10 June, 2010

3 girls...one man..cruel trampling

another masterpiece by me,,,read and masterbate,,,,lolzzzzz
He woke up and found himself lying on the bottom of an elevator shaft. Trapped and no way out. Must have been a nightmare. But as he slowly regained consciousness he realized that the nightmare became intimidating reality! He lay on his back in a very uncomfortable positon on a circle-round rubber cushion of about 25 inches in diameter. His head, his arms and his legs hung free over the edge. He tried to move, but he couldn't. His torso was tightly strapped down onto the rubber cushion with strong ropes. He made a futile effort to stretch his body. His head and his neck hurt like hell from this unnatural position. How long might he have been down here already? And how the hell did he get here? The wave of pain shuddering his tortured body refreshed his memory...

He remembered those three young ladies he had met on the party. He felt hypnotized right at the moment he saw them the first time. They didn't only look gorgeous but even better seemed to be without male company. They all were pretty tall, the shortest had about his size. She had shoulderlong brown hair and gleaming green eyes. Her lightblue jeans fit tightly around her well shaped butt and culminated in two black leather boots. A thin white sweater was stretched by her ample curves that resembled a kind of counterweight to her nice butt. She was the one who made the first eye-contact with him. Her two girl-friends, caught up in conversation, were even taller than her. The freckled redhead had a slender towering frame but remarkably broad hips. He'd given anything for the opportunity of getting squeezed under her curvy ass... As he was drifting off in daydreams the redhead suddenly looked up and gave him a challenging glance. The smile on her face seemed to tell him: 'I bet my butt is somewhat too big for YOU...' The thought that she could have guessed his erotic dreams gave him a start. Then the third woman started looking at him. She was even taller than the redhead, had long blonde hair and a fairly voluptuous female frame. At her height she must have weighed at least 180 lbs! Instantly an erotic film started running in his mind, in which they would overwhelm him, tie him up, trample him flat and misuse him as their personal seat cushion... He felt hot and excited and worked hard to stay calm as he approached the three. Under no circumstance he wanted them to guess his pervert fantasies. But surprisingly his fears were swept away by her friendly welcome. In fact it even seemed as if they had waited just for him. They had a thrilling small talk and a great evening. He felt like the cock of the walk and all three flirted with him one after another. Eventually they said they would be bored stiff by this party. Wouldn't he like to join them for a private party in their apartment? That couldn't be true! He must have been dreaming, but in no time he enjoyed being together with three most gorgeous looking women in their apartment. They took a drink or two, with some low background music he got excited and relaxed at the same time, before he felt dizzy and blacked out...

When he woke up he lay on a hardwood floor, completely naked. He felt awesome pain on his chest and on his crotch. And then he realized why. He was pinned under a heavy leather couch and just above him Annika sat, the redhead, and added her weight to that of the heavy furniture.
„Well, my dear fellow, feeling better now?“
Her brown, high-heeled leather boots rested on the ground to the left and to the right of his head. Her long legs seemed to rise up forever and between her spreaded legs she looked down on him with a malicious grin.
„Get off, you're hurting me!“ he gasped in pain.
„Oh, I'm hurting you already?“ Annika taunted him, „We haven't started yet... but if you're an obedient guy and lick my boots clean I will think about getting off!“
„What the hell... you're making fun of me! I will never do... something... disgusting like that! Get off now!“
„I think we'll have a great party with you!“ Annika laughed at him.
He got really angry and tried to grab her ankles but in no time her two girl-friends came to help her. They reached for his wrists and pulled his arms back way behind his head. Laying the back of his hands flat on the ground they pinned him by pressing each one of her heels into his palm. He cried for shock and pain although both hadn't put her whole weight onto her heels yet.
„I think you are in no position to argue now!“ Annika barked.
She jumped up and bounced down onto the couch to underline her statement. He coughed as his ribs cracked under the onslaught and air was forced out of his lungs.
„Lick my boots, now!“
He clenched his teeth and shook his head.
„No, never!“
„Well, don't you think it's impolite to let two ladies stand around while you lie comfortably on the ground? I suppose Britta and Sarah would rather like to sit down on the couch as well... You think you could handle 500 lbs of female crushing power on your fragile body?“
„You're insane! Stop it now!“ he groaned.
