02 July, 2010

miss Jackson and her heels

when i was in high school can tell you my first ever time being trampled! In high school, (L.A. area) there were many of us seniors who were 18 and up; we segregated ourselves from the "younger" kids because we though we were really cool (actually we were just not the brightest students).  I was rather shy back then, and the girls were usually nice enough to me but didn't include me in their "body games," such as stepping on the stomachs of the older boys who would always be lounging on the grassy campus after school, etc.  There was a student teacher named Miss Jackson whom I was fascinated by. She was about 22 and had long brown hair and a killer tan. She usually wore shorts, skimpy tops, and flip-flop sandals, which she would play with under her desk with her bare toes, making me get a lump both in my throat and in my pants!  One day when I was lying on the knoll, being ignored because of my shyness, I saw Miss Jackson approaching, her arms laden with folders.  "Hi!" she squealed, coming closer. I lifted my head and smiled, and because of my position change, my shirt was riding up to the bottom of my rib cage.  I had closed my eyes against the sun and laid my head back down, when all of a sudden, I felt something strange and wonderful on my exposed tummy. My eyes flew open, and oh my gads, it was Miss Jackson, standing with her bare foot on my stomach! I almost died of shock!  "Ooh, Jason, if you stay out in the sun like this you'll get a tan line right here," she cooed as she patted my tummy with her glorious foot. I was speechless and just smiled back at her dumbly. Then she lifted her delicate foot and poked my navel with her toes, making me jump. "Oooh, so you're ticklish!" she proclaimed to the several teen-aged girls who were sitting nearby.  Suffice it to say that my popularity increased exponentially from that time on -- if the teacher's aide liked me, I must be something special, or so went the reasoning in high school in those days.

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