12 December, 2010

How a lover became slave- part 5-Durga and parents

here comes the much awaited part-5 of the lover becoming slave --
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Durga suddenly expressed a desire to meet my parents in their house (“Mere in-laws hain bhai, we should meet and get to know each other”). I was a taken aback at this, but didn’t have the guts to ask the reason for this, but I was sure this was one of her games for her own amusement. Anyway, she told Shanti to make the arrangements. My parents were of course taken aback by the fact that I had married without their knowledge, as I had told them I was going on a vacation with some friends. Because I didn’t speak with them, they pestered Shanti with questions, which she politely deflected saying that we would answer all questions when we met them. We duly drove off in her swanky Mercedes 500 to the shabby neighbourhood that I used to call home.

The entire neighbourhood was abuzz with the news of my marriage and that too in such a rich family; seeing the car, the neighbours went berserk and came out to ogle at the car, my wife and at me. We entered with Shanti and Durga was at her most charming; she was dressed in jewellery that was worth more than the value of the house; the shabbiness of the place was in sharp contrast to Durga’s lifestyle but she made herself at home there. I was permitted to behave normally for now, so no one suspected the truth. Durga carried gifts for my parents and my sister and they were easily the most expensive possessions they ever had. The jewellery and the clothes were fabulous and Durga was very gracious in the house.

Durga presented my parents with a very special gift, a framed picture of the Hindu Goddess Kali … I noticed that the face of the image was her own and I realised that my parents would henceforth be worshiping their daughter in law under this pretext. She also presented them with a pair of wooden clogs that are traditionally worn by sadhus; I realised that she had been wearing them at home for the past week, so effectively my family would place her foot wear in their temple and worship them each day. I kept mum on this and decided to let matters take their own turn. No one noticed as they were too overawed by the gifts and my Mom duly placed both items in the prayer corner in the house and bowed to them, much to Durga’s delight. Durga also expressed an interest in being able to see them at all times (claiming we missed them) and installed a few webcams in the house. She was now able to keep an eye on the happenings in the house … this was ingenious!!!

All this time, my sister Guddi was hanging on to Durga, totally smitten by her wealth and charm, to the extent of sucking up to her totally. Durga was in her element and was exchanging looks with Shanti, both noticing the submissive nature exhibited by my parents and Guddi. I could see plans being hatched in their minds and I already felt sorry for my family and the trap that I was leading them into.

After dinner, we decided to leave though my parents were insisting that we stay and even offered to have us move into the house … like that was going to happen!!! We took their leave and Guddi very dutifully touched Durga’s feet which delighted her. She didn’t bow to my parents, instead just hugged them and invited them to her house to visit and even stay if they so wanted. When we got into the car, Durga and Shanti laughed and mocked my family, calling them losers and idiots … she said “Well they’ll be worshiping the right goddess now, so that’s good for them. Shanti, keep an eye on them to see they worship me properly … else I’ll have to re-teach them religion.” She turned to me and said “you know chutiye … your sister will make a nice maid in my house … what do you think?”  Shanti immediately said “Wonderful idea Didi … she is fully trained in house work and I can teach her the rest … in any case she will be living a better life that in that house.” I begged them both to please leave my sister alone and not enslave her as I knew that is what she would become in this house. Durga looked down at me (I was on the floor of the car) “I didn’t ask your opinion … now you will help me in this … understood?” I kept on pleading with them both to not do this to Guddi.

When we reached home, Durga told Shanti “Take this harami and teach him to obey me.” Shanti grabbed my collar and led me to a room I had never seen before. Though I was much stronger than her, I didn’t have the guts to struggle or try to get free. Instead I meekly let her lead me in. she locked the door and turned the lights on … I nearly fainted with fear when I saw the room … it was outfitted like an ancient torture chamber with whips and canes on the walls, rings in the ceiling to tie people to, and some very strange looking furniture that I had no idea what it was for and didn’t want to find out. I fell to Shanti’s feet and begged for mercy, but she was in no mood to grant me that. She tried to tie me to a set of rings in the ceiling, but I resisted and kept holding her feet and begging for mercy. She got irritated and grabbed my hair in one hand and slapped me repeatedly; she reached out to the nearest cane and started beating me on the back and head with it … WHACK … WHACK … WHACK … I eventually loosened my grip on her feet and tried to protect my back … I was also feeling faint and dizzy with the repeated blows to my head.  Shanti used this to grab my hands and tied them to a rope, which she then passed through the ceiling hooks. Now I was her prisoner and totally helpless. I realized the room was soundproof and the servants in any case were loyal to Durga and would not intervene.

Shanti then took a whip and started whipping me all over … back, chest, legs, arms, even face … I was screaming in pain and begging but she was merciless. She kept going till I passed out with pain and went limp. She waiting till revived and started again … there was blood on my body and I was incoherent with the pain. Eventually she lowered me to the floor and said “think about what you did today and how you want to live … I can keep you here and really have fun with you as nothing will give me more pleasure that beating you up each day.’ I asked “what do you want from me?” “Total and complete obedience with no questions asked … you are Durga’s property now and she has the power of life and death over you. If you dare question any decision of hers this is what will happen to you. Think about it and let me know when I return.”

I lay on the floor in pain and cried at my foolish attempt at getting rich in this way … I was now totally trapped and there was no way out … these people could kill me and get a fake certificate from a doctor. I decided that we are all born to a destiny and bound by it … it’s mine to be a slave to Durga and if Guddi has a similar fate, so be it … plus I had no will to bear any more beating. When Shanti came into the room the next day and looked down at me, I begged her to release me and that I would do what ever Durga wanted, now and in the future. She pulled on the ropes to pull me in a standing pose and said “let Didi decide … if I had my way, you would rot in this room for the rest of your life.” Durga came in and laughed at my situation “you look good CD, Shanti did a great job as usual.” I begged for mercy and swore to obey her totally and without question for the rest of my life and to be a good and obedient slave for her. Durga smiled and said “ok, let’s see how sincere you really are.”

At Durga’s gesture, Shanti let me down and untied my ropes; I fell at Durga’s feet and swore complete loyalty to her, explaining that I had new realised that it is my fate to serve her and be her slave and that I had accepted my fate. Durga wanted me to invite Guddi over to stay for some days and assist Durga and Shanti in enslaving her. Without any hesitation I swore to do as told.  Durga said “I may want to enslave your parents too … are you ready for that?” I said “Yes I will do what ever you want me to, I am surrendering myself to your power. As of this day, I have no will of my own … I am totally your slave.”

At Durga’s instructions, I called home and spoke to my parents … I told them that I want to see them at their prayers at certain times so that we can see them worship and join them from our house (another lie, as Durga wanted to see my parents worship her pic). They of course agreed and then I invited Guddi to stay with us, claiming Durga was very fond of her and wanted to get to know her better. They agreed and we decided on the date and time to pick her up.

The trap was laid and Guddi was all set to be the next toy in the house for Durga and Shanti.

 To be continued

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  1. nice plot and seems that the next part will be more fun.


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