18 April, 2010

continued.....how i became foot fetish...part-5

friends you have read till now...that how cruel is my maths teacher,how i got punished by her and the batch mate girls and how one of my friends wanted to suffer exactly like me and what he plans for this and what happens in the cabin,,,,i continue from the previous post....so miss neelam ordered me by putting both of her feet on the stomach and chest of vivek ,,,to clean the sandles by tongue like a dog..i was shocked ,,we never imagined that...but i was forced to do that...as she grabbed my hairs and bent me down forcefully ...my lips were touching her sandles..i was feeling so pathetic..i started crying...and a few tears drops fell on her sandles...she shouted u ass hole...u are making my heels more dirty...now first lick ur tears..i was having no other option..i put out my tongue and started licking her sandles...my saliva was making her sandles brighter...she got excited...and removed her sandles and inserted her toes in my mouth..and ordered me to suck....this make my penis arouse and now i also started to enjoy..i was sucking her toes like a juicy fruit..her feet aroma was making me to cum....she inserted almost half of her feet into my mouth..we both were enjoying..she started to rub and press her boobs..i was getting more excited and cummed in my pants...suddenly she came back in her previous mood and removed her foot out of my mouth....now i was a bit relaxed that thank god at least now she may leave us...but it was my misconception as she got some cruel intentions for us,,,,,

to be continued....


  1. Nice stories bro... Carry on i really like ur site..

  2. i love your story its reall ynice and you are so lucky guy. i really feel honoured to get your place.

  3. wow nice story m dreaming somethin like this to happen with me hey can u send me the further part of it to 0077prak@gmail.com
    and also plz tell me if u have any mistress in contact

  4. dude i am so desperately searching for such girls so plz contact me by s_kihrz73@gmail.com

  5. yourfootslave@ymail.comSeptember 25, 2010 at 2:32 PM

    i liked this very much. i need such kind of stories. I want to be slave such kind of ladies and serve them daily. intrested please me me


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