12 December, 2010

How a lover became slave- part -6- enslaving my sis

here comes the much awaited part-4 of the lover becoming slave --
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http://cruelfemales.blogspot.com/2010/12/how-lover-became-slave-part-5-durga-and.htmland continue the fifth part from here---enjoy and do comments.

On the agreed date, Durga sent the car over to pick Guddi; it was evening and Guddi was very excited at seeing where and how I lived and tasting the life of luxury for the first time. When she arrived, Shanti greeted her and led her to the sitting area where Durga was in her high chair like a queen sitting on her throne. I was not permitted to meet her, so I was in the bedroom awaiting my instructions.

Guddi greeted Durga by touching her feet; Durga placed her hand on her head and blessed her. Shanti got a drink for Guddi which was drugged; these girls didn’t believe in wasting time!!! Guddi soon was dizzy and Shanti helped her by holding her up … she quietly led her to the torture room where I had been beaten up recently and tied her in a sitting pose on the floor. She soon lost consciousness and passed out leaning on the wall. When she came to, the room was pitch dark and her throat was parched. She cried out and tried to get up but found herself tied and unable to move. She called out to me and to Durga repeatedly, shouting and screaming our names and calling for help. She was scared of the dark and right now she was in terror. She screamed for hours with no reply and eventually passed out with exhaustion.

When she came to, she was faced by Durga and Shanti standing before her with me on my hands and knees, kissing Durga’s feet. She looked lost and disoriented and asked Durga for help with getting lose. Durga said “well, on one condition that you agree to live here as my slave and maid servant.” Guddi was still confused and kept asking for help … she looked at me and asked me to release her … she wanted to go back home. Durga laughed at this and we left the room leaving her in the dark and screaming for help. She soon starting to cry and promised to do as she was told … she was thirsty and was dying for water. After leaving her in this condition for a few more hours, we returned; Guddi was more cohesive now and asked Durga why she was doing this’ Durga replied “your brother lied to me and married me under false pretexts … your entire family will pay the price … he is already at my feet, now it’s your turn … will you spend the rest of your life as my maid and my slave?” Shanti was scared and her submissive nature was in full view. She promised to do as Durga told her to, she wanted to be released and begged for some water.

Durga smiled and said “first let me be sure you will obey me … Shanti, pee in her mouth and if she refuses to drink it, then we’ll just leave her here without food or water.” Shanti looked at Guddi “ready for this?” Guddi nodded and Shanti raised her skirt and peed at Guddi’s face … Guddi strained to catch all the pee and quench her thirst and gulped down all that Shanti gave her. Shanti opened her arms first and stepped back … Guddi prostrated herself at Durga’s feet and begged to be released “Bhahi I will do as you say … always obey u … please let me go … I beg you.” She was sobbing and crying with fear and holding on to Durga’s feet. Durga kicked her away “I am not your Bhabhi … call me Goddess … today you are alive because of my kindness, else I can kill you and feed you to my dogs … you will disappear without any trace … remember that always. And call Shanti Malkin … you will do as she tells you … you work for her now.” Guddi was in fear for her life and obeyed Durga. Shanti released her and told her to crawl behind her like I was … she paraded Guddi through the house making it clear to all what her status was. The servants were snickering at her and Guddi was totally humiliated.

Shanti gave her instructions on the chores she was to do in the house and for her personally … to enslave her totally, she was told to lick Durga and Shanti’s footwear each day … this was one chore less for me, I thought selfishly! When the instructions were imparted, Shanti brought Guddi back to where we were sitting and told Durga she had instructed her and Guddi was ready to serve in any way required. Durga smiled and pointed to her feet “come and thank me for keeping you as my servant.” Guddi placed her head on her feet and thanked her for her kindness. She looked at me with disgust and I could see she blamed me for getting her into this situation. I looked away, but Durga caught the look “yes, bitch, it’s all your brother’s fault for trying to make a fool of me with his stories and lies … now you all will pay for that and live at my command.”

