of the Hindu Goddess Kali … I noticed that the face of the image was her own and I realised that my parents would henceforth be worshiping their daughter in law under this pretext. She also presented them with a pair of wooden clogs that are traditionally worn by sadhus; I realised that she had been wearing them at home for the past week, so effectively my family would place her foot wear in their temple and worship them each day. I kept mum on this and decided to let matters take their own turn. No one noticed as they were too overawed by the gifts and my Mom duly placed both items in the prayer corner in the house and bowed to them, much to Durga’s delight. Durga also expressed an interest in being able to see them at all times (claiming we missed them) and installed a few webcams in the house. She was now able to keep an eye on the happenings in the house … this was ingenious!!!

All this time, my sister Guddi was hanging on to Durga, totally smitten by her wealth and charm, to the extent of sucking up to her totally. Durga was in her element and was exchanging looks with Shanti, both noticing the submissive nature exhibited by my parents and Guddi. I could see plans being hatched in their minds and I already felt sorry for my family and the trap that I was leading them into.

After dinner, we decided to leave though my parents were insisting that we stay and even offered to have us move into the house … like that was going to happen!!! We took their leave and Guddi very dutifully touched Durga’s feet which delighted her. She didn’t bow to my parents, instead just hugged them and invited them to her house to visit and even stay if they so wanted. When we got into the car, Durga and Shanti laughed and mocked my family, calling them losers and idiots … she said “Well they’ll be worshiping the right goddess now, so that’s good for them. Shanti, keep an eye on them to see they worship me properly … else I’ll have to re-teach them religion.” She turned to me and said “you know chutiye … your sister will make a nice maid in my house … what do you think?”  Shanti immediately said “Wonderful idea Didi … she is fully trained in house work and I can teach her the rest … in any case she will be living a better life that in that house.” I begged them both to please leave my sister alone and not enslave her as I knew that is what she would become in this house. Durga looked down at me (I was on the floor of the car) “I didn’t ask your opinion … now you will help me in this … understood?” I kept on pleading with them both to not do this to Guddi.

When we reached home, Durga told Shanti “Take this harami and teach him to obey me.” Shanti grabbed my collar and led me to a room I had never seen before. Though I was much stronger than her, I didn’t have the guts to struggle or try to get free. Instead I meekly let her lead me in. she locked the door and turned the lights on … I nearly fainted with fear when I saw the room … it was outfitted like an ancient torture chamber with whips and canes on the walls, rings in the ceiling to tie people to, and some very strange looking furniture that I had no idea what it was for and didn’t want to find out. I fell to Shanti’s feet and begged for mercy, but she was in no mood to grant me that. She tried to tie me to a set of rings in the ceiling, but I resisted and kept holding her feet and begging for mercy. She got irritated and grabbed my hair in one hand and slapped me repeatedly; she reached out to the nearest cane and started beating me on the back and head with it … WHACK … WHACK … WHACK … I eventually loosened my grip on her feet and tried to protect my back … I was also feeling faint and dizzy with the repeated blows to my head.  Shanti used this to grab my hands and tied them to a rope, which she then passed through the ceiling hooks. Now I was her prisoner and totally helpless. I realized the room was soundproof and the servants in any case were loyal to Durga and would not intervene.

Shanti then took a whip and started whipping me all over … back, chest, legs, arms, even face … I was screaming in pain and begging but she was merciless. She kept going till I passed out with pain and went limp. She waiting till revived and started again … there was blood on my body and I was incoherent with the pain. Eventually she lowered me to the floor and said “think about what you did today and how you want to live … I can keep you here and really have fun with you as nothing will give me more pleasure that beating you up each day.’ I asked “what do you want from me?” “Total and complete obedience with no questions asked … you are Durga’s property now and she has the power of life and death over you. If you dare question any decision of hers this is what will happen to you. Think about it and let me know when I return.”

I lay on the floor in pain and cried at my foolish attempt at getting rich in this way … I was now totally trapped and there was no way out … these people could kill me and get a fake certificate from a doctor. I decided that we are all born to a destiny and bound by it … it’s mine to be a slave to Durga and if Guddi has a similar fate, so be it … plus I had no will to bear any more beating. When Shanti came into the room the next day and looked down at me, I begged her to release me and that I would do what ever Durga wanted, now and in the future. She pulled on the ropes to pull me in a standing pose and said “let Didi decide … if I had my way, you would rot in this room for the rest of your life.” Durga came in and laughed at my situation “you look good CD, Shanti did a great job as usual.” I begged for mercy and swore to obey her totally and without question for the rest of my life and to be a good and obedient slave for her. Durga smiled and said “ok, let’s see how sincere you really are.”

At Durga’s gesture, Shanti let me down and untied my ropes; I fell at Durga’s feet and swore complete loyalty to her, explaining that I had new realised that it is my fate to serve her and be her slave and that I had accepted my fate. Durga wanted me to invite Guddi over to stay for some days and assist Durga and Shanti in enslaving her. Without any hesitation I swore to do as told.  Durga said “I may want to enslave your parents too … are you ready for that?” I said “Yes I will do what ever you want me to, I am surrendering myself to your power. As of this day, I have no will of my own … I am totally your slave.”

At Durga’s instructions, I called home and spoke to my parents … I told them that I want to see them at their prayers at certain times so that we can see them worship and join them from our house (another lie, as Durga wanted to see my parents worship her pic). They of course agreed and then I invited Guddi to stay with us, claiming Durga was very fond of her and wanted to get to know her better. They agreed and we decided on the date and time to pick her up.

The trap was laid and Guddi was all set to be the next toy in the house for Durga and Shanti.

 To be continued

How a lover became slave- part 4-mumbai and the new godess

here comes the much awaited part-4 of the lover becoming slave --
if u missed the first part you can read it here- http://cruelfemales.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-lower-became-slave-part-1.html
if you missed the second part you can read it here- 
and if u missed the third part you can read it here-
http://cruelfemales.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-lover-became-slave-part-3-honeymoon.htmland continue the third part from here---enjoy and do comments.

We arrived back in Mumbai and there was a huge Mercedes to receive us, driven by a chauffer and accompanied by a woman named Shanti … she greeted Durga by respectfully touching her feet and addressing her as “Didi”. For me, she had a cool reserved “Hello” and ignored me after that. On the way home Durga explained that Shanti was from a very abusive marriage and had suffered tremendously. She was rescued from her husband by the efforts of Durga and she was totally loyal to her to the point of being blind to her faults. Durga in turn trusted her totally and treated her like a sister; Shanti treated Durga like an elder sister in spite of the age difference between them. I missed the significance of this till later as I was enjoying the luxury of the car and was still basking in the holiday abroad.

It turned out that Durga’s family owned a huge estate outside the city that we were now moving into and would be our new home. The estate was loaded, swimming pool, tennis court, extensive manicured lawns, fully staffed … the entire works … I was excited at this taste of luxury that was beyond my wildest dreams. The house was staffed with servants and maids who were all very discreet and respectful to Durga, but not so much to me … I guessed it was because of my lower financial status, but I was past caring. I fantasised about living The Lifestyle and compared it with my life before marriage. In spite of the situation I was in, the life before me made up for all the pain and humiliation that I had endured on the honeymoon. I was starting to feel grateful to Durga for this lifestyle and started to feel this life was worth it.

Another reality check occurred when we were settled into our room; I had carried out the required chores per Durga’s list … I was kneeling on the floor pressing her feet when Shanti walked in … I looked embarrassed and stood up to go sit in the other chair; Shanti just looked at me and laughed “CD, lage raho … don’t stop for me” Durga was really angry at my action. Shanti came and sat on the floor by Durga’s feet and asked a few things about the house. After answering the questions, Durga looked at me “you’ll never learn will you? You and your stupid male ego … I will set a few rules now … when I am in the house, I am in charge, followed by Shanti … you are to obey her at all times as if they are my instructions. When I am not in the house, Shanti is in charge … she is my most trusted person … you are an opportunist who has lied to me from the start … I married you for my convenience and not because you are worthy of being my life partner. Always remember that. Now get back to your task … never ever stop serving me no matter what happens … DO YOUUNDERSTAND???” I nodded and mumbled an apology and went back to the floor and pressing her feet. Shanti looked on very amused and I got a bad feeling about her.