„Oh, if I can't frighten you with our crushing weight we might do something you don't like... What about impaling your hands?“
Annika looked up and gave a sign to Sarah and Britta by nodding her head. Sarah and Britta looked at each other, then down onto their prey. Slowly they shifted their weight from their foot resting on the floor onto that one resting on his hand. Their heels sank deeper and deeper into his palm. His face reddened and he winced in pain.
„Okay, okay, stop it, I will lick your boots...“ he whispered. Annika lifted her eyebrows. „...Mistress!“ she completed.
He looked puzzled.
„Mistress!“ Annika said once more in a louder voice, giving him a stern look. Now he understood.
„I will lick your boots, Mistress...“ he said in a pressed voice and with all disgust in his look. Annika hovered her feet just over his face. It took some will power to stretch out his tongue and to start touching her boots with it. But her boots seemed to be new and not too dirty, so he mainly got some taste of rubber and leather. Only his mouth got dry after a while and he slowed down.
„You better keep going or Sarah and Britta might try some twist!“
Anticipating the agony he enforced his efforts again. After some minutes which seemed to be an eternity Annika said:
„Good job, my little boy! Open your mouth now!“
He gave into his fate and opened his mouth. Annika stomped her left foot onto the ground just next to his right ear. Then she inserted her right heel into his mouth. He stared at her totally frightened with eyes wide open. Slowly she lowered her heel deeper and deeper into his throat, and stopped shortly before he was about to throw up. She pulled back her right boot and scratched with her heel down his chin, along his throat and finally poked in his left nipple. „Would you mind me getting up now?“ she smiled at him and playfully twisted her heel on his chest. Then she placed her boot onto the ground next to him, falling into a mad laughter. Sarah and Britta also started laughing. They gave him a playful twist with her heels and stepped off from him, to his relief. But his relief was only for seconds, as Sarah and Britta stepped over to Annika and made themselves comfortable on the couch.
„Ooommmphhh!“ he groaned, as his chest and his crotch caved in under the combined weight. Again air was forced out of his lungs and the pressure on his crotch threatened to force out some liquids as well.
„Hey ladies, it's quite bumpy on the couch! I'll get sea-sick!“ Annika laughed.
As Britta was heavier than Sarah they had to arrange their positions so the couch was in balance again. That made the couch moving like a seesaw on his torso, exerting even more pain. He pushed against the couch with his now free hands to get some relief, but the couch wouldn't move a millimeter.
„You... promised... to... get off... when I... lick your... boots...“ he moaned while breathing heavily.
„No, I never promised to get off,“ Annika replied. „I only said, I would THINK ABOUT getting off...“ she giggled. „But I made up my mind: It's too funny to see you suffering and getting crushed flat under our weight. Let's see how long you can take it. How long it takes to squeeze you flat enough that the posts of the couch are flat on the ground again...“
Annika supported her weight on her hands, leaned forward and gave him an intimidating glance. She threatened to bounce back onto the couch full weight.
„No, please, mercy!“ he cried.
„I think he's done for the moment, let's give him some breath,“ she turned to her friends.
All three got up, looked down on him and gave him a last kick by stepping onto his bare chest one after the other. Then he lay down, just pinned by the weight of the couch, breathing heavily and coughing for air. Where has he got? What kind of hell was he in? Would they have more satanic games in store?

He had hardly time to recover and to regain enough strength to free himself from under the couch which seemed to weigh a ton, before Britta returned and plunged back onto the couch.
„I'm sorry to hurt you but I have to make sure you don't get up too early!“ she grinned.
He couldn't answer as it got dark over him. With horror he saw a big ass coming down right onto his face. It was Sarah who made herself comfortable, crushing his head under her full weight. His nose was flattened and with the weight on his torso he was nearly unable to breathe. Sarah shifted her position and ground her butt on his face. The fabric of her jeans scratched his vulnerable skin. No air, no strength, no resistance. Someone took his arms. Was it Sarah? Then he felt something metallic around his wrists. Click! Click! He was handcuffed! At the same time someone else forced his legs apart and tied something around his ankles.
