17 April, 2010

continued.....how i became foot fetish...part-4

friends you have read till now...that how cruel is my maths teacher,how i got punished by her and the batch mate girls and how one of my friends wanted to suffer exactly like me and what he plans for this,,,,,,i write from the previous post.....
so my friend vivek stole maths copy from a girl and he did it publicly so that he may be easily caught and as we thought the girl complained to the miss neelam...and the result of this complaint was never expected by both of us.....she called vivek and asked whether the complaint is true or not...he remained silent...silence was the sign of acceptance...he was trembling and continuous looking at mams feet,,mam suddenly grabbed his hairs by one hand and started slapping him..he started crying.....mam asked why did u did that.....she told my name.....i wet my pants by the thinks of the punishment again.....now we both were standing in front of mam....mam called us in her cabib and she ordered us to close the door...now only 3 of us were in the cabin..my heart was drumming...and we both were sweating...mam stood up from her chair and came closure....the sound of the heels was like some one is stomping my heart ...we both started crying that mam plzzzz forgive us...but mams intention were more cruel...she took both of us by grabbing our collers and gave  blow near her chair.....now she sat on the chair cross legs....and her upper feet was near the face of both of us..she smiled a bit..and asked who wants to be excused..we both shouted tha,,,,mam me....mam said ok...and she put her one feet on the laps of vivek and other on my thighs....and said who will make my sandles shine more...i will excuse him....we both were expecting this type of punishment...and we stared rubbing her sandles by or handkerchiefs...after fer minutes we asked mam to decide,,,,mam said u bastards you made my precious sandles more dirty and kicked vivek...vivek was lying on the ground..mam stood up and go closure to vivejk and put 1 feet on his stomach and starde grinding his stomach..vivek started weeping....mam removed her feet...and ordered vivek to come and lie nera her chair....vivek has no other option,he obeyed mam..now ma put her both feets on his chest and order me to clean gain her sandles .....i started cleaning  and suddenly she slapped me...and said......

to be continued.....

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