The next day Durga had plans to meet her college girl friends and had no intentions of taking me along. After she left, Shanti called me into the sitting room … when I walked in, she was sitting on a sofa with her feet up on a table. There were other servants in the room whom she was giving instructions for house work. She gestured me to the floor by her feet and I saw the other servants snigger at that … I glared at them, swallowed my pride and sat where indicated. Shanti dismissed the servants and looked at me “so mister, you think you are the son in law of a rich family and the boss of this house?” I stammered “Shanti I didn’t know your position in this family and how close you are to Durga …” SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP “behen chod … randi ki aulaad … naam se bulata hai! Teri maa ki choot … itni himmat aa gayi tujh me …” 4 more tight slaps … I stammered “but I didn’t know what you want … please don’t hit me” I looked scared and folded my hands to apologize. Shanti reached to her side and pulled out a cane … I started begging and pleading for mercy “no please Shanti ji … please mat maro … bahut dard hota hai …” she just smiled and stood up “chal kutta ban … tujhe to aaj sabak sikha hi doon”.

I realized it was futile to plead and went on my fours and braced for the caning. I felt a strong kick to my ass that really hurt “Harami … pant kaun neeche karega … main?” I quickly undid my jeans and lowered them to the floor, exposing my ass to Shanti. WHACK … WHACK … WHACK … Shanti started caning my ass and made no attempt to quieten my cries of pain … I was in tears with the pain and humiliation and groaning loudly in pain with each stroke. Eventually my skin broke and blood oozed out … this caused her to stop and she sat back down in her position “remember always to call Didi as Goddess … when Didi is home, call me Ma’am and when Didi is not home, I am Malkin for you … remember the same rules apply as Didi gave you for our interaction” I nodded silently and placed my forehead on her feet “Malkin, please forgive me … I will always obey you. Please tell me what you want me to do.” “I am going to inspect what the servants have done so far … you crawl behind me like the dog you are and kiss the floor where I walk … if you miss, just remember that I am not as soft hearted as Didi is and I will not take any pity on you.” So for the next hour, I crawled all over the house kissing the floor behind Shanti and was seen by all the servants … they all sniggered and passed comments on the position of the new groom and the so called master of the house. After being thoroughly humiliated and my position in the house firmly established, we returned.

Shanti walked back to her room and sat to relax and watch TV. I was thirsty again and asked her if I could have some water. She looked at me and said “wait, I don’t feel like peeing just yet … yes, for the rest of the day you will drink my pee … get used to this now.” I pressed her feet while she watched her shows and waited for about an hour before Shanti went to the bathroom to pee. She called me in and told me to drink from the bowl … when I lowered my face in she stepped on my head and pushed my face into the water, just like Durga had done. I finally got to drink and in the process noticed her pee smelt and tasted different from Durga’s … the things I was starting to learn! I crawled back and noticed it was past lunch time … Shanti was served food in her room and I served her like I did with Durga; she left food on her plate for me to eat, spat on it and crushed it with her sandal. She told me to lick the sandal clean, then it again into my food … I ate my entire meal from the sole of her sandal, and then licked the plate clean. When I was done, she kicked me hard in my balls and laughed as I rolled about in agony.

Shanti made an inspection round of the house to ensure things were in shape for Durga to return and I crawled behind her still kissing the floor. After the inspection, she decided to nap … my task was to press her feet till she slept and then start licking her sandals clean … they had never been cleaned before and were dusty … I finished as many as I could before she woke up and inspected my work … of course it was not to her expectations and I got kicked in the balls again for my effort … the pain was becoming bearable and I was quickly getting used to this abuse.

Durga returned and Shanti and I greeted her, Shanti by touching her feet again and I by kissing her feet … now I crawled behind Durga kissing the floor and followed them to Durga’s room … she was tired and describing the day to Shanti … she flopped on the sofa and put her feet up … I quickly got to my duties of removing her shoes and licking her feet clean and sucking her toes. Shanti updated her about my performance that day and of the punishments inflicted on me … Durga wanted to see the new welts and I duly stripped to show her … she touched them and dug her nails deep in … I screamed with pain and both laughed. Shanti said “Didi want to hear a louder scream?” I begged them both for mercy but Shanti called for salt cellars from the kitchen and rubbed salt into a welt … I screamed louder with the pain and kept begging for mercy.

At dinner time, Durga ate first with me under the table worshipping her feet, Shanti and the other servants serving her … I ate her leftovers and joined her in the room. Shanti was there too and joined us in the night entertainment … I then realised that Durga was a Bi and Shanti was a lesb … they both made out first, then turned to me … both used my ass taking turns, with the other strap on in my mouth sucking it. I felt like a cheap whore and was totally humiliated by this. Still, my body deceived me and I found that I had cum “Didi, this slut likes it … see the mess he has created.” “I know, this harami pretends to not like this but he really has fun.” I licked my cum clean and then licked their feet as they made love on the bed. Eventually they both slept and I managed to get some rest as well.

To be continued...

11 November, 2010

School girl in short skirt tramples a boy in class

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08 November, 2010

godess nidhi from bihar...PART-2

Hello friends, Let me tell you my second story which is in continuation with first one this has really boosted up my Domina attitude.
I will continue in Hindi, I feel it better that way. 

Us din hum log afternoon me Patna pahuch gaye. Agle din Raat ko meri didi (Elder sister) ki shaadi thhi.
Since I was tall, Saree suited me the best. Mai dark geen saree aur black strappy high heels me bahut achhee lag rahee thhi. Log meri bahut taareef kar rahe thhe. Mandap me jaane se pehele Ladke waalon ki taraf se kuch shagun aata hai aur pooja hoti hai.
Shagun lekar 8 log aaye thhe. unme se sirf do log bade thhe baaki sab 15 saal se kam ke honge. Meri height sab se zyada thhi (tho I was of their age). Sab mere saamne bachhe lag rahe thhe.
Meri didi aur baaki sab log gaddo (Mattresses) par baith hue thhe puja shuru hone waali thhi. Bahut saare log ikattha (Gather) ho gaye aur aas paas khade ho gaye. Mai bhi aage jaakar ek gadde ke upar khadi ho gayi. Maine apni sadals nahi uthari thhi. Mere aas paas sab bachha party thhi jo shagun lekar aayi thhi.
Puja shuru hone lagi.
Jahan par mai khadi thhi waha zyada roshini nahi thhi. All lighting was near puja place.
Tabhi maine feel kiya ki mere pairon par kisi ne apna haath rakha hai. Maine dekha ki ek ladka jo about 14 yrs ka hai, meri saree ke neeche haath dalkar mere pairon pe haath rakha hai. No one can see his hands as it was under my saree. But he was looking at puja point as if he does not know what he is doing. Maine apna pair thoda sa side hata liya. Thodi der baad fir uska haath mere paer pe aa gaya. wo dheere dheere apni ungliyan mere paeron pe firata raha.
Mujhe achha lag raha thha. Maine apna right paer hata liya aur turant (immediately) apna paer uske haath par rakh diya. Us ladke ne upar dekha, mai use neeche dekh rahi thhi, wo thoda daraa hua lag rahaa thha.
Mere right shoe sole ke neeche uska left haath thha aur uske neeche mattress thha. Isiliye usko dard kam ho raha thha. Fir maine apni righ paer ki heels uske haath par rakh di aur pressure badha diya. Dard ke wajah se usne apni ankhe band kar li aur mere paer ke paas jhuk gaya. Usne apne right hand se mere right paer ko pakda aur meri taraf dekhne laga AS IF HE WAS BEGGING.  