At night after dinner, we all went into Durga’s room for the night entertainment. Durga said to Guddi “Kutiya, do you want revenge from this slime?” she readily agreed and asked what she had to do. The look on Guddi’s face was very disturbing and was very afraid of what was to follow. Durga said “kick his balls, punch his face, scratch his face … do what you like for bringing you to this state in life … go have fun!” Guddi fell on me will all the pent up hatred and frustration … she kicked my balls hard and I doubled up in pain … she kicked my face, slapped me pulled my hair, kneed my face … my nose was bleeding and I was trying to protect myself from her fury but there was too much frustration built up for me to stop … eventually she got tired and slowed down … Durga and Shanti were laughing at this action. When she stopped, Guddi looked at Durga who clapped and cheered her “good for you … now you have your frustration out, come over to me.”

Guddi went over to Durga and Shanti grabbed her hair and pulled her to the floor onto her fours “chal kutiya ban ke baithi reh … ab humari baari hai.” I assisted her and Durga with their strap-ons feeling relieved that tonight I may be spared (I was quickly turning self centered).  Durga had the first go, using her pussy and ass by turn … Guddi hadn’t had sex since her divorce and was not prepared for the size of the strap-ons that both were using … she was first moaning then screaming in pain and Durga and Shanti were having a great time … my task was to lick the feet of who ever was using Guddi. Soon both had had their way with my little sister … now they decided to do double penetration, with Shanti on the floor her strap on in Guddi’s ass, Guddi and then Durga on top with her strap on in Guddi’s pussy … Guddi was in agony but these two were having the time of their life … I was licking both their feet by turn. Soon they tired of this and Guddi had almost passed out with pain and was limp. They then looked at me “revive this bitch … lick her pussy till she wakes up” Durga kicked me and I got to work.

I had never had any sexual thought about Guddi so this was very hard for me to do … I just looked at Durga and saw her expression and knew there was no mercy for me … I started my task by spreading her thighs and started to lick her pussy as told. Soon Guddi revived and because I was being gentle, she got turned on without realising who was licking her. She was moaning with pleasure but realised that both her rapists were looking at the action and laughing. She saw I was licking her intimately and she immediately screamed with surprise and tried to push me away. Shanti took up her cane and started beating Guddi on her shoulders and back “chup kutia … awaaz nahin …” Guddi kept quiet but was already excited … she lay back and started to enjoy herself. When she was sufficiently aroused, I was told to stop and make way for Durga and Shanti … they wanted to dominate her in other ways this time.

They started out by laying her on the floor and inserting a small vibrator into her pussy, which got her high again and she started moaning and thrusting her hips with pleasure; just as the pleasure was increasing, Shanti clamped her erect nipples with clothes pegs … the pain was mixed with the pleasure and Guddi shouted with the sudden pain “no no nahin please … dard ho raha hai … isko hata deejiye” Shanti just laughed and placed more clothes pegs on her pussy lips … that really hurt and she stopped thrusting. But soon the pain and pleasure began to mix and she was moaning with the pleasure of the vibrator and resumed her thrusting despite the pain … she soon climaxed and moaned loudly with pleasure. When she started climaxing, Shanti grabbed her hair and pulled her to Durga’s feet and pulled her to her knees, face on her feet; this left her ass up. She was told to start licking Durga’s feet and Shanti started spanking her ass cheeks hard SMACK … SMACK … SMACK … the pain and pleasure was mixing for Guddi.

I realised Durga was deliberately doing this to make Guddi her pain and sex slut and the plan was working as Guddi continued to moan with pleasure, licking and sucking Durga’s feet and even thrusting in rhythm to Shanti’s spanks. This went on for some time till Guddi had multiple climaxes and almost passed out with the sheer pleasure. This game stopped and Durga asked Guddi how she felt “Goddess, you are really amazing … this is the most fun I have ever had … my husband was impotent and couldn’t give me any pleasure; he also abused me and beat me daily. In fact this was the reason that I left him and broke up the marriage. You have given me such an amazing experience that I will willingly stay as your slave and obey you totally.” She then bowed and placed her forehead on Durga’s feet in total surrender. She was sent to Shanti’s room to serve as her maid while I went with Durga as usual.


  1. plz dont stop this story, update soon, this is real fun and would love to read more.

  2. Namaste! Aap kaise hain? Greetings from Europe. I have been to India lots of times, so just wanted to get the Hindi greeting in ;-)
    Anyway, your stories are really good, and I like your creative writing style. It's so nice to finally come across a femdom site that is regularly updated. Please keep updating the blog as I noticed you haven't done since earlier in the month. Thanks!

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  3. this is such a good blog and i enjoy reading the content very much, please post more


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