„Okay, now let's get him into the hallway!“
He got some air again as Sarah got up from his face and Britta up from the couch. All three girls joined their forces to lift the heavy leather couch from his body. Then they took his legs and dragged him over the floor into the hallway. They strapped him down with chains using his manacles around his wrists and ankles, just in front of the apartment door. Sarah took a step and climbed on top of him. It wasn't easy for her to find a stable position as her victim winced in agony beneath her weight. So she rocked forth and back with her boots and whenever she had her weight on her heels they went deep into his belly.
„Little mushy, this doormat!“ she said in an annoyed voice.
„Well, this will change,“ Britta replied, and stepped in the space between his legs.
„He just needs to be trampled flat enough!“
She set her right foot on his crotch, pinning his cock under her heel. Slowly she shifted her weight onto her right foot, causing another wave of pain. He started to scream. At this moment Annika crashed down her right boot onto his face, crushing his nose and lips under the sole of her boot.
„Stop crying, worm! Or I'll crush your skull!“
Sarah started marching in place on his chest while Britta began bouncing on his groin with both feet. Muffled groans came from under Annika's boot and all three laughed making fun of the ridiculous position he was in. The trampling and jumping was going on for minutes when he heard their laughter and chatting faintly as from far distance. Was he going to black out? No, there were so many cheerful voices getting louder and suddenly the door bell rang.
„This must be my sister,“ Annika shouted excitedly. She knelt down beside him and looked into his face.
„You know, my sister is playing at the local basketball team. I phoned her to bring her team mates with her. They are all tall women, 6 feet and more, athletic and heavy, they are so frenzy about helping us to make you a good and real flat doormat...“ Annika giggled and got up to open the door.
„Hi sweetie! Nice you made it...“
„Sure, after the lost game this evening we are all in the right mood to crush a guy. I hope he can take 18 of us...“
That couldn't be true! From his position he could only see legs, legs and shoes, boots, sneakers, sandals, high heels... He felt the floor vibrating under the onslaught of 36 feet stomping down, all impatiently waiting to hit their target.
„Well, I'm not sure whether he can take it. We kind of exhausted him already. But come on in, if he doesn't make it I will get me a new doormat!“
Annika's sister placed her right foot firmly on his belly and brought herself up. Although the ground beneath her squashed down under her she did not lose her balance. She had the same red hair but a more athletic frame than her sister. She wore jeans and white sneakers.
„So you are my sister's new doormat, little fellow? You're kind of chubby... Time to trod you down!“ She leaped up in the air and came down again full force onto his belly, landing with a loud thud compressing his abdomen and inner organs. His legs and arms jerked up from the impact and he breathed heavily.
„Come on in, girls! Let's flatten him!“
„No, please, mercy...“ He pulled desperately on his bounds, but the next three women poured in stepping on him at the same time. One with boots pinned his thighs, one with sandals crushed his groin and belly and another with sneakers jumped onto his chest. Annika, Sarah and Britta leaned at the wall watching the game, and they had fun to see their doormat getting flattened under 480 lbs. The one on his thighs drilled her heels into his flesh, the one in sandals shifted her weight onto his groin; she was concentrated biting into her lower lip and started bouncing on him. The one in sneakers teased and threatened him, hovering her right foot above his face while standing full weight on his chest with her left foot. The game continued as the three ladies on top were pushed further by the women behind struggling to get in also. The next three, or four, or five were climbing on top of him. He couldn't tell. He was tortured, squeezed, squished, impaled and it felt like hundreds of women stepping all over him, their high heels squishing down under their weight. He only saw shoes and boots coming down on his body and on his face and he cried faintly for help and mercy, but the women didn't care.