Maine smile kiya aur usko ishara kiya ki mere paer par apna sar (Head) rakh de . Usne waisa hi kiya. I was just taking care that no one should see us.
Fir maine apni heels uske haath se hata li. Poor boy had clear mark of my high heels.
Mai ek pillar ke sahare khadi thhi, that boy got some relief. aur wo seedhe baith gaya. Kafi der tak usne koi harkat nahi ki lekin wo mere feet ko baar baar dekh raha thha. then I saw, usne dheere se apna haath mere sandals ke paas laya aur meri sandals ki heels ko touch karne laga. But he was not touching my feet.
Fir wo mattress par upside down let gaya aur puja hote hue dekhne laga. Wo ulta leta thha aur uska kandha(shoulder) mere sandals ke paas thha. Maine dheere se apna paer uski peeth par rakh diya aur heels ko uski peeth me gusane lagi.
Wo maze lene laga. Log hamari activities kobaccho ka khel samakh rahe thhe aur kisi ne attention nahi diya.
Aadhe ghante baad puja khatam ho gayi aur log jaane lage. Sab log chale gaye sirf mai aur wo ladka thha .
Wo abhi bhi ulta leta thha par uske sar bhi mattress par gira hua thha uski aankhe band thhi. maine socha shayad wo so gaya. Maine bahar jane ke liye apna paer aage badhaya, fir maine socha kyu na isko trample karti hui chaloo. Maine uske back par paer rakhkar aage badhi to wo dard se chilla utha aur seedha ho gaya, ab uska face upar thha. Maine uske chest par apna paer rakha aur naam puchha, usne Nishant bataya. Maine pucha kyu kar rahe thhe, usne kaha tumhare paer bahut sundar hai aur heels me bahut achhe lag rahe thhe mujhe choone ka man kiya.
Maine apna paer uske chest se hata liya, to usne kaha, mat hatao mujhe achha lag raha hai, aapki didi ke bhi paer bahut acche hain mera mann kar raha hai ki mai hamesha unke paeron ke neeche leta rahu.
Since I was still kid of only about 14yrs, my feet still did not give mature look, but my didi who was 22yrs had certainly beautiful feet and she took good care of her feet. She is cool friend of mine so I knew that she loved her feet. I share most of the thing with her.

Just when we were talking, didi entered and sat on chair. she was damn tired. She couldnt sleep whole night yestrday.
Wo chair par baith gayi aur ludhak gayi. She said to me Nidhi yaar aaj to mar gayi, abhi sari raat jaagna hai. Kuch karo yaar.
Then I told as a joke. "Di" meet nishat from jiju side, he says your feet are very beatiful and he wants to stay under your feet forever. Di said Wow is that so ? and then Me and Di laughed like anything and Nishant was surprised he dint know that we were cool friends. Fir di ne kaha 'Isko to mai sasural me dekh lungi'. Nishant hairaan thha, wo samajh nahi paa rahaa thha ki ye kaise ho gaya.
Maine didi se kaha Try karna hai? Didi ne haste hue kaha why not.
Maine nishant se kaha ki apni shirt utaro aur didi ke paer ke paas let jao. I thot that he will deny but he was sitting silent. Then i got up and latched the door,and went to him. Maine uske baal pakadkar kheeche aur kaha chal be. Fir maine di ko kaha lets ragg him.
Usne fir apne aap shirt utaari aur di ke paeron ke paas let gaya. Di ne haste hue apne bare feet uske chest par rakh diye. Wow they were gorgeous. She looked down to see his reaction. Nishant ke chere par hawaiyan ud rahi thhi. Wo samajh nahi paa raha thha ki wo kya kare.
Hum dono khoob hase. Fir di ne haste hue kaha, Nishu agar aise hi raho to chalega? Mujhe achha lag raha hai . Nishu ne haan me apna sar hila diya.
Fir humne TV on kar diya, aur dekhne lage. Mai TV dekhte dekhte Nishu ki pant ki taraf dekha. Uska erection bahut prominent ho raha thha. Maine andekha kar diya.
Di looked down to see him, probably she also noticed the erection, and then she covered the erected portion with her left feet.
Mai ye dikha rahi thhi ki mai TV dekh rahi hoon par mai side se sab dekh rahi thhi. Jaise hi di ne apna paer uske penis par rakha, uske face par paseena aa gaya, wo ghabra gaya. Fir thodi der baad usne aankh band kar li as if he was on paradise. 

Di ne jab dekha ki uske face pe bahut paseena aa gaya hai to apne paer se uske ponchh (Wipe off) diya. Di ne apna pura paer uske chehre par firaya. She thot I am not watching. But I was watching everything. This was my future. I could see pleasure in Nishu's face. I was getting what was happening.
Fir thode aur fun ke liye maine kaha, di abhi sandals kaun di pehenogi. aapke paas to char pair hain, ek meri mummy ne delhi se khareeda hai total 5 ho gayi hai.
She said 'tum batao is lehenge (Wedding dress) me kaun si achhi lagegi.
Maine bola Try karke dekh lete hai, I opened her bad and found all boxes of fanc sandals. I saw 3 of them with normal heels but 2 were with very high and sharp heels.
Pehele maine ek HIGH HEEL sandal nikali aur Nishu ke pet par rakh di aur di se kaha, pahen kar dekho. Di ne thoda gussa dikhate hue kaha Ye kya kar rahi hai pagal ispar mere sandals kyun rakhe tune? Maine chidhate hue kaha, abhi seekhoge nahi to sasural me raaj kaise karoge. Di laughed meanwhile Nishat as usual was perplexed with his situation.
Di ne socha mai bacchi hun isliye mazak kar rahi hun, but somewhere I wanted Nishant to suffer under her feet. I wanted to see how a male suffres under a female feet and that to Sandals.
Di ne haste hue kaha Sorry Nishu, bhai meri behen ne kaha hai to karna padega, are you ready. poor boy did not have any choice. Di's right feet was on Nishu's chest and left was on his penis. Di did not want to lift her left feet. I was sitting at small stool to see things more closely. di ne apna Right Paer uthakar sandal me dalne lagi jo Nishu ke pet par thhi





01 November, 2010

Godess Nidhi from Bihar...[hindi story]

Hello, I am Nidhi Singh from Patna.i am 22 years of age....Give your comments after reading the story..
I dont know why, but I have immense desire to dominate, crush and get myself served by others since my childhood. Rather I loved crushing insects and I brutally crushed them whenever I got chance. I really wanted to trample someone and get my foot licked and sucked desperately, but i never had guts to do that. I thot only I am like that and that kept me obnoxious about myself. I was very tensed about my desires as i was growing till I went to Amsterdam when I was 13year old. You know Amsterdam is country where all sexual activities are legal in some areas. People come to these places to satisfy all my desires. Since then I started becoming domina and now I am a complete one I believe. I have directly or indirectly dominated around 90 people and if I include pet animals then it will be in thousand. Because there I learnt how to dominate and make others your slave. even female are my slaves.
Before proceeding I want to introduce myself. I belong Delhi but my 50% time is in Patna as my father is Businessman and has property here in Patna. I am 5'9" tall. I have normal fare face look, but I have extremely good Palm and Feet and body figure and I take good care of them as they are source of my pleasure.

