04 October, 2010

girlfriend turns mistress

Hi mistresses and stupid slaves.Here i come with a brand new story of a boy named Akshat Awasthi[aged-23 from Bangalore] and and her girlfriend Sneha Mishra[aged 22].Akshat is sharing his true experience of her girlfriend..that how she became a mistress and stated living a domina life and making him a obedient slave or servant.....so lets start enjoying his story,,,,and don't forget to give your precious comments.

I always fantasize about being a slave for a lady,to act like a dog in front of a lady but my maledom always stopped me to do so. We started dating about three months ago and it was a great beginning to a relationship. I was working in private firm and she was one of our clients.We frequently talked on phone  regarding our schemes and new offers.However, finding women who are willing to be dominate tended to be rather difficult to locate. The sex started out pretty normal but I took note that she seemed to have a dominate side. She would make sly demands and then try to hide them. She was about 5'6 with a busty breast and hip hop butts that only a Indian girl can carry. Her long black hair and brown eyes gave her a face of an godess  but a dominate streak from the dark side also. Her beauty comes naturally and she never wore make up or any nail polish. Which for me is a truly sexy woman.

As the relationship developed we began to grow, but soon we became bored with the regular sex and she made mention to her enjoyment of inflicting pain on me. (small previous amounts of testing pain but nothing to declare anything of value) Like biting my lip and scratching my back till it drew blood. As we discussed in depth about of her desires she finally demanded for me to tell her about my desires. Which for me, my foot fetish goes back to early childhood. Finally we came to an agreement to incorporate my foot fetish with her natural desire to hurt me. That night nothing transpired but I was warned in the near future to be prepared.

About two weeks later she came up to my place after spending it in a training seminar. We rested on my bed and held each other for about ten minutes until she started kissing my neck and licking my ear. As I think its going to be another good evening she looks me in the eyes with a devilish smile and a look that I was about to become a good little pet. She gave me one last kiss of reassurance and grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me off the bed. As she stood she ordered me to undress. I stood before my girl completely naked and she just looked at me and gave a little evil laugh and grabbed my shoulders and demanded me to kneel.

I knelled before her admiring her beautiful stomach and amazing hour glass hips. I gently and eagerly kissed her stomach paying close attention to the belly button. Finally, when she grew tired of that she stood back and ordered me to lay down on the ground. As I assume my position she sat on the edge of the bed and placed her right foot on my throat and her left foot about an inch from my face. My instincts told me to reach up and kiss her foot; but, as I did she slammed my head back to the ground followed by her foot right over my mouth. "Do not get up! Do you understand?" was the only thing I could remember as I was seeing stars. From there she demanded that I lick every inch of her foot until it was covered in my saliva. I eagerly got to work cleaning her foot while she took pleasure in stepping on my throat and slapping my cock when my hips would thrust. As soon as I finished cleaning her one foot she placed that one on my forehead and slammed her other foot on my mouth. I didn't need to be told what to do and began to lick every inch of her tanned sole. She would occasional force her heel in my mouth and ordered I gently nibble on it. When she felt I cleaned her feet well enough she took her feet and began to roll my head around with her soles. I was in heaven. Finally she stood on my chest and gained her balance. I think it was her first time trampling because it took her a couple of minutes to find a good balance point. She began walking up and down my stomach and chest for a few minutes saying I was nothing more to her than a toy for her amusement. After she grew tired of walking on my body she stood above me with that evil grin again and lifted her right foot up. She slowly descended her foot onto my face applying more and more pressure slowly and painfully until she was completely standing on my face. She turned her body so that she could place both of her feet on my face. She began to march on my face laughing that evil laugh the entire time. After about ten minutes of her crushing my face she undressed on my chest and layed at the foot of the bed.

I climbed to my knees and gazed at her already soaking wet vagina and began to kiss her thighs gently to tease her. She quickly grabbed my head and shoved my face deep inside her. I spent close to an hour and half pleasing her with my tongue until she turned on her side and ordered me to get my tongue in her ass. At this point I was exhausted but so turned on I dove in without hesitation. I serviced her ass for about twenty minutes until she said she had enough. Thinking the night was over I climbed in bed beside her and she gave me a reassuring kiss and a pat on the head saying "Good boy. But my pets do not sleep next to me." She pointed to her feet. I climbed to the foot of the bed and layed my face beside her feet. She quickly put her feet on my face and began to smother me with those tan soles once more. She played with my face for a short time then ordered me to kiss her feet until she was asleep. I kissed every toe and every inch of her foot. As she was falling asleep she gave me one last order, "I expect to wake up with your face in my feet or my pussy. Have a good night baby." As she drifted off to sleep I could here her deep breathes I laid there in complete nirvana enjoying the smell of my girlfriends beautiful feet. As I drifted off to sleep with my face deep in her soles I began to wonder how I should wake her up.And till today,,,i am under her shoes.....


  1. great femdom i love it.Godess pushpa this is very nice story .thank you. kissing your feeet and sandles godess pushpa muah mauh...

  2. bow bow bow pushpa godess ka kutta karan bhonk rha hai.bahut khush hai kutta pushpa malkin ka .itni sexy story post ki hai malkin ne.malkin kutta apke talve chat rha hai malkin thank you kehne k liye..bow bow bow thank you malkin thank you

  3. godess pushpa is kutte ko aap cam pr use karo apka nanga kutta ban kr jo aap kahengi wo karunga apke pairo pr sar jhukanga malkin pls use lkaro is kutte ko cam pr

  4. wat a great story
    i wish to have a gf like dat

  5. malkin ek comment me likh kr ye to bta do sabko is blog me k ye karan apke pairon kaa chatne wala kutta hai apka plsssss


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