12 December, 2010

How a lover became slave- part 4-mumbai and the new godess

here comes the much awaited part-4 of the lover becoming slave --
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We arrived back in Mumbai and there was a huge Mercedes to receive us, driven by a chauffer and accompanied by a woman named Shanti … she greeted Durga by respectfully touching her feet and addressing her as “Didi”. For me, she had a cool reserved “Hello” and ignored me after that. On the way home Durga explained that Shanti was from a very abusive marriage and had suffered tremendously. She was rescued from her husband by the efforts of Durga and she was totally loyal to her to the point of being blind to her faults. Durga in turn trusted her totally and treated her like a sister; Shanti treated Durga like an elder sister in spite of the age difference between them. I missed the significance of this till later as I was enjoying the luxury of the car and was still basking in the holiday abroad.

It turned out that Durga’s family owned a huge estate outside the city that we were now moving into and would be our new home. The estate was loaded, swimming pool, tennis court, extensive manicured lawns, fully staffed … the entire works … I was excited at this taste of luxury that was beyond my wildest dreams. The house was staffed with servants and maids who were all very discreet and respectful to Durga, but not so much to me … I guessed it was because of my lower financial status, but I was past caring. I fantasised about living The Lifestyle and compared it with my life before marriage. In spite of the situation I was in, the life before me made up for all the pain and humiliation that I had endured on the honeymoon. I was starting to feel grateful to Durga for this lifestyle and started to feel this life was worth it.

Another reality check occurred when we were settled into our room; I had carried out the required chores per Durga’s list … I was kneeling on the floor pressing her feet when Shanti walked in … I looked embarrassed and stood up to go sit in the other chair; Shanti just looked at me and laughed “CD, lage raho … don’t stop for me” Durga was really angry at my action. Shanti came and sat on the floor by Durga’s feet and asked a few things about the house. After answering the questions, Durga looked at me “you’ll never learn will you? You and your stupid male ego … I will set a few rules now … when I am in the house, I am in charge, followed by Shanti … you are to obey her at all times as if they are my instructions. When I am not in the house, Shanti is in charge … she is my most trusted person … you are an opportunist who has lied to me from the start … I married you for my convenience and not because you are worthy of being my life partner. Always remember that. Now get back to your task … never ever stop serving me no matter what happens … DO YOUUNDERSTAND???” I nodded and mumbled an apology and went back to the floor and pressing her feet. Shanti looked on very amused and I got a bad feeling about her.

The next day Durga had plans to meet her college girl friends and had no intentions of taking me along. After she left, Shanti called me into the sitting room … when I walked in, she was sitting on a sofa with her feet up on a table. There were other servants in the room whom she was giving instructions for house work. She gestured me to the floor by her feet and I saw the other servants snigger at that … I glared at them, swallowed my pride and sat where indicated. Shanti dismissed the servants and looked at me “so mister, you think you are the son in law of a rich family and the boss of this house?” I stammered “Shanti I didn’t know your position in this family and how close you are to Durga …” SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP “behen chod … randi ki aulaad … naam se bulata hai! Teri maa ki choot … itni himmat aa gayi tujh me …” 4 more tight slaps … I stammered “but I didn’t know what you want … please don’t hit me” I looked scared and folded my hands to apologize. Shanti reached to her side and pulled out a cane … I started begging and pleading for mercy “no please Shanti ji … please mat maro … bahut dard hota hai …” she just smiled and stood up “chal kutta ban … tujhe to aaj sabak sikha hi doon”.

I realized it was futile to plead and went on my fours and braced for the caning. I felt a strong kick to my ass that really hurt “Harami … pant kaun neeche karega … main?” I quickly undid my jeans and lowered them to the floor, exposing my ass to Shanti. WHACK … WHACK … WHACK … Shanti started caning my ass and made no attempt to quieten my cries of pain … I was in tears with the pain and humiliation and groaning loudly in pain with each stroke. Eventually my skin broke and blood oozed out … this caused her to stop and she sat back down in her position “remember always to call Didi as Goddess … when Didi is home, call me Ma’am and when Didi is not home, I am Malkin for you … remember the same rules apply as Didi gave you for our interaction” I nodded silently and placed my forehead on her feet “Malkin, please forgive me … I will always obey you. Please tell me what you want me to do.” “I am going to inspect what the servants have done so far … you crawl behind me like the dog you are and kiss the floor where I walk … if you miss, just remember that I am not as soft hearted as Didi is and I will not take any pity on you.” So for the next hour, I crawled all over the house kissing the floor behind Shanti and was seen by all the servants … they all sniggered and passed comments on the position of the new groom and the so called master of the house. After being thoroughly humiliated and my position in the house firmly established, we returned.

Shanti walked back to her room and sat to relax and watch TV. I was thirsty again and asked her if I could have some water. She looked at me and said “wait, I don’t feel like peeing just yet … yes, for the rest of the day you will drink my pee … get used to this now.” I pressed her feet while she watched her shows and waited for about an hour before Shanti went to the bathroom to pee. She called me in and told me to drink from the bowl … when I lowered my face in she stepped on my head and pushed my face into the water, just like Durga had done. I finally got to drink and in the process noticed her pee smelt and tasted different from Durga’s … the things I was starting to learn! I crawled back and noticed it was past lunch time … Shanti was served food in her room and I served her like I did with Durga; she left food on her plate for me to eat, spat on it and crushed it with her sandal. She told me to lick the sandal clean, then it again into my food … I ate my entire meal from the sole of her sandal, and then licked the plate clean. When I was done, she kicked me hard in my balls and laughed as I rolled about in agony.

Shanti made an inspection round of the house to ensure things were in shape for Durga to return and I crawled behind her still kissing the floor. After the inspection, she decided to nap … my task was to press her feet till she slept and then start licking her sandals clean … they had never been cleaned before and were dusty … I finished as many as I could before she woke up and inspected my work … of course it was not to her expectations and I got kicked in the balls again for my effort … the pain was becoming bearable and I was quickly getting used to this abuse.

Durga returned and Shanti and I greeted her, Shanti by touching her feet again and I by kissing her feet … now I crawled behind Durga kissing the floor and followed them to Durga’s room … she was tired and describing the day to Shanti … she flopped on the sofa and put her feet up … I quickly got to my duties of removing her shoes and licking her feet clean and sucking her toes. Shanti updated her about my performance that day and of the punishments inflicted on me … Durga wanted to see the new welts and I duly stripped to show her … she touched them and dug her nails deep in … I screamed with pain and both laughed. Shanti said “Didi want to hear a louder scream?” I begged them both for mercy but Shanti called for salt cellars from the kitchen and rubbed salt into a welt … I screamed louder with the pain and kept begging for mercy.

At dinner time, Durga ate first with me under the table worshipping her feet, Shanti and the other servants serving her … I ate her leftovers and joined her in the room. Shanti was there too and joined us in the night entertainment … I then realised that Durga was a Bi and Shanti was a lesb … they both made out first, then turned to me … both used my ass taking turns, with the other strap on in my mouth sucking it. I felt like a cheap whore and was totally humiliated by this. Still, my body deceived me and I found that I had cum “Didi, this slut likes it … see the mess he has created.” “I know, this harami pretends to not like this but he really has fun.” I licked my cum clean and then licked their feet as they made love on the bed. Eventually they both slept and I managed to get some rest as well.

To be continued...

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