Right now I am 19 and I am doing BSc, I want to do course in advance Animation Technology. So I must have good hand in Hindi also. I will type rest of matter in Hindi to get myself Trained and ease of expressing and Understanding. Hope you like it. But for sure these stories are as true as words typed here. I am saying that because many of stories out on net are either manipulated or untrue. I like this site becasue of HEMA story as I also have a slave who is similar to slave writing hema story. Hope you all can undersatnd Hindi. Complement me for daring to become domina. Seroiusly I am notorious Domina.
Bachpan se hi main ek cruel type ki ladki rahi hoon. Pata nahi kyu mujhe roaches aur grasshoper aur doosre keede marna bahut accha lagta thha. Jab main 8 saal ki thhi to maine ek bada cockroach dekha, mere pairon me rubber chappal thhi. Maine roach ko apne pairon se dabaya. Woh sirf ghayal hua aur langdata (Limping) hua chalne laga maine do teen bar try kiya par wo mara nahi kyunki meri rubber chappal soft thhi. Fir maine apni mummy ki hard sole aur thin block heel jo wo market ya casuals me pehenti thhi, waali chappal peheni aur roach ko pairon se dabaya. Bechare cockraoch ka doodh nikal aaya aur wo papad ki tarah pichak gaya. Maine zor zor se uspar block heel se attack kiya, uska to halwa hi ban gaya. Tab se mujhe samajh aaya ki hard sole block heels kaafi effective hai. Maine fir rubber chappal lena band kar diya aur hamesha hard sole wooden ya PVC chappals lene lagi. Mujhe TRAMPLING DESIRES hone lage. Mai hamesha chahti thhi ki mere pairon ke neeche hamesha koi rahe. Ek do baar maine apne chhote bhai ko zameed par gira kar uske upar pair rakhe par wo rone lagta thha. Thank God kisi ko aaj tak doubt nahi hua.
Meri height jaldi badhne lagi aur mai apni AGE se zyada MATURE lagne lagi. 12 saal ki AGE me main 15 saal ki lagne lagi. Mujhe samajh aane laga ki meri koi harkat mujhe DEFAME kar sakti hari. Meri desires pagalpan tak badhne lagi. Ek din maine ek chhota puppy sadak par dekha. Main use uthakar ghar le aayi. Use naukar ko dekar saaf karwaya aur ani rabbies injection lagwaye. Ghar me maine declare kar diya ki mujhe PET chahiye aur use main rakhoongi. Mere papa mujhe kabhi mana nahi karte.
After getting everything done. Maine us small doggy ko doodh pilaya wo mere saath khelne laga, BUT MY WISH WAS TO MAKE IT SLAVE.
It was evening time Meri family ko kisi shaadi me jana tha,Maine bath liya aur salwar suite aur block heels waali chappal pehen kar tayyar ho gayi. Fir jab sab log jaane lage to maine mummy ko kaha ki mere pet me dard ho raha hai shayad period ka problem hai.
Mummy ne mujhe rest karne ke liye kaha. THATS WHAT I WANTED. Jab sab chale gaye to main ek chair par baith gayi aur apne puppy ko pya se bulane lagi uska naam maine tab hi rakha LOSER. Wo chalta hua mere pairon ke paas aa gaya. Maine apni chappal utaari aur uspar apne Feet rakh diye. Wo dab gaya kiyo kiyo karne laga. Par maine pai nahi hataya. Thodi der baad maine apna Foot dheere se uske sar par firaya, oooooohhhhh uska soft fury skin mujhe bahut sukh de raha thha. Wo bechara bhi shayad apni aukaat samajh gaya aur chup ho gaya. Usne apna sar mere pair ke saamne jhuka diya. Uske chhote se sar pe mere FEET curves ke neeche tennil ball ki tarah ghoom rahe thhe. Uske sar pe maine apne dono FEET rakh diye aur maza lene lagi. Wo bahut pyara thha isliye usko hurt nahi karna chahti thhi. Maine ABOUT 1 ghante tak uske saath khelti rahi. Tabhi kisi ka phone aaya main pick karne ke liye doosre ROOM mein gayi. Wapas aayi to dekha ki LOSER idhar udhar ghoom raha hai. Main chair par baith gayi aur TV on kar diya aur Movie dekhne lagi. Mujhe neend aa gayi aur chair par hi mai so gayi.
Thodi der baad LOSER ghoomta ghoomta mere pairon ke paas aa gaya. Mai RESTING MODE me thhi to maine apne LEGS STRECH kare hue thhe aur mere feet ka sole zameen se oopar thha. LOSER ne apna sar mere FEET ke neeche daal diya aur wahi baith gaya. Meri jab aankh khuli to maine use apne FEET ke neeche paya. Jaise koi Goddess ke temple me apna sar zameen par jhukata hai aur Devi ke Feet ke neeche sar rakhta hai, theek usi tarrah. Main SURPRISED thhi, shayad DOGS ko isiliye best friends kaha jaata hai, apne owner ki WISHES aur EXPECTATIONS wo bahut jaldi samajh jaate hai.
Muje uspar bahut pyar aaya. Maine dheere se apne FEET ko oske sar pe ragda aur uske SAR ko apne FEET se pakda jaise samosa ko TONG se pakadte hain aur use PAMPER kiya. Since then I never touched him with hands, I always pampered him with my feet and later with chappals .
Lekin meri with badhti jaa rahi thhi, mujhe Huma slaves chahiye thhe.
For about 9 months I used to play with looser but my hard desire to make someone under myfeet was increasing. I was also getting tensed about my this surprising desires and thot why god made me like this and blesse me something thats becoming curse for me. I always asked myself, IS it only me who is like that, do I always have to satify with dogs and insects? Am I misfit in this world?
When I was 13, I requested my father to go to Amterdam where my Chacha was staying in coming summer vacation. He agreed. Maine apne liye Naye kapde khareede, aur sandals bhi liye. Maine teen sandls khareede Ek white ek black aur ek red. White aur black high sharp pointed heels waale thhe. Mere height acchi thhi & after wearing sandals I was looking damn attractive i must say. Mirror me dekhne ke baad I mujhe laga ki I am fit to rule someone.
In Amsterdam, we stayed with my chacha. It was 2 months trip good to be at cold place in Hot summer of Delhi. Meri dosti ek Dutch ladke se hogayee jo mere chacha ke frienda ka beta thha Uske naam Nathan thha mai uske N bulati thhi. Ek din N aur mai Amsterdam City Centre ghoomne gaye. Shaam hui to N ne kaha LETs GO BACK. Maine kaha I want to stay for some more time. He was hesitating but I insited. He said it is not right place for Indian culture this time, but I insited. Jaisi raat hone lagi, night life shuru hone lagi.you can find people having Marijuana weeds on streets and all unsual scenes. N forced me to return back,I said I want to see all that. I asked him, dont cops catch them, he said its leagal here at this time and here only. Maine uske icecream ki request ki, N parlor se Icecream lene gaya. Tabhi 3 ladko ka group Marijuana ki cigarette peete jhue jaa raha thha, teeno nashe me jhool rahe thhe. Group to nikal gaya lekin ek ladka ruk gaya. Wo mere paas aya aur bola OH INDIAN.. DELHI.. JODHPUR.. JAIPUR? I said YES. He stared at me, I was getting scared. I was wearing Woolen top and jacked and jeans and black heeled sandals.
He kneeled down. Mai apne Legs cross karka baithi hui thhi, mera Right Leg mere Left leg ke upar thha aur right foot ki sandal hawa me thhi. Usne mere sandal ki heels apne muh ( Mouth) me daal di aur choosne laga. Mujhe jhatka laga. Wo ye sab publicly kar raha thha. Par logo ko koifark nahi pad raha thha. India hota to ab tak bheed lag gayi hoti. Usne meri sandal chatna shuru kar diya. Usnne apne gaal mere sadals ki sole pe firaye. Tabhi N aa gaya. Uske haath me do Icecreame cones thhe. N ne us ladke ko Dutch bhasha me kuch kaha, to wo ladka mujhe sory kehkar chala. gaya. Maine N se pochha ki wo kya kar raha thha. N ne bataya ki wo foot fetish thha. Maine uuse Foot Fetish Ka matlab samjha. N ne mujhe wo sab bataya jo aap sab jaante ho isliye likhna zaroori nahi. Maine N se kaha ki usne ladke ko kyun bhagaya mujhe accha lag raha thha. N ne smile karne hue ignore kar diya, use laga main mazak kar rahi thhi. Par mere mann me aag lagi thhi. mera mann kar raha thha ki us ladke ko dhoondh kar uske muh me poora FEET daal doon aur use apne pairo ke neeche litakar uske RIBS aphe heel se maar maar kar tod doon, uski aankh me apni heels ghusa doon aur uske balls ko sandals ki aage ki tip se markar phod doon.
Par mujhe apne emotions control karne pade.