„You can cry as much as you want, little bug that you are. We are the only ones in this building and no one will ever come to help you!“
The next cascade of women came down on him. Two tall women in spiked high heel boots trampled on his chest. They dragged her heels across his struggling body. Two others found her place on each of his thighs, while another wearing a white skirt and red high heel sandals lifted his cock onto his belly with her right shoe and stepped onto it full weight, crushing his cock and his groin. The next two stepped onto his belly, facing each other they leaned against each other and concentrated their weight on the tips of their shoes, crushing his belly so flat they literally went through his body. Their weight was unbearable now and he tried to scream. But he simply had no air left, he only gurgled and the girls laughed at his pain. At this point the two girls on his belly started to bounce up and down. He clenched his teeth and his eyeballs were near popping out. Drops of sweat were running down his dark reddened head. He could no longer breathe. Desperately he looked up and whispered „Please...!“ The seven women on top of him stopped their torture of trampling, bouncing and grinding. They stood still and let their combined weight doing the job, slowly sinking into his weakened body. They looked at each other and then down on him, with a cruel knowing smile on their faces. As he lay there fighting for some air a beautiful face came into his view, upside down towering high above him. He could see her red blouse stretched under the weight of ample curves and her long black hair falling around her head. In her dark brown eyes lay a hint of pity, but then a mean smile flushed over her face and his vision was blacked out by a dirty rubber sole that came down onto his face, crushing his nose and closing his mouth. Eight women stood on him now! Still and patiently they enjoyed their power over their prey, savouring every jerk of his body that was struggling desperately for air. His heart was beating wildly and soon his convulsive movements became slower and more and more uncontrolled. Finally, everything turned black... The girls looked at each other and kept quiet for another half a minute before they got off from him.

He regained consciousness just to realize he was in another predicament of torture. It was dark and the smell of leather swept into his nose. His hands and his crotch hurt like hell. He was again trapped under the heavy leather couch, this time obviously lengthwise. His wrists were bound to the two posts on one side, with the posts standing on his palms. And there was another wooden post of about 5 inches in diameter right in the middle of the couch pressing onto his groin. He tried to move but when he lifted the posts impaling his palms the full weight of the couch balanced on the center post and gave him quite unbearable pain on his groin. He groaned.
„Our doormat is back to life!“ Annika knelt on the floor and looked down under the couch. „Why are you moaning? Yet there is no one sitting on the couch...“ Annika giggled.
„Okay, I know, the couch is quite heavy, but it is nothing compared to the weight that will come down on you now! What do you think, how much you can take? I had once eleven girls squeezed together on the couch but then there was no doormat lying under...“
Annika got up again and he heard cheerful laughter from the living room. So the team of brutal girls was still around! He was panicking. If they all would squeeze onto the couch he'd no chance to survive. He'd be impaled alive. The next moment Annika's heavy butt plunged down onto the couch crushing the center post into his abdomen. He squeaked in pain. He tilted his head sideways but the only thing he could see were shoes shuffling around on the floor in front of the couch. Another girl sat down on the edge of the couch, bringing down the posts into his palms. As his bones crunched he forgot about the pain in his crotch.
„No, please! Mercy! You break my bones! Please get off!“
„If there is too much weight on your palms we can do something about it!“ another woman laughed and lowered her weight onto the other side of the couch, lifting the opposite end from his hands. But now the whole weight of the couch and three women was balanced on the center post on him! The tremendous pressure gave him unbearable pain.
„Oh no! Please get off, I can't take it anymore!“
„Shut up, you little bug! It's only three of us sitting on the couch, barely 500 lbs. 18 are still waiting for a place to sit down! So imagine the weight you are under now multiplied by seven! That'll crush you like a cockroach! We could squish you alive in a second! But we want to have our fun with you a little longer!“
To his relief Annika got up from the couch. He could only see her boots standing in front of the couch. She seemed to hesitate. Then he saw her boots lifting from the ground and the next moment he was crushed again as Annika landed hard on the sofa. He was wincing in agony. Would this ever end? The next hours (was it hours? It felt like...) they tortured him under the couch, changing places, playing seesaw, impaling his crotch and his hands. Most of the time there weren't more than five girls at a time on the couch but to him it felt like the whole group was teaming up agianst him burying him under tons of female flesh. Several times he was short of blacking out. And from some point he couldn't remember anything...

And now he was back in reality. Was it reality? This elevator shaft had a futuristic and surrealistic look. He looked up and saw the elevator a couple of floors up. The elevator had a clear glass bottom and glass sides. Suddenly the doors opened and he saw a gang of about 20 voluptuous girls walking in. Still unsure about his faint memories he admired the view, when suddenly a familiar voice penetrated his ears.
„Oh look, girls, a peeping tom!“ Annika cheered.
„Let's squash him! That'll teach him!“
„Yeah, we're gonna squish him like a grape!“
Their voices thundered in the lift shaft, there had to be a loudspeaker somewhere.
