16 April, 2010

continued.....how i became foot fetish...part-3

friends u have read earlier....about miss neelams attitude and her cruel behaviour on me.....now i am going to continue my story ....
after that class treatment...i was very upset..my white shirt was having the sole prints of that girl and my all friends laughed at me some of them even said that hey,,,come on may i have a foot print on your face also. Well a few days i was totally depressed,i was feeling ashamed on facing the class and especially that gal who stepped on my chest..when i have a eye contact to her in class room...she smiles cruelly and points towards once again.
once in that lunch break one of my friends vivek..asked me about that matter happened to me...i said yaar,,,it was so depressing..i feeling very sad and embarrassed...he was shocked..he said come on yaar...you are lucky to have treated like this...i always wanted to come under that feet of a lady. He told me that he love watching such scenes in which ladies are putting leg over something..or crushing something under their feet...now i was also excited..and i was now about to become  a foot fetish .but i was shy..vivek...told me that he also wants to be treated like this  by miss neelam and by the class gals also.I gave him very common idea...i suggested him to lift mats copy of any gal of the class..she will do complain to the maths teacher and thus may be u may be crushed under feets...he exactly did that same...and...

to be continued.....

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