Raat bhar main us SCENE ko IMAGINE karti rahi. Sapne me bhi wo aane laga.
Poore do mahine Amterdam me bitane ke baad. Mai wapas delhi aa gayi. Meri pyaas badh rahi thhi. Sach me oos Time agar mujhe koi slave milta to mai oose Trample karke maar hi deti.
Meri height ki wajah se mujhe log 15 ya 16 saal ki samajhne lage.
Kuch dino baad hamein Patna jaana thha. Wahan se shaadi ka invitation aaya thha. School khulne me abhi 15 din thhe so maine socha mai bhi jaaungi.
Because of less time we didnot get Flight ticket but my father managed to book train ticket but not in AC class, Normal sleeper class.
It was Friday, we boarded train, as you all know that sleeper class is very crowdy and often in Patna trains you will find people sleeping on floor.
Hamari 15 berth booked thhi. Sleeper class me log beedi peete hue mil jayenge aur mujhe bahut suffocation hota hai. Isliye maine sabse pehli lower berth select kar li aur mere father ne upar waali. Kyuni mai raat me Window kholkar bahar dekhna chahti thhi.
Raat ke 11 baj gaye thhe, logo ke snoring ki awazen aane lagi thhi, mai khidki ke paas baithi thhi, Mai abhi bhi Amsterdam waali incidence ke baare mein soch rahi thhi.
Beedi ki smell ki wajah se muje vomiting si aa rahi thhi. Mai uthi aur toilet ki taraf gai. Toilet hamari cabin ke next hi thha.
Mai toilet me ghusne waali thhi, tabhi maine dekha ki ek aadmi Door ke samne waale wash basin ke paas baith kar drink kar raha hai aur beedi pee raha hai. Maine usko bola ' bhaiya beedi band kar do' usne meri taraf dekha aur kuchh badbadane laga, wo poori tarah nashe me thha. he was totally out. Wo jhul raha thha. Mujhe uspar gussa aaya, par mai toilet gai aur fir wapas aakar apni berth pe baith gayi.
Tabhi muje ek ajeeb IDEA aaya. Mere papa ko neend ki beemari hai, unke bag me hamesha neend ki goliyan hoti hai. Because I serve my father those tablets so I knew how much is safe. Maine chaar goliyan nikali aur apne berth corner se jhaank (PEEP) kar dekha. Wo aadmi ek glass me daroo dalkar pee raha hai. Mai uthkar paas ke wash basin par gayi aur muh dhone ka natak karne lagi. Basin ke mirror se mai dekh rahi thhi Jaise us aadmi ne apna face bottel ki taraf ghumaja, maine jaldi se palatkar uski glass me chaaron goliya dalkar chali aayi.
Maine dekha ki oose kuch samajh nahi aaja aur wo aaram se DAROO glass me dalkar peene laga. Mai apni berth pe aakar baith gayi aur Time ka intezar karne lagi. Kisi tarah maine aadha ghanta bitaya. t was about 12 O Clock midnight. I peeped and saw man has fallen asleep and lying on floor upside down. Uske haath me beedi abhi bhi sulag rahi thhi.
Maine apni patli (thin) Block heel waali chappal peheni, wo chappal muche hamesha domina banne ko encourage karti hai. Uske patle white straps me mera FEET pura dikhta hai. Wooden block heel ke neeche kuch bhi aata hai to crush ho jata hai. Maine kucch bags ko corridor pe daal diye aur bhar diya, So that no one can use this side toilet. In any case all our 15 berth were fro, 1-15 and I knew my family members. No one gets up till morning when asleep .
Fir mai uski taraf chale lagi, mera dil zor zor se dhadak raha thha. Iwas thinking, kya aaj meri saari wishes puri hogi? Kya aaj mai wo sukh le paungi jiske liye mai kab se tadap rahi thhi. I was 13 and half years, but I was tall and so heavy. I wore salwar suite and those white chappals.
Thodi der tak mai uske paas khadi rahi, wo zameen par leta thha, aankhe band thhi. Maine socha ' kahi ye mar to nahi gaya? ' Mai dar gayi. Check karne ke liye maine darte hue apna left Feet uske Nose ke paas le gai. Uski tez saanso ki hawa se mujhe pata chala ki wo zinda hai.
Maine fir himmat kee, uski sulagti hui beedi jo uske right hand ki finger me fansi hui thhi ko apne left feet ki chappal se hilakar uske Right hatheli (Palm) par le gayi. Aur fir ek jhatke he apni chappal uske hatheli par rakh di. Sulagti hui beedi ooski hatheli pe crush hone lagi. Maine dekha ki uski Body me ek jhatka sa hua. It meant that pain shook his body tho he was not in senses.
Do batein confirm ho gayi, ek ki wo zinda thha aur dusra buri tarah behosh thha. Goliyon ne accha asar dikhaya thha.
bas fir kyaa thha .. mai shuru ho gayi..
Mai uske sar ki taraf gayi aur basin ki taraf ghoom gayi. Ab uska sar mere left feet ke paas thha aur mera face basin ki mirror ke taraf thha.
Maine apna left Feet uske Maathe ( Forehead) par rakkha aur pressure badhaya. Main mirror me apne baal sawarne lagi.
5 minute baad maine apna paer (feet) hataya. Maine dekha uske Maathe pay meri chaapal ke sole ka nishaan ban gaya hai, meri block heel ke borders saaf nazar aar rahe thhe. even price tag ki sticker ka impression bhi nazar aa raha thha. WoW mai to maano saatwe aasman par thhi. Itni khush mai pehele kabhi nahi hui. Fir maine uski Shirt ko upar kiya, ab mujhe uska CHEST aur uska pet ( Belly) dikh rahe thhe.
Maine apna left pair uske CHEST par rakkha, uske Chest ke baal meri chappal ke neeche ragad rahe thhe, mujhe mehsoos( FEEL) ho rahaa thha. Hard sole chappal ka ye ek fayda hai, aapke paer (FEET) ke neeche baal tak ka pataa chal jaata hai.
Maine apni chappal uske seene(Chest) par zor se ragadi. Uske baal tootne lage aur seena laal (REDDISH) ho gaya. Uske chehre (FACE) par dard ke expressions aa rahe thhe.
Fir maine jo kiya wo mai hamesha chahti thi. Maine apna doosra paer bhi uthha liya aur uske seene par khadi ho gayi.Mere hard sole ke neeche uske ribs kad-kad-kad kar rahe thhe. Mujhe EXPONENTIAL PLEASURE mila. Fir maine uske pet par apna left par rakha. USka pet mere chappal ke neeche dabta( SINK) chala gaya ( His belly sunk under my chappal). I was standing on him like goddess Kali with one foot sunk in his belly and other slightly raised up on his chest. Mere pair ka PRESSURE itna zyada thha ki uske muh (MOUTH) se kuch Daaroo bahar aa gayi and he vomited some liquor. He opened his eyes for a moment. Lekin mai bahut CONFIDENT thhi. Maine apna Right paer jo uski chest pe thha, usko uthakar uski EYES par rakh diya. Uski aankh mere chappal ke neeche thhi. Agar wo dekh bhi raha hoga to use sirf mera sole nazar aayega.
Usne dard me AAH ki awaz nikalne laga. Mai uspar se utar gai. Mai wapas mere berth pe gayi wahan se maine ek aur need ki goli nikali. Aur us aadmi ke paas gayi. Maine uski daaroo ki bottel uthayee, Uske haath ki ek ungli ko maine apni block heel se CRUSH KIYA, dard se uska muh khul gaya aur aawazein nikalne laga
par uski aankh band thhi. Maine immediatly Goli uske muh me daal di aur daroo pila di. fir wapas apne seat par chali gayi. raat ke 1 baj rahe thhe. but for me itwas brightest time. after 15 minutes I came and saw that he lost his senses again.
Maine apna pressure badhaya. Mai uski naak(Nose) apne chappal ke neeche FEEL kar rahi thhi.
Fir maine wo kiya jiski ummeed mujhe apne aap se bhi nahi thhi. Maine apna right paer uthhaya aur BOOM,.......... uske face pe laat maari. Meri block heel uske Nose pe lagi. Dard se uski Body BEND hone lagi lekin EYES close thhi. Fir maine chappal ki 2.5 inch ki lock heel se wo kiya jiske liye ye heel bani hai. Maine uski NAAK ko apni block heel se dabaya and crush it in same way I used to crush roaches.
Mai tab tak CRUSH karti rahi jabtak uski naak se khoon nahi nikal gaya. maine uski naak tod di thhi. Fir mere ander CRUEL Nidhi Jaag uthhi. Maine uski budy pe zor zor se laat marni shuru kar di.Maine khoob mara. Uske muh se awaze nikalne lagi, Maine apna ek paer uske muh par rakh diya. Meri chappal ka sole uske naak ke khoon se laal ho gayi thhi. Maine ek zor ki laat uske muh par maari, Meri block heels ne uska Daant (Tooth) Tod diya. Train ki dhad dhad se meri laat marne ki awazein SUPRESS ho gayi thhi. Uska muh khoon se bhar gaya. Apne paer se maine uske gaal (Cheek) ko dabaya aur uska face wall ki taraf mod diya aur ek zor ki laat maari. Uka toota hua daant bahar aa gaya aur khoon bhi bahar aa gaya. Now atleast his throat will not chok . I gave 10-12 more har kicks by my both feet. Meri dono chappal ke sole khoon se laal ho gaye thhe. As if I am working in slaughter house.
Fir maine usko laat mar mar kar Train ki Wall ki taraf mod diya aur uska Face uski blanket se cover kar diya
I sat on TTE chair that is first chair that is made for TTE when he comes. Now I was thinking of how to clean my chappals.
I checked basin, no water in tap. I was now worried. In the morning I will be caught with so much blood on sole. Groaning voice of that man was increasing that meant he can be back in senses very soon.
I was resting on chair, I checked time it was 4 am. I became more tensed.
Tabhi maine ek ladke ko compartment ke doosre corner se aate hue dekha. My hearbeating started increasing.
Just then he came closer to me. He pushed bags that i kept on corridoor and wanted to cross compartmet through INTERCONNECTED GANGWAY. By this side door was closed so he stopped. He was about 16 yrs but short height. So I seemed bigger than him. He was begger and sweeper that sweps floor and collects money from passengers. He cleaned some dirt under my seat. My heart was pounding.
Fir usne meri taraf haath badhaya aur kaha, didi seat saaf ki hai paise de do. I ignored him and looked outside window.
He kneeled down and started begging. He tring to be a irritating notorious begger.
Then an disgusting idea struck my mind.
Maine us ladke se kaha, kitne chahiye, wo bola 5 rupaye. Maine kaha mai bees dongi mera kaam karoge. He jumped and said yes. I pulled some tissue from my bag and crossed my left feet on right leg. Now left chappal were in air. Maine uuse kaha, without touching my feet clean my chappal. He picked some tissues and strated rubbing Chappal soles.
I started looking at window, Cold Breez ne mujhe sula diya. about 20 min i wokeup due to shake in train. maine dekha wo ladka meri chappal chaat raha hai. Maine turant apna paer kheecha aur boli .. ye kya kar rahe ho, he said. Didi kagaz (paper) se ye saaf nahi ho raha thha to maine aise kar diya. I looked down, my soles were clean like new. Maine usse bola, doosri bh karoge, wo bola haan. Maine kaha . Mere pair ke neeche let jao. He lay on floor under my feet. maine apna Right paer uske face par rakh diya aur boli shuru ho jao.
He statrted licking like a dog, I kept my left foot ( CHAPPAL) on his belly I was in the same pose for about 10 min. Wo ladke itni garamjoshi ( Enthusiasm) se chaat raha thha ki mujhe usme ek slave nazar aaya. It was 4:45 am and thin streak of reddish Dawn blooming from east. And like all good things this must also be stopped for next good thing. I raised my feet and sawsole clean like never before. Fir mai uske upar khadi ho gayi aur apna salwar theek kira fir aaram se uske chere pe apna pair rakkha aur use trample karte hue utar gayi. Mere paer ke pressure se he vomited there. I smiled that boy also smiled i pulled my purse from my bag. Mai uske paas gayi. wo abhi bhi leta hua thha. uske pet me dard ho raha thha. Maine fir uske face par apni chappal rakh di aur softly crush karne lagi wo waise hi pada raha. Maine Purse kholkar usme se 50/- nikale aur ek aadhi anti infection tablet nikali jo mere father khate hai ( My father had undergione Heart surgery and had to take anti infection tablets, half is sufficient for kid below 16 yrs or tender people) fir maine apna paer uske face se hataya, uke face par bhi meri chappal ke nishan pad gaye thhe. I said gave to him and said isko kha lo. Then i went for loo. I came out and saw boy lying on floor and looking 50/- rupee note and examinig. I went close to him, hel looked at me and smiles but did not say any thing. Toilet me meri chappal ke sole geele ( wet) ho gaye thhe. I looked into his eyes, he was looking me. maine usko dekhte hue apna ek paer uske chest par ragda aur apni chappal ka sole uski shirt se clean ki fir doosri chappal bhi clean ki. Boy was enjoying it. I was damn tired and i came back to my seat and covered myself with blanket and tried to sleep. After sometime I heard graoning voice. That man got up and was shouting " Arre mar gaya, ye kaise hua, mujhe kisne mara" . Train stopped at some station, where 2 cops boarded on train
Hearing his shouts they reached him my heart beating started growing. Police men asked him what happened , wo kucch nahi bola bas chilla raha thha mujhe lag gayi mujhe lag gayi, police walo ne usse ticked manga, uske paas ticket nahi thha. Police ne usko kheech ke do thappad mara aur kaha bina ticket chalta hai aur use pakad kar train se utara aur le gaye. I smiled under my blanket but just to confirm I got up and asked other cop who ws sitting at TTE chair I said, Bhaiya kya hua. usne kaha kuchh nahi madam, ye gunde ( Criminals) hain, train me Peete hain aur fir gunda gardi karte hain, chori karte hai aur passengers ko pareshan karte hain. Ye waisa hi koi thha, pee kar gir gaya to uska daant aur naak toot gaye. Saale ke bag me pata nahi kya kya hai. Chhodege nahi saale.
I smiled and lay on my berth and covered my face. It was about 6 hrs more to patna and I want to sleep. Last thout that came in mind before sleeping 'WOW I BASHED AN ALMOST CRIMINAL' and I slept and slept Slept like never before, it was special nightout just before :)