„I'm sorry, my dear, but you weren't quite that enduring doormat I expected you to be. You never had all 21 of us on top of you at the same time, but blacked out all the time. Now you get your last chance. If you survive our Elevator of Evil I will keep you as my personal doormat. But honestly, I don't believe you will. No one ever survived this. About 2000 lbs of steel and glass and 3400 lbs of merciless women will squish you out of existence, will crush you into oblivion! Okay, let's start the game!“
Then they started laughing out loud as one of the girls pressed the ground button. Immediately he realized the mortal danger he was in. He was frozen in shock. This was definitely going too far! Obviously the springloaded rubber bumper he was strapped upon was to stop the elevator just in case it went through the ground level stop. Usually the elevator would stop before, leaving a gap of one or two inches, which would be definitely too small to save him from his fate of being squashed to death under the weight of the elevator and the weight of 21 no light-weight women. With just his torso lying on the bumper only his lower body and chest would get the whole crushing weight. With all of his strength he pulled the ropes that strapped him down. They didn't move a single millimetre. He panicked as he realized there was no escape. The lift got closer and closer, moving very slowly, the girls grew bigger and bigger. He saw them all looking down onto him having a mean grin on their faces. They were towering like giantesses above him, the view was out of this world!
„Oh, he looks so scared...“
„Now you are frightened of such beautiful women, you little fellow, aren't you?“
„Well, he should! Just imagine how awesome that must feel, getting literally crushed under our combined body weights... That will be a real mess to clean up afterwards!“
The elevator was moving like slow-motion, its descent seemed to go on for eternity, but he couldn't enjoy the view, awaiting his body being cruelly crushed like in a trash compactor. His heart was racing when the girls were almost on top of him. He flexed all his muscles in anticipation, but then the elevator suddenly stopped. The light was flickering for some seconds. The girls looked at each other.
„Oh no, not again!“
He was in no position to really believe his luck, as the bottom of the elevator barely touched his body. But nevertheless there was a little hope now that the mechanics would come to repair the elevator and discover him before the girls could crush him. But that was not to happen...
The girls seemed to know their elevator very well, they had their own technique to override the automatic - by stomping and jumping! They all jumped and stomped, each on their own, but the elevator was only kind of trembling. This went on for some minutes and he even relaxed a little bit. He felt quite a weight on his body but it didn't get worse. The trembling weight on him was more like a comfortable pressure massage and it looked that he might be lucky in the end. But then one of his executioners said:
„Okay girls, that doesn't work. We have to join our forces. We have to jump altogether at once. So let's have it a go... One... Two... Three!“
And 21 devilish women were jumping and landing hard. Over 3000 pounds of female superiority pouncing the elevator and it moved, a little bit. He got kind of squeezed now, but the elevator still stuck and he had not to bear the whole weight. Nevertheless it got really claustrophobic for him. The girls continued jumping together, and every time the elevator moved down some millimetres. His breathing became quicker and shallower.Then Annika squatted down taking a closer look at her former doormat.
„I think he is still alive. We're not down yet. Heh boy, the show is just for you! Look at all these gorgeous women, all these well-rounded bodies, the bodies hat will squish you soon! Crush you like a bug! Take a look at my butt! Didn't you dream of lying under my butt all the time? Well, now have it!“
Saying this she turned around and sat down onto the glass floor right above his face. He could see the jeans fabric being compressed under her heavy buttocks that spread out under her weight. The seams were really stressed to their limits... Every millimetre that her ass came closer to his face would bring him closer to his cruel death. The other girls started dancing around Annika and made fun of him. He was simply at his limits. Meanwhile the elevator was pressing so hard on him he had difficulties breathing; his ribs were about to collapse, his back hurt like hell. For the first time in his life he couldn't stand the view of all the sexy girls on top of him. He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. He felt hot and dizzy, the pressure increased without mercy, drops of sweat were running down from his forehead. He felt like his head would burst any second. Then all of a sudden the light flickered again and the elevator crashed down with a jerk. The girls stopped dancing and chatting, looked at each other a little terrified; they looked down seeing the male bastard squeezed to death like a bug, his body flat as a pancake. His arms, legs and his head were hanging limp at the sides, blood was dripping out of his mouth and his eyes looked like popped out of his skull. His torso was a gooey mass. Seeing this the cruel and merciless female executioners started laughing again. They gave it a last two or three jumps before the door opened and they left, laughing and chatting...

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