18 September, 2010

mistress wife.....slave hubby

Hi mistresses and slaves ,,after a long time i am posting a brand new story of one of my dogs....his name is Shiva sehgal...enjoy his story...the real true experience of femdom..

hai i am male, 38 from India, and a real story.....happened around 3 years back.....am married and and we had a neighbor married couple with 2 kids..the lady was around 36 and had a good physique...i had always had a liking for female feet and had observed that this lady had a a great feet pure white and soft..she used to wear heels and shoes too.....i was a silent admirer of her feet and always longed to served and be under such a lovely feet........one day had been to their house...and was talking to her hubby and she was there sitting next to him and sitting crossed leg wearing a pant and t shirt and couldn't desist from stealing glances of her lovely bare naked feet ...absolute marvel her feet was....never knew that she observed my liking....when her hubby during the course of conversation went inside to pick his mobile..she also got up and went inside....her husband came back but this lady was instructing her servant maid who was cleaning the floor... the servant maid around 28 years was kneeling and scrubbing the floor and this lady came and started instructing her and i could see her lovely feet just touching the servants feet and i cudnt control my temptation and before she started to come to the place we were seated i notice her feet almost on the servant thighs.....after few weeks during a rainy season....her kids had come home to play and my family had gone out....it was evening and she called her kids home and they went...after few minutes she sent one of kids to me asking me to help the kid with some home work....i went obligingly and inside her house squatted on the floor with the kid and helping him in his homework....i was squatted just below the sofa..and after some time this goddess came and sat on the sofa...she was watching tv and all of a sudden she asked the kid and me whether the homework is completed and i said just about..she nudged her feet on the kids thighs and asked him to learn things...it was lovely her feet playing while talking..she offered me coffee and sat on the sofa just next where i was sitting on the floor.....i had a close up view of her lovely beautiful feet..she was wearing 3/4th pants and cud see the anklets and the soft beautiful white feet....i tried to shift my feet closer to her feet...and in few moments my feet were touching the toes of those beautiful gorgeous feet..an electric feeling engulfed me...she did not make any attempt to move her feet away which dared me to push my feet little further and in the instant i could feet the soft soles of her feet on my feet....she was siting cross leg now..and while doing so she put her feet on my feet like a queen....the kid in the meanwhile went inside to fetch another book...my hands slowly touched her feet it was silky lovely..she being a dominating queen...took the opportunity to put her feet on my hands almost trampling....and she changed over her legs and now while doing so her feet magically was on my thighs and her hanging feet was almost touching my waist and within seconds her feet was completely resting on my waist and the other on my thighs it was a lovely experience and while doing so we never had any eye contact.......within minutes the work over the kids went out again.....and i was still squatted on the floor and she asked me to remain seated and and got up to the door...she came back and stood before me and planted her feet on my thighs again and started the conversation....and she again sat royally with cross legs with her one feet on my thighs now more pressed harder and while talking she lifted the other feet and planted it on my shoulder........now slowly she pushed my to the floor with her feet on my chest and the other feet on my stomach....she was now glued to the tv and and her one feet slowly came on my nect and now on my face and on my lips......i could see what a beautiful feet and legs she had..she was really a goddess and i was a slave her under feet....she pushed her toes and feet into my mouth and rubbing her toes on my teeth and tongue...and the other feet now more pressed on my stomach....i could feel her other feet on my thighs and near my crotch .....don't know what happened she stood up and and planted her feet on my chest and face.....and went inside and came back wearing a beautiful heel black sandals....now she sat cross legs and placed her one feet on my chest and the other dangling and tapping my face.....i could feel the goddess now slowly tapping my chest with those heels and she was really dominating with her feet and in total control....i held her one feet with heels and started smelling and licking and kissing......she kicked me on the chest and and asked me and laid me flat again......now her other feet was on my crotch and i cud feel the heels pressed on my crotch.....and the other heels tapping my cheeks and lips......she asked me to remove her sandals which i did.....and her bare feet was on my lips and eyes and the other feet rubbing my crotch...now i couldn't control and opened my fly...and held her beautiful feet and thrust it inside..she liked it and her naked feet was inside my underwear....she felt the hardness and my thing was stiffer under my goddess's beautiful soft feet..........now i was sucking her other feet and she was literally trampling my nose lips and eyes .......she ordered my to lick the soles which i did while her other feet was holding my cock and almost pressing it harder and harder.....poornima my goddess was at her dominating best........now she came down and sat on my chest and her buttocks was almost on my face now she sat on me and with her feet on my stomach and one feet again inside my underwear.......now she was vigorously rubbing my cock and i could feel the cum and not able to control i cummed on her beautiful feet.....she stood up now and ordered me to lick her feet and clean it which my tongue obligingly did....after this it was time up for me to leave and she placed her feet on my head and the other on my thighs and thanked me.............waiting for another opportunity to serve my goddess purnima's lovely feet.

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