I believe no one could ever have such experience before.
My one slave loaded off when I narrated this story to him since then he is my proper slave and he sees nothing than my chappals and sandals.
Home many of you too will loadoff :)
to be continued.....

25 October, 2010

how a lover became a slave--part 3- THE HONEYMOON ENDS

here comes the much awaited part-3 of the lover becoming slave --if u missed the first part you can read it here- http://cruelfemales.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-lower-became-slave-part-1.html
And if you missed the second part you can read it here- 
http://cruelfemales.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-lover-became-slave-part-2-honeymoon.html and continue the third part from here---enjoy and do comments.

Part-3 The honeymoon ends

That night I could barely sleep as I was overwhelmed by the events of the previous night … my ass was sore from all the caning and fucking, my tongue was dry from licking Durga’s feet and I had that horrible taste of my own cum in my mouth … plus the feeling that I was now trapped for good. I was also scared to make any mistakes and get caned again. My mouth was dry and I was dying of thirst, but one of the rules was not to eat or drink without permission. I lay on the floor contemplating these issues and waiting for Durga to wake up.

Durga finally woke close to noon, stretched herself and looked down at me. As instructed, I was on my knees and holding her slippers in my hands. “Good morning sunshine … did you sleep well?” I replied “Good morning Goddess … can I please drink some water? I am dying of thirst.” “Sure honey, just wait for 10 minutes.” Saying that, she slipped her feet into the offered slippers and walked to the bathroom; I was of course crawling behind here and into the bathroom, kissing the floor where she stepped. While she peed, I applied paste to her toothbrush and went back on my knees.

Durga stood up without flushing and I thought “Great now madam is too tired to even flush”. She said “Here’s your drink of water … drink from the toilet bowl like the dog you are.” I looked shocked “What did you think … this is what you will drink from now on … if I ever see you drink water from any other place, I will kill you … now go and drink … this should be fun to watch.” I crawled to the toilet and lowered my face into the bowl. I had problems lapping up the water, but soon got the hang of it. It tasted very bad and the smell of her pee was all around my nose … I made sure I didn’t gag and drank noisily for some time. To add to her fun, Durga placed her foot on my head and pushed my face into the water; she held me down till I was struggling for breath; released me and I went back to drinking the pee water. When I looked up, Durga was pointing at me and laughing. I felt even more humiliated and looked down at the floor.

