27 September, 2010

a trampling cristmas eve...

hello slaves and mistresses ..here i come with another trampling story,but this is not a very extreme trampling story but a true experience of one of my slave JOHN ESPRESSO...he shared his very own trampling experience with me and wanted me to publish his experience in my blog...so here goes the story...do comment on it...

hi am 32 years male from Phil. My previous girlfriend and I are still friends. She knows about my trample/femdom fetish and occasionally indulges in my fetish because she knows it makes me happy. She doesn't like to trample me in stiletto heels even though she knows they are my favorite but she love trample me by her hard sole boots. She is afraid of hurting me and leaving scars. She will occasionally try on stiletto boots and shoes for me at the shoe store just to get a rise out of me (such a tease!). Anyway, she knows I like to be trampled with shoes so she decided to give me my Christmas present a few days early.

Last night we were doing some Christmas shopping downtown and walking around. At some point, we are walking by in a neighborhood which is familiar to her and she tells me that there is a fetish shop with fetish shoes & clothes in it. She asks me if I would like to go. In the back of my mind, I was thinking she would try on some high heels for me. How can I resist? So we went to the store and she took me to the shoe section. She held up some clear platform stiletto heels that light up when you move them. She then pointed to some thigh high boots and ankle boots. I asked her to try them on for fun but she was too tired from all the walking around we did. Naturally, I was a bit disappointed.i started imagining her milky thighs in knee high boots...i was getting on.

We left the fetish store and continued shopping. This is a great time of year and lots of women wear high heel boots with very narrow heels. I saw one at a store for kitchen appliances. She was tall and even taller with high high heel boots. The heels were very narrow and about had to be about 5 inches high. I had just gotten a coffee in my hand as it was a cold day walking around shopping. She happened to do a heel stand at which point I was shocked and actually lost control of my hand containing the coffee. It spilled all over the floor at which point I was pretty embarrassed but they cleaned up the mess. It made my day seeing that heel stand.

Anyway, we were done shopping and decided to catch the train home. Once we got at the train stop to get off the train, I told my ex-g/f that I was going to head home. She was feeling lonely and badly wanted my company and a damn nice back rub. I was pretty tired myself so I just wanted to go home. She kept insisting on making me stay and finally I cut a deal with her. I'd give her a back rub and stay if she gave me a back rub with her shoes. She agreed and I was once again shocked because she rarely does this for me with shoes. I do often get her to walk on my back barefoot and I love hearing her crack my back with her feet.

After I give her one of my best back rubs using massage oils, my hands, some massaging tools, she got out of bed and told me to lie down on the floor.[she was wearing a micro skirt ,i was really getting excited ,as was looking a pure domina in dim blue light, her hairs were open] So I did, face down, and she asked again if I would like it with or without shoes. I told her with shoes, of course, and she said first she would give me a massage barefoot and then with shoes. She proceeded to climb on my back and walk all the way to my shoulders. i was surprised when she started abusing me ,she said-dogs like you should be crushed like a bug under our feet...ooooooooo....it was extremely exciting,,,i urged her to abuse me more and she continued abusing me .She isn't a light girl. She weighs about 150 lbs and I love the pressure on my body. I heard several bones popping as she walked across my back. Boy did it feel good!

She got off after 10 minutes and proceeded to go to the closet to get her shoes. She has several kinds of shoes, ranging from 2 in spike heels to 4 in chunky heels to 3 in wedge heels and my favorite pair which was a a high heel sandal with a rectangular heel that is 1 in wide by 1/2 in long by 4 in tall. She had walked one time on me with these heels and it really dug in with its sharp edges as the shoe was new. Since I let her pick the shoes she would use on me, she ended up picking the 3 in wedge high heel sandals. The heel on these sandals are about 1.5 in by 1.5 in square. I was still excited even though it wasn't the shoes that I hoped for. She climbed aboard and started walking up my back. I felt the 1.5 x 1.5 in heel digging in some as it was also a relatively new shoe. She did something amazing that she had never done before. She started to rock on my lower back. On her toes and then her heels. She had started to do this up my back and it felt sooooo good. She still weighed 150 lbs and my face was turning red as I was trying to get some air in my lungs to breathe. She was once again rocking in her wedge heels on my lower back and started to slide. Her heel dug in tight but every time she rocked on her heels she would slide some more and eventually she slid off. It hurt some too, but I didn't make any noise because I didn't want her to think she was hurting me. The edges of her heels were still new and left a gash in my skin that burned a little. After about 5 minutes, she got off and I didn't get up off the floor for a few minutes, just embracing the moment. When I had gotten up, I took off my shirt to see the damage in a mirror. It wasn't too bad but my skin was red where she slid off and where the edges of her heel cut in my back were these gashes that were starting to swell up. I looked at my shirt, it was a white shirt. You can see where some of the dirt from her shoes rubbed off on my white shirt. Oh wow, what a feeling! I hope she does it again because I will give her the best damn back rubs I can if she gives me the best damn tramples in return!!!!

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  1. Godess teddy ka pilla hu me -karan.Mistress k feet or sandle chatne wala kutta.mistress please kutte se apne talve chata lo please


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