Durga was ready for breakfast and instructed me to order from room service; she just ordered for herself and I didn’t have to guts to remind her for my food. When the food arrived, I served her on my knees and waited for her to finish. She left about half the food on her plate; she spat on the remaining food and instructed me to place the plate at her feet. When I did so, she placed her slipper on the food and instructed me to eat like a dog. When I bent over the plate, she placed her foot on my head and pushed it into the plate and the leftovers and laughed “eat my pet, you must be hungry after all that action last night.  By the way, did you enjoy your first fuck? Personally, I am not a virgin and haven’t been one for a long time, so that was nothing new. But it’s always fun to fuck someone for their first time.” “I mumbled into the food as my mouth was full. “What was that? Speak up honey, I can barely hear you.”

I quickly swallowed the food in my mouth “Goddess, it was a wonderful experience and very different from what I had expected.” “My … you are practically a slut … good for you that you like your new life. Now eat up and lets go out and see the city.” I quickly ate my food, licked the plate clean and cleared away the breakfast dishes. I helped Durga dress like her maid and then dressed in the clothes she picked for me … they were deliberately mismatched and made me look like a total fool.

We had a great tour of the city and I really enjoyed my first visit abroad. Being out in public, I was able to behave more normally, just had to be careful of my conversation with Durga was per her expectations. She was ok when we were in public, so that was a huge plus. In the evening we went shopping and she went into a fetish store … this was a first for me as there are none in Mumbai. I looked around and Durga noted what I was curious about. She bought a sissy maid dress for me and a few other dresses that I couldn’t identify, she also bought some toys that I had no idea what they were for. The sales staff in the store guessed my role in the relationship and the girls were all looking at me and smirking as I looked visibly uncomfortable in this store.

We returned to the hotel all tired out and with my arms full of shopping bags. Durga flopped on the sofa and put her feet up on the coffee table. I rushed to remove her shoes, when she stopped me “Not so fast … don’t use your hands … just your mouth and don’t you DARE bite me.” I quietly got to work and used my lips, nose, and cheek, what ever it took to ease the sandal straps off her heel; then carefully held her sandals from the heels in my mouth and removed them from her feet.  I was very new to this and inadvertently nipped her foot with my teeth. SLAP SLAP SLAP … three hard slaps across my face “Bloody scoundrel! How dare you!!!” I quickly apologized and went back to my task. Durga was smiling and laughing and making cure remarks at my skills; when the sandals were removed and I had carefully placed them on the floor, I fetched her a cold drink from the fridge and then got down to licking her feet clean. Her feet were dusty from all the walking in the day and I had to carefully lick each inch of her soles, suck her toes, clean the toe jam and then her instep, all while Durga sat comfortably on the sofa and drank her coke.

My mouth was parched as I was not permitted to drink anything all day; I begged Durga to let me have a drink. She took her time and eventually went into the bathroom where she peed and then permitted me to drink from the toilet bowl. After I had drunk all that I could, I begged her for some way to drink something during the day. She agreed to let me bottle the water in the toilet bowl with her pee into a bottle for drinking during the day going forward. I was expected to kiss her feet to thank her for her kindness, which I did. I then realised that I was fast getting used to my new life and getting into the mindset that I was her slave for life; this realisation was very disturbing as I still retained my male ego and wanted to enjoy the lifestyle that was almost within my grasp but suddenly too far out of reach.

Durga took out a dog collar from her purchases and I saw that she had her name stamped as my owner. She instructed me to wear it as a token of my complete surrender to her power and my acceptance of her as my total and complete owner. I also was instructed to consider her as my living Goddess and to only worship her each day and night. I was never a very religious person, so that presented no moral dilemma for me. I felt that she was so much in charge of my life right now that she pretty much held the power of life and death over me.

Soon it was time to party and Durga got ready for the evening. I wanted to go out with her but had no guts to ask her; I helped her dress up and tentatively asked her about her dinner plans; she was eating at the night club where she had met a few friends from college who were also visiting Singapore. About my food, she ordered something very light, told me to place the sandals she had worn all day in the plate, spat on the food (another rule, I could not eat any food unless she had “purified” it with her spit and had her foot wear in the plate). She waited till I ate, then went to the bathroom to pee so that I could drink the water.

On her way out to her evening entertainment, she walked up to me as I knelt on the floor and kicked gave me very hard on my balls … I grabbed my groin and doubled over in pain; Durga stepped over me and said “See you later, honey … miss me” and left for her party and her friends.

This was pretty much the tone for the rest of the fortnight; our honeymoon soon ended and we were on the way back to Mumbai. Durga was of course in first class while I was in economy. I didn’t mind that as I had never afforded a plane ticket before.

To be continued...


23 October, 2010


 Hi friends....read the story of a boy who was get back walked by his friends mom...enjoy and do comments,,read the story in his own words...
I went to a party at a friends' house one year,
and his mom stuck around to keep an eye on us.
(I was around 19 at the time)
We drunk and danced and talked, it was a blast.
I was checking out all the females to see who I
could get to "play" with, and there were a few
candidates, but I couldn't stop staring at my friends'
mom. She had a really nice body and a very young
face. She was about 39 or 40 yrs old, stood around
5'-10" and weighing probably somewhere around
120-130lbs. She was real nice to me cause I
was always around and I usually helped out when
I stayed over. So, during the party, everyone was
kinda drunk by now and started to thin out. His
mom asked if I was sleeping over, so I told her I
was. She then went to fix up the guest room for
me (I'm the only one she'd do that for), and I kept
on partying. While she was in the room, I noticed
her shoes were in the livingroom that she had on
earlier that day, and she has some NICE feet.
Brown tannish skin, perfect plump toes painted
light purple, very soft and smooth (I've given her
massages before), and perfectly thick (not bony-
not fat). So after I noticed she wasn't wearing
shoes, I decided to try my luck with her. So, I looked
around for my friend to see where he was, and as
usual, he was flirting with a girl so I slipped outta
sight and went into the guest room where she was.
I went inside and closed the door and asked if she
needed any help ;) . She smiled and said " not really,
I'm almost done hon." We had a mother/son
relationship since I was one of her "adopted" kids. So
I made small talk with her to break the ice, then to
myself I took a deep breath and asked her, "could
you do something for me ma?" She kept straightening
up the room and said "sure hon, what is it?" Then I
looked off, kinda shy like, and asked "could you walk
on my back?" She looked shocked at first, and I got
scared that I'd offended her, but she turned away
and went back to work. Then she asked me
"you can't get any of the other girls lighter to do it?"
I didn't say anything at first, then I said " They're
all wasted and I didn't wanna screw up my back any
more than it is." So she smiled and said "smart man".
Then she looked at me and asked "Do you need me
to crack it or just massage it?" I told her "It's just
tensed and needed massaged". She knew of my back
problems from my football days in H.S., and massaged
it before at times but with her hands. So she gave me
this suspicious look with a smile and said "I GUESS I
could do it for you, but let me know right away if I'm
hurting you!!" I gave a slight smile and said ok.
I then took off my shirt like I do when she's giving
me a normal massage with her hands, grabbed a
pillow for my head and layed on the floor by the bed.
After I got comfortable, she asked me if I was ready,
I said I was and she made a joke saying "let's see
what this old gal can do." And she gently placed one
foot on the lower part of my back and began pressing
down and massaging it. She pressed around all over
my back for a minute with one foot and asked "how
does this feel hon?" I moaned a little and said " It
feels great.." At that, she placed her foot in the middle
of my back and stepped up with the other foot. I let
out a huge sigh and she stood there on my back and
asked "Are you ok babe?" I told her "Yeah, it just feels
really good where you are." She grinned a little and
began walking on that spot where I moaned. She used
her toes and the balls of her feet to massage every muscle
in my mid back. Then she walked up towards my shoulder blades and did the same thing with her toes and balls of her feet.
IT FELT FUCKING GREAT!!! She then started humming
a soft tune and began stepping to that tune, in a dance
like rythm. Then she said "I'm gonna do a little more than
your back sweetie, ok?" I just nodded my head and
said "mmmhhhmmmm". She turned around on my blades,
and slowly walked down my back- still humming - and
walked on my butt down to my thighs. She carefully
massaged my thighs with the insteps of her feet all the
way to my calves. (this was a bonus for me) It was
wonderful!!! After she did that for a bit, she stepped
off and walked in between my legs,and stepped up on my
lower back again. "I'm gonna give you one more walk
over, then I'll use my hands." I said ok and she walked
all over my back and shoulders for a few more minutes,
then she turned side ways and gently rocked side to
side and back and forth on the blades and middle of my back.
Her soft feet was sooo comfortable on my back, and
she never lost her balance nor missed a step. When she
was done, she stepped off and straddled on top of me
massaging my back and shoulders with her hands.
When it was all done, I sat up and asked her how did
she get to be so good at walking on backs and she
told me "I used to walk on my boyfriends' back in
college after his football practices and games. It all came
back to me when I started humming, I used to hum
that same tune when I would walk on him." So at that,
we made more small talk about it and soon left the room
to rejoin what was left of the party. She walked on
my back more often after that night, and I loved it all. I
wish I knew where she moved to, my friend lives in California
now, and she moved out of her house into the burbs. I
miss those days..........:)

19 October, 2010

how a lover became a slave--part 2- THE HONEYMOON

here comes the much awaited part 2 of the lover becoming slave --if u missed the first pat you can read it here- http://cruelfemales.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-lower-became-slave-part-1.html
and continue the second part from here---enjoy and do comments

Part 2 – The Honeymoon

I sat on the bed to read the paper Durga had handed to me; the top line was in bold and underlined “Remember … failure to obey totally and completely will result in my telling my parents about your truth … my family will come after you and your family and make sure you all beg on the streets …so beware”.

I read the list of instructions very carefully … I couldn’t believe that the mild and sweet Durga I had just married was really a dominatrix with very specific tastes in domination; she was a totally different person under her public face and she had fooled me along with everyone else … this sweet simple girl is actually a very dangerous and power mad person and I was badly trapped with no visible escape route. I thought about my situation and decided it is best to play along for now and seek a way to escape without hurting my parents and sister.

I memorised the list the last item was “other instructions as given from time to time” I noticed that there is a text on my cell … Durga had just texted me to expect her back in 30 minutes and to be ready for her. I panicked and started preparing for her arrival … the time had flown by while thinking about my situation and looking for escape routes … in any case I thought “at least my sex life will be interesting … if she is so hot, I’ll get some pleasure from this in any case.”

At the appointed time the door opened and I was ready to greet my new bride and now my owner … fully naked, on my hands and knees by the door. As required, I kissed floor at her feet and said “Welcome my Goddess … your slave is ready to serve you.” I couldn’t help giggling at this as I found the situation very funny … I guess I hadn’t taken Durga totally seriously at this time. Durga got mad at me and kicked my head “So you think this is funny … I wonder if you’ll still be laughing by the end of this.”

I looked down at the carpet to hind my smile and saw Durga’s feet move away towards the armchair. I crawled behind, kissing the carpet where she had walked. Durga said “good to see your memory is intact” I looked up to her face and immediately realized my mistake … I was to always look at her feet … “SLAP SLAP SLAP …” three hard ones across my cheeks with her open hands … I reached up to try to stop her hands and stopped just in time … another rule almost broken … she laughed when she saw me stop my instinctive act “good boy … you remember … SLAP … SLAP … SLAP” three more hard ones “Now eyes down …” I looked down and my face turned red with embarrassment … this was not the marriage I had imagined at all; quite the opposite, this was fast becoming a nightmare!

Durga reached over to the side board and from the corner of my eye I saw her holding a cane “face the other way” she commanded … I was scared now … what did she want from this? I turned to face the other way and instinctively tightened my ass … THWACK … THWACK …THWACK … the cane started to land on my ass cheeks … I had never been beaten by anyone, far less a tich of a girl … but I was totally in her control at that time and too scared to resist her … I groaned in agony and Durga immediately got up and stuffed her used socks in my mouth … “not a fucking word out of your mouth … I can go on for hours like this, but you cant … so just shut the fuck up!” I bit on the socks and bore the pain of the caning. This went on till my ass cheeks turned red and I felt blood start to trickle.

“Now do you know what I am capable of? Never ever disobey me again, or I will repeat this punishment. Now go and wipe the blood off your ass … and stop whimpering like a little girl … you’re a MAN … a big strong MAN … so behave like one!!!” I went into the bathroom and cleaned the blood on my ass … my ass was red with welts and I could barely stand up straight. I was moaning with agony but was too scared to moan. I pulled Durga’s sock out of my mouth and came out into the room.

“Come my dear husband … how are you liking the honeymoon so far?” I kept silent and looked at the floor. “Behen chod, when I ask you a question, I expect a reply.” I stammered “it’s a lot of fun, Durga.” Wow!!! Another rule breach … she lashed out with her foot and caught me right in the balls “Arre chootiye … what did you just call me? You’re forgetting already?” I doubled over in pain, holding my balls and gasped out “Sorry Goddess … please forgive me.” “Now, that’s better … so go ahead.” “It’s a very amazing holiday Goddess … thank you for bringing me to this wonderful city.” Durga looked down at me, pointed and laughed “you look sooooo funny … holding your family jewels and looking stupid. Now get up!”

I stood up in pain in the front and back … I had never been so humiliated before and was at a loss on how to react and feel. I felt trapped and helpless and wanted to cry … “Come to bed honey, it’s time for some fun.” “Finally … the fun part!!!” I thought. “Honey, get that pink bag from the cupboard and go stand by the bed.” I did as told and Durga reached out for it. She opened it and pulled out a jar of lubricant and a strap on … I had never seen one before and out of curiosity I asked “What is that? It looks like a penis.” “You are brilliant!!! That is exactly what it is. Come and help me with this.” “But what will you use it for?”

Durga looked at me and laughed “Asshole, did you ever think I will let you fuck me? Fucking is for real men, not wimps … so you can forget any dreams of ever fucking anyone … in this marriage, I will do what I want to, so you just lay back and enjoy the ride.” I tightened the straps to Durga’s liking; she said “on your knees and suck this, you slut.” I knelt and starting licking the strap on like I had seen in porn movies “Oh the slut has done this before …” “No Goddess, I saw this in pics and a few movies” “good … now get it nice and wet … and swallow it as far as it will go” I gagged a couple of times trying to get the strap on into my mouth, but gave it a good try anyway.

“Now, lubricate your ass hole … here use this” she handed me the lubricating cream and I quietly applied it to my ass. “”Stand up and bend over … take support from the bed” I did as told. I felt her hands push my ass cheeks aside, felt the tip of the strap-on on my hole and Durga started pushing it in. “Relax your ass hole and let it in … this is the consummation of our marriage and the only position that you will ever fuck with me, so learn to enjoy it.” I had no choice, so I gave in … Durga made one massive thrust and I almost screamed in pain “Oh my poor virginal bride … does it hurt?” I nodded and kept my mouth shut … Durga thrust into me and had her way, moaning loudly with pleasure … she was really turned on by this and was having a great time.

After about 30 minutes, she had had multiple orgasms and was fully satiated and my ass was torn and bleeding … she finally pulled out and patted my ass “That was fun was it not, slut? My God … you get fucked like a real pro … who will believe that this is your first time?” She then looked at the bed and saw I had cummed … “Of fuck … you really enjoyed it … see … you made a mess on the bed” saying that, she laughed “good one, my sissy slut … this is priceless!” I looked down and couldn’t believe that I had actually cummed … the pain had distracted me to the extent that I didn’t even realize this. “Dirty slut, now be a good boy and clean up your mess …”

I moved to the bathroom to get a towel when my loving wife said “with your mouth, bitch … what did you think I meant?” I looked shocked and Durga said “it’s not so bad … now stop being a wimp and do as you are told!” I resigned to my fate and licked up the mess and of course I swallowed it … gagging at first (much to the amusement of Durga) but managing to hold it down.

“Time to sleep … the flight, the party, drinks all this sex has tired me … you know what to do …” I quietly made the bed for Durga to lie in and covered her up. I then kissed her feet, removed her slippers and lay on the floor so I would be at her feet when she woke up or needed anything at night.

Thus ended my wedding consummation and this was the trend for the rest of my life